How many months does American short cat eat? How many months can you eat baby cat food?

       In fact, it’s usually only after three months old that they start to feed cat food. Of course, it’s not good for one month, because the cat’s intestines and stomach have not developed well, and cat food is not suitable. You can feed some goat milk powder and so on when you are one month old. If you want to feed cat food, you can wait until you are 3 months old. When you choose cat food for your cat, you should also pay attention to it. Choose the suitable age for the young cat, and the older one can choose the appropriate one. If you can’t choose, you can try. Home. Fun. Cat. Food. Feed the cat. Give the cat more warm water.

       The baby cat food can be eaten from the fourth week. At this time, it needs warm water to soak, and it will not be needed after 10 weeks. At this time, dry food can be fed. However, I personally think it doesn’t matter if there is still some cat food left for it to eat. It can take more than 10 weeks. Just like human children drink breast milk, some people still drink breast milk at the age of six or seven What’s not healthy

       For three months, it’s OK to eat regular kitten’s food. As for the brand, I suggest that you choose the one with higher price or the highest price in the regular cat food. Of course, if you have experience, you can also look at the nutritional composition, minimum guaranteed value of nutrition and vitamin ratio, etc.

       Let’s take a look at how to distinguish the regular cat food. At present, domestic cat food is mainly divided into imported cat food and domestic cat food

       ¡¾1¡¿ For imported cat food, you can check the import license. You can query the import feed registration information page of * *. The cat food that my cats eat now and the Royal cat food they used to eat are all checked here.

       ¡¾2¡¿ Domestic cat food can be inspected for quality inspection, and can be found on the official website of the State Administration of commodity inspection, as well as the hygiene license and production license.

       In addition, the essential nutrient in cat food is taurine, which is weaker in domestic cat food!

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