How many births does a cat have at one time?

       Generally, one to eight kittens are born, but four to six are the most common. However, there are exceptions, but the kittens born less generally will be stronger. If they give birth to too many babies, they will be weak and difficult to raise.

       Usually, the first born fetus is smaller, significantly larger from the second fetus, but smaller from the fifth fetus. A litter of cats can produce up to 14-15 kittens, but it is not easy to feed. With the aging of cats, the stillbirth rate and the mortality rate of young cats increase. The stillbirth rate of female was higher than that of male.

       Generally, a cat will be in estrus again after giving birth to a kitten. Therefore, it can continue to be pregnant about one month after birth. The pregnancy days are generally 62 days. Even if the kittens are 2 months old, breast-feeding is 1 month, and having a baby once every 3 months, there are extreme cases, that is, all kittens die or disappear, and the female cat will be in estrus within 1 week, so some unscrupulous cat vendors will be born Take all the kittens away and let the female over breed. Generally, the normal reproduction should be considered from the physical condition of the female cat.

       From three times in two years to five times in two years, the probability of pregnancy is about 95% in the normal range. Therefore, as a qualified breeder, he should control the cat’s sexual behavior twice a year. He does not mean that he will fall down after giving birth twice. In the middle, the recovery time of the female cat must be given. Pregnancy and feeding of the kitten will consume the body of the female cat. Generally speaking, it will take at least two months to have another pregnancy I don’t know what kind of cat is in my family.

       If it is a scattered domestic cat, we should try to control it. Uncontrolled breeding will seriously shorten the life span of the cat and affect the quality of the kitten. The female cat born 5-6 times a year has a life span of only 3-4 years. If it is controlled, it can live for 10-15 years or even 25 years. Twice a year. Once in spring and once in autumn.

       Development materials:

       The litter performance of Siamese cats varies with breed, nutrition and health status. Generally, there are 1-8 cats with an average of 4. Usually, the first born fetus is smaller, significantly larger from the second fetus, but smaller from the fifth fetus. A litter of cats can produce up to 14-15 kittens, but it is not easy to feed.

       Thai cats have more litter in their litter, but their initial weight is smaller. The average birth weight of 6 cats per litter is about 100g. With more litter, the mortality of kittens increased before weaning.

       Generally speaking, a normal cat will give birth to 1-8 kittens at a time, but 4-6 kittens are the most common. According to the breed of cats, the number of cats born will be different. For example, the number of long haired cats such as Persia is generally less than that of 2-4 cats; the number of Oriental short haired cats and Siamese cats is 6-8 more. Moreover, the general first birth are relatively few, some only 1-2. It’s normal after that.

       What kind of cat can give birth to?

       Thai cats are also called Siamese cats. They can give birth to 6-8 cats at a time. It has just been said that cats with good nutrition can give birth to 15 cats at a time. Moreover, the cat can continue to conceive within a month after birth.

       Generally speaking, cats can’t have more babies, which will cause great physical harm to female cats. There is a record that in a cat’s life, without sterilization, its offspring will grow exponentially. Theoretically, there will be more than 10000 cats in the fifth year and more than 80 million in the tenth year. Does this number scare you?

       The number of kittens per litter varies from one to eight. It has something to do with the age of the cat and the season of pregnancy.

       Development materials:

       1. Feeding: feed the kitten with special cat food. Method: put a bowl of cat food every day, and then fill it up after eating it. The kitten will control its own demand.

       2. Excretion, cats and cats are absolutely intelligent animals. When a new kitten arrives at a new home, he will know it’s time to excrete here after patting its bottom on the litter.

       3. In addition, there will be some parasites inside and outside the cat’s body. These parasites are harmless to human beings, but they will have certain effects on cats and cats. You can buy anthelmintic for cats and cats in pet hospitals to do in vivo and in vitro deworming.

       4. Immunity, cats and cats will also have diseases, for the health of cats, once a year for cats and cats to do immunization. Contact your veterinarian. General cat vaccine can prevent feline plague (Pan leukopenia), feline viral rhinotracheitis, catarrhal enteritis and other infectious diseases with high mortality.

       The average number of kittens born in each litter varies from about one to four. The number of young and old female cats is relatively small, and the number of healthy female cats born in the middle of life will be a little more. If her living environment and nutrition are better, the number of kittens may be relatively more.

       The number of kittens per litter varies from 1 to 8, with an average of 4 kittens per litter. The number of young and old female cats is relatively small, and the number of healthy female cats born in the middle of life will be a little more. If her living environment and nutrition are better, the number of kittens may be relatively more.

       The sexual maturity period of male cats is 10-12 months~

       How many litters a year depends on the cat’s breed~

       Our stray cats can give birth to at most 3 times a year ~ there are about 4 or 5 kittens per litter ~ some only have 3, not necessarily~

       Generally, twice a year is normal~

       It can be born every year~

       Don’t look. Touch the kitten

       The big cat thinks it’s unsafe or the kitten has too many people’s smell, so it will take the kitten in its mouth

       Don’t put the big cat in the box. You will go in it yourself. It’s nature (the box should be kept in a cool and dark place. Don’t blow the air conditioner.)

       Don’t look at the big cat feeding the kitten, she is angry will not feed the kitten


       She may be hiding because she is afraid or uncomfortable

       You should pay more attention to her, give it more food and keep enough milk

       If it really can’t feed milk, it is necessary to wash the syringe or eyedrop bottle without needle, and wash it and rinse the milk powder for the kitten. Feed it slowly and don’t choke it (but don’t use this method at every last step)

       You don’t have to panic. My cat has been born for a long time. Now the kitten has been hopping for more than a month.

       After giving birth to BB, the best time for a female cat to take a bath is 1.5-2 months. In this way, it is not necessary to remove the smell of the female cat so that the kitten will not feel repelled by the peculiar smell. At the same time, it is easy to find milk to drink. The smell of kittens is also very good!

       As for the kitten, it usually takes more than two months to take a bath for it, and then wipe it with a towel immediately after washing. It’s better to dry it with an air duct. The distance should not be too close to the kitten. Why should it be so late? Because cats are afraid of cold and heat, so when they are too small, they should take a bath with them. Even if the weather is very hot, you can wash them with warm water, but it will shake very badly, Too small kittens can’t regulate their body temperature properly!

       Three fetuses

       The pregnant period of a cat is only about two months. It is about one and a half months after birth and can continue to be pregnant in a week or two!

       Specific to see a situation of the outside world, if the kitten has been breastfeeding, then his next pregnancy time will be relatively prolonged

       The sexual maturity period of male cats is 10-12 months, and the number of nests per year depends on the cat’s breed.

       Generally, there are four or five at most.

       In general, the survival rate of cubs is low in multi viviparous animals (Felidae Canidae). If the environment is relatively safe, the feeding efficiency of monoviviparous animals (monkey, elephant) is high.


       The cat can walk on the high wall as if nothing happened, light jump, can not help but be satisfied with its sense of balance. This is mainly due to the cat’s outstanding response nerves and sense of balance. It only needs to slightly change the position and height of its tail to achieve body balance, and then use the strong muscles and strong joints of its hind feet to jump quickly. Even if it falls in the air, it can change its body posture in the air and land lightly and accurately. Good at climbing, but not good at falling from the top. Even when falling or jumping from a height, the cat uses its tail to adjust its balance so that its padded limbs land on the ground. Pay attention not to pull off the cat’s tail, which will affect its balance ability, and also easy to cause cat diarrhea, shorten the cat’s life span.

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