How long does it take for a dog to be ligated

       Australian Terrier

       In fact, many dog owners have been opposed to sterilizing dogs because they think it is unfair for dogs. It is true that sterilization may deprive dogs of their reproductive rights, but the impact on dogs is mostly positive, sterilization has many benefits for dogs. So let’s look at the impact of sterilization and the best age for dogs.

       Traditionally, the best age for sterilization is between six and nine months. But there is no research to support this conclusion: in fact, the optimal age is different for different individuals.

       Is sterilization dangerous?

       The incidence of complications of sterilization is 6.1% for dogs, and the complications are mild, such as inflammation of surgical wounds or gastrointestinal discomfort. Dogs over two years old are more likely to have complications after sterilization, and dogs less than 12 weeks old are more likely to have postoperative infection. Generally speaking, this is a very common operation, as long as the age is not particularly old or very young, there will be no danger in the general hospital with good conditions. However, the cheap sterilization hospital does not guarantee the conditions of anesthesia and surgery, and there is no necessary postoperative pain relief measures. Therefore, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital for sterilization.

       What impact does sterilization have on society?

       One of the most important social effects of sterilization is to reduce the chance of pets being sent. Many studies have shown that pets that are not sterilized are more likely to be sent. And sterilization can reduce the number of unwanted puppies, control the overall number of dogs, and reduce the number of no one to adopt.

       What is the effect of sterilization on cancer?

       Sterilization may increase prostate cancer, bladder cancer, bone cancer, hemangioma. The incidence of these cancers is relatively small, about 0.2%, and the possibility of disease after sterilization is increased by 0.4% to 0.6%. Sterilization eradicates cancer, ovarian cancer and cancer. ***Cancer is the second most common form of cancer, although it is less likely to be malignant.

       Does sterilization increase the risk of obesity?

       yes. Studies have shown that sterilized dogs and cats are more likely to be obese. After sterilization, metabolism slows down, resulting in fat accumulation. However, obesity can be controlled. It is suggested that after sterilization, pets should strictly control their food intake and increase exercise.

       Is sterilization related to the life span of cats and dogs?

       Studies have shown that sterilized pets live longer than uninfected ones. But this may be due to the fact that owners who are willing to sterilize their pets take better care of their pets, or that the sterilized pets are less aggressive and therefore less dangerous.

       The sterilization operation of dogs is mostly done in 5-6 months of age. When it is done after sexual maturity, there will be more bleeding. There is no need to worry about sterilizing your beloved dog, which will affect its active temperament. When the dog is adult, it will have estrus period. At this time, the dog will not only be anxious, but also bring a lot of trouble to the owner. The dogs who have undergone birth control surgery will become more tender and obedient. Female dogs will no longer think of spring after sterilization and will not take the initiative to approach male dogs. Moreover, the incidence of cancer or cancer in dogs is greatly reduced after surgery. However, the need to pay attention to: must do a good job in dog care after birth control, in order to avoid postoperative infection.

       What are the benefits of sterilizing dogs

       1. First of all, reduce the number of unnecessary dogs and dogs that no one needs, so as to reduce the number of stray dogs and avoid the miserable fate of dogs.

       2. Sterilizing your dog can make your dog live healthier and reduce the chance of getting sick. Studies have shown that sterilization can reduce the chance of female dogs suffering from ovarian cancer and breast cancer, especially when female animals are just sexually mature and have not yet given birth. Sterilization can reduce animal incidence rate of cancer and reduce the incidence of prostate diseases.

       3. Sterilizing a dog can prolong your dog’s life. This is because constant and excessive physical activity can accelerate the aging of body organs and shorten the life span of dogs.

       4. Sterilization operation can change the dog’s character, reduce or completely change the habit of wandering, fighting, urinating and howling, so as to greatly reduce the chance of loss or injury and infectious diseases. At the same time, it can make the dog more emotional, willing to accompany with people, and become close, docile and trainable with the owner. What’s more, the life span of dogs who don’t go out and roam is much longer than that of dogs who often roam. Cats can live more than 16 years (16 years is equivalent to 80 years of human age, 20 years is equivalent to 96 years of human age), and dogs can live 14-15 years (human 80-96 years).

       5. Because the sterilization operation has changed the dog’s character, so that they put an end to some bad habits that annoy their owners, such as peeing everywhere, wandering out, barking restlessly, and so on, and become smart and docile, more like to accompany each other with people, thus reducing the possibility of dogs being abandoned by their owners.

