How long does it last – how long does it last??

       When a cat matures physically and sexually, it becomes oestrus. The female cat will estrus once every three weeks, and each estrus cycle will last about a week. The estrus of a pet cat can be divided into three stages. The duration of each phase and the state of the cat will be different.

       Before estrus: the cat has just separated, the outside is swollen, and * * is slightly cracked; the eyes begin to become bright, the appetite is gradually reduced, the activity is significantly increased than usual, and the character becomes irritable and likes to make calls.

       During the estrus period of cats: * they are completely separated, * they are strongly swollen and valgus, with obvious four petals and a large amount of mucus; their emotions become very uneasy, often sneak out, like to wander out, especially like to make calls at night, so that family members and neighbors can not rest.

       At the end of estrus, the swelling of the cat’s part gradually subsided, and the hair of the cat was shrunken, and the shape of the brush gradually appeared in the shape of a brush. The abnormal state of the cat’s body gradually returned to normal. Appetite began to return to normal, and personality became tame. He also returned to his former good and friendly attitude towards the host.

       From a medical point of view, pet cat’s oestrus is a kind of periodic sexual activity phenomenon after sexual maturity. After a cat’s estrus, it means that it can reproduce. Of course, if the parents are sterilized, they will choose to sterilize the cat to prevent the cat from estrus and excessive reproduction.

       Not sick, is estrus ~ ~ your cat is a little girl, right~~

       Cats usually have estrus in spring and autumn, 5-10 days each time, about once every ten days The cry is very terrible, with a little butt up. If you touch the root of its tail, it will erect its tail and rub its face.

       When it barks very hard, you pat his ass, it will be better. Find her a little male cat, if you don’t want her to have a baby, birth control, it is not expensive, about 100 yuan, the most convenient way.

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