How many hours does orange cat sleep a day? So orange cats love sleeping so much?

       The parents of cats have found such a problem that they almost always sleep when they see their cats every day. They may be naughty when they are young and often go to play. But once with the growth of age, become depressed and sleep most of the day for several days, how long can orange cat sleep in a day?

       For orange cats, orange cats like to sleep, which is inevitable. You can sleep up to 14 hours a day, and as you get older, it’s likely to reach 20 hours. This sleeping habit is actually caused by genes. Before cats became human pets, they lived in the wild. They lived in the wild. They lived hard by hunting every day. In this process, they needed to consume a lot of energy. Therefore, they had to rely on a lot of time to sleep, so as to quickly recover their physical fitness. In addition, sleeping was the best way to protect their physical fitness.

       However, the friends should not look at the orange cat as if she has been sleeping all the time. In fact, a lot of time is not really sleeping, but a lot of time is napping. Sometimes you feel that the orange cat is sleeping, but as long as you observe carefully, you will find that its eyes are open. Maybe it just narrows its eyes slightly, leaving a slit. But as long as you hear any sound nearby, its ears will rotate quickly, or it will jump up directly, with a very high alertness. Usually nap time will be in 15 minutes to half an hour or so, at this time the body is always in the state of preparation for war, a little something will quickly move.

       Not only the orange cat, of course, all cats are almost the same. They love sleeping very much. Xiaobian counts with his fingers. At least two thirds of the time orange cat sleeps. Compared with the appearance of orange cat, Xiaobian still likes the appearance of orange cat sleeping.