How long does a kitten live with rabies – how many days can dogs and cats live with rabies

       Both vaccinated cats and their own kittens are likely to get rabies as long as they are bitten. Some animals are asymptomatic and do not die. There is only a large amount of rabies virus in saliva. People who bite people will get rabies and die, Incubation period: (average about 4-6 weeks, the shortest and longest range can be up to 10 days to 8 months). According to the individual constitution, the incubation period varies from a few days to several years. In the incubation period, the infected person has no symptoms. Why does rabies cause 100% death? This is because rabies virus is very virulent, and once the virus enters the human body, it will attack the target and walk in a different way from other viruses. For example, influenza virus mainly invades the respiratory tract, for example, SARS virus mainly invades the lungs, So the target of the attack spread to almost all nerves, including cerebellum, spine, kidney and viscera, leading to central nervous failure. Therefore, it is almost impossible to rescue and the mortality rate is very high, almost 100%

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       Cats and dogs also have incubation periods for rabies, just like humans. But once cats and dogs get rabies and the virus has developed into saliva, they can only survive for up to 10 days, which is the authoritative research result of the World Health Organization. And the rabies that people get when they are bitten by cats and dogs that have been bitten by the rabies virus to saliva.

       Dogs, cats and other warm blooded animals once the outbreak of rabies, 100% of the deaths within 3 to 5 days (there are rare cases of death in 8 days after the onset of rabies). Therefore, only a few days before its death is the infection period, and it is dangerous to be bitten. Even if you are bitten, the dog (CAT) will not die of rabies within 10 days, you don’t have to worry about it, because the biting time is not in the infection period. (10 days is a specially extended safety inspection period by the World Health Organization) (this period was originally proposed by the doctor of Thailand. Please note that Thailand is also a high incidence area of rabies and an epidemic area.)

       There is no effective treatment for this disease. Once the sick cat is found, it should be killed immediately and buried deeply. The incubation period of rabies in cats varies from 20 days to 60 days, sometimes up to several months.

       The clinical symptoms of this disease can be divided into violent type and paralytic type

       The typical symptoms of violent type can be divided into prodromal stage, excited stage and paralytic stage. The prodromal stage is 1-3 days. The sick cat is abnormal in behavior and depressed in spirit. It often hides in the dark, does not listen to the call, stares at both eyes, does not want to contact the owner, salivates, hears sound or receives other slight stimulation, including the caress of the owner, all of which can show panic and even jump up immediately. In the exciting period, he often attacks people and other animals actively, and bites each other when he meets the same kind. After the fury, depression appeared, lying on the ground did not work, mental panic, a little bit stimulated, it immediately broke out, and even bit the limbs, tail, and * *. Sick cats often go out and wander, but do not recognize the owner’s home. During the paralysis period, the sick cats are extremely emaciated, with drooping mandible, salivation, tongue prolapse, limb paralysis, dyskinesia, and finally death due to respiratory center paralysis. Rabies in cats is often violent.

       Paralytic type general excited period is very short, afterwards movement is maladjusted, paralytic. In the early stage, salivation and dysphagia occurred due to paralysis of the pharynx and masseter muscles, and then the paralysis extended to the whole body and finally died of coma.

       Only when the cat is vaccinated against rabies every year, can it not get rabies.

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