       Some people think it’s cruel and inhumane to sterilize dogs. If you think about it, even people have to control their birth, so it’s not like no one is allowed to control the birth of dogs. What’s more, is it more humane to control the number of dogs and be responsible parents of dogs, so that they can have a happy and high-quality life?

       In China, it is suggested that the best time for sterilization is between 6 months old and 1 year old. It is suitable for surgery in spring and autumn. The weather is cool and the wound recovery is fast and convenient.

       For male dogs, sterilization is the removal of the penis, which generally does not need to be removed after the operation. On the day of the operation, it can be taken home to take care of or stay in the hospital for care. The advantages and disadvantages of sterilization are as follows:

       1. Advantages:

       The disposition becomes gentle, and the consciousness of dividing territory becomes weak;

       The expression of oestrus was reduced and the aggressiveness was weakened;

       Reduce the amount of urine in cats;

       Reduce the incidence of skin diseases and sexual organ lesions secondary to abnormal levels of sex hormones.

       2. Disadvantages:

       The main risk is that cats are allergic to anesthetics;

       You may get fat.

       For female dogs, sterilization is the removal of both the penis and the ovaries, and the stitches can be removed 7-10 days after the operation. After the operation, the dogs can be hospitalized until the stitches are removed, or they can be taken home to take good care of them. After sterilization, it has the following advantages and disadvantages:

       Advantages: it can reduce the performance of estrus.

       Can prevent the birth of accidental puppies. In estrus, the female dog will try to run away from home, looking for sexual partners. After sterilization, the birth of accidental puppies can be eliminated, and the number of stray animals can be reduced on the social level.

       Effective prevention of some sexual organs diseases, such as * * * pus, ovarian abscess, * * cervical cancer, etc., especially * * * disease, for adult female dogs, especially for old bitches, the incidence rate is high, and easy to repeat.

       2. Disadvantages:

       After the operation, the amount of exercise was reduced, and it was easy to get fat;

       Surgery has certain risks, the main risk is that cats are allergic to narcotic drugs.

       Dogs generally reach sexual maturity about 8 months after birth. During this period, the female dog appears menarche, and then appears twice a year, which is called “oestrus” and may be pregnant. On the one hand, after the male dog reaches sexual maturity, a series of actions have appeared to pursue the female dog in order to induce the “estrus period” of the female dog. For example, barking, going to the place where there is a female dog, fighting with other male dogs for the female dog. All in all, it’s hard to be quiet. Therefore, not only female dogs, but also male dogs should be sterilized before reaching sexual maturity, about 5-6 months after birth.

       In addition, if your dog is over one year old, and you miss the best time to sterilize your dog, you don’t have to worry about it. At this time, the sterilization operation has no great impact on the dog. Maybe the character of the dog will change after sterilization.

       To sterilize a dog, you must be in the non estrus period. If you happen to encounter a dog in estrus, you must wait until the end of the estrus before you can carry out the sterilization operation, because the dog in the estrus period is likely to have a lot of bleeding. Normally, dogs can be sterilized after their first estrus. Of course, dogs can still be sterilized as adults. After sterilization, it is easy for Elizabeth to change the amount of fat in the dog’s hair after sterilization

       By June 2020, the cost of sterilizing dogs will range from hundreds to thousands, of which the main cost is anesthesia. The cost of anesthesia is related to the choice of anesthesia mode, the weight of pet and the dosage of anesthesia. In comparison, the cost of respiratory anesthesia is slightly higher than that of general anesthesia.

       There is also to see the size of the dog, a larger dog used narcotic drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs and suture are measured a little more, so it will be relatively more expensive, small dogs need a doctor skilled, this is the cost calculation method.

       Extended data:

       Precautions for dogs after sterilization

       After the operation, the dog will need a good rest. It may be aggressive, or the body is particularly sensitive, and these reactions may be caused by anesthesia. Therefore, we need to give the dog a quiet rest environment.

       Prepare a comfortable and stable bed for the dog. For the dog who has just finished sterilization operation, if he falls from a higher bed or sofa, it may cause wound tear or internal bleeding, which is very dangerous to the dog.

       The toilet is a good choice. Dogs who have just finished the operation may have vomiting symptoms, which is a normal phenomenon. It will be easier to clean and clean in the bathroom.

