How long does it take for a female cat to go home – will the cat come back when she runs out?

       It’s hard to say. Although the cat knows home, your cat is still relatively small,.. The most important thing is that there are so many things outside that it can’t come back… These are more terrible, now there are a lot of bad guys, drivers with no eyes, and other big cats and dogs..

       When you can come back, you can’t leave for more than a week at most. You can find it later. Kittens are too small to protect themselves

       Because it’s Spring Festival for the female cat, it’s possible for her to run out for seven or eight days. The average cat will come back by itself. Another possibility is that he has encountered something unexpected outside, because the cat’s size is relatively small and it is easy to be in danger. If he has already hung up, of course, he can’t come back. If he doesn’t, he will return At home, the cat still remember that our cat went out for a year and came back! Looks like someone else should have taken it.

       The cat may not come back after running out for the following reasons:

       1. In particular, cats raised indoors are more likely to get lost. In the world that they have never been exposed to outside, cats are more playful and may not remember their way home after playing.

       2. If the cat is not sterilized, it is very easy to run out of the house during the estrus period. If the cat runs far away, he may not remember how to go home and become a stray cat.

       The solution to get the cat back is as follows:

       Method 1: most of the cats will stay within two kilometers from home, in parks, places with few people, construction sites, parking lots, alleys, garbage dumps and other places where cats tend to gather. If you want to find it, remember to prepare a flashlight, with its sleeping mat, cat cage, from midnight to dawn, look under all the cars, trees, and gently call its name.

       Method two: you can develop more photos of it, make simple posters and post them around the house, bulletin board, business gate, convenience store, animal hospital and pet store.

       Method 3: if your cat has a collar with a phone number on it, you are more likely to find the cat. Remember to give your cat a collar.

       It is unlikely that the cat will come back after running out, because the cat’s ability to recognize the road is not particularly strong.

       Generally speaking, if a cat without sterilization runs out, it may be the other kittens who are coquettish. If you are tired of playing outside, you will find it back. But those who have not been sterilized are less likely to go home.

       If you want to find the cat, you can put the rice bowl it often uses at the door. If you smell the smell, it is more conducive to the cat to find it. Or post photos of kittens nearby to make simple posters.

       After the cat comes back, we should take it to the pet hospital for examination, make a good vaccine, and have the sterilization operation done

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