       Reference source: Baidu Encyclopedia – sterilization surgery

       The sterilization cost of female dogs is much more expensive than that of male dogs. Now, the pet hospital that can do this needs 350-500 at least. It is still the second and third tier cities. The better hospitals in the first tier cities really need thousands. Besides, it depends on the size of the dogs. The anesthetics, anti-inflammatory drugs and sutures used by larger dogs are measured more, so the cost is relatively small Dogs need doctors to be highly skilled, which is the way to calculate costs.

       The cost of sterilization varies from hundreds to thousands, mainly based on the weight of the dog to calculate the price. In addition, the operation costs of male and female dogs are not the same. According to the dog’s preoperative examination items and intraoperative anesthesia selection, the price will also be affected. Postoperative anti-inflammatory or hospitalization expenses will have an impact, so it depends on the specific situation of the dog, and it is recommended to do full probiotics before sterilization Communication, understand the necessity of each project, and all consumption, to avoid unpleasant things Oh!

       It’s usually between 160 and 300 yuan. The main thing is to find a good reputation of the local hospital, the specific price can be told to the doctor, what hospitalization ah, three days of anti-inflammatory needle ah, wake-up needle is not a must. Building owners to check some of this information, ready to do it.

       Since the operation can only be performed after the end of oestrus, if there is too much noise at present, you can take a clean plastic tube cotton swab before you prepare to go to bed at night. One hand slightly presses the cat’s neck, and the other hand reaches into the cat’s place with a cotton swab to help it relax. You can have a good sleep.

       1. The money in a place is different from that in a place, ranging from 60 to 400. There are also expensive ones

       If vaccination is necessary, it should be done at least one week before surgery, not on the day of surgery.

       3. Weigh your cat at home in advance to determine the amount of anesthetic used during surgery.

       4. Preoperative fasting should be more than 8 hours. No water for more than 4 hours.

       5. If you want to appoint a doctor, you must inquire about his visiting time in advance, so as not to run away.

       6. When you go to the hospital, you can’t hold the cat with your bare hands. It’s better to put it in a flat bottom basket. In this way, the cat who is still in anesthesia after the operation can lie down comfortably, take full quilt and pay attention to keep warm.

       7. Try not to leave each other within 5 hours after the operation, in order to prevent him from jumping randomly after the anesthetic is too strong, so as to prevent accidents.

       8. The cat is especially afraid of cold after operation, and should pay attention to keep warm. It’s better to sleep in the bed. As long as he doesn’t refuse, he will continue to sleep in the quilt for about 20 hours.

       9. There are only two possibilities for a cat to get out of bed during the rest period: one is to go to the toilet; the other is to be hungry. Don’t stop him and follow him.

       10. Usually three days after surgery, diet and defecation have returned to normal, without care can take care of themselves.

       11. 7 days after surgery, we can find the nearest hospital, we don’t have to go to the hospital for surgery. After removing the stitches, he may like to lick his hair and wound, because he has not combed his hair properly for 7 days due to the operation clothes. He does not need to correct him. He will adjust himself.

       Hello. Actually sterilize the dog. Is responsible for the dog

       My dog is now four months old. And I’m going to take him.. It’s a man, too

       Don’t listen to what people say is inhumane.. Don’t put people’s Thoughts on dogs. Ligation can not only prolong the life span of dogs. It also reduces the incidence of many diseases. The temperament will also be gentle, to be nurtured. Every few days the dog can recover..

       If you don’t rely on your dog to give birth to a dog before you sell it. Ligation is a good choice. Or it’s in the heat. If the dog does not have a female dog. There’s a lot of liquid underneath. Especially in summer. If you don’t pay attention to the liquid, it will cause a lot of insects. so much trouble. And he thought it was crazy. See the cylinder rubbing

       That’s right upstairs. In fact, sterilization is advocated in foreign countries. There are many dog dealers in China. Look at the dog dealers who sell dogs outside. It’s all from dogs. And the stray dogs. There are also some dogs out there. So sterilization has more advantages than disadvantages. Generally, half a month after all three injections of vaccine have been completed. That’s fine. The vet told me. There are no hard and fast rules.

       In addition, the dog has just been ligated. Temperament is not stable, must accompany well, male dog is relatively better. Mainly you listen to the doctor’s advice. Just do it.

       Hope your dog is healthy

       It’s inhumane to ligate a dog.

       I suggest you don’t do it.

       Don’t mention ligation. Most dogs will get angry after cutting their hair.

       Become a “eunuch dog”, will certainly have an impact on psychology.

       Although the male dog to the season of estrus, is very troublesome.

       But the host more care, take it to play, will have the effect of diverting attention.

       Don’t deprive it of its normality.

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