How many months is a cat pregnant

       It is suggested that the owner can let the cat have sex during the second estrus, that is, after one year old. The survival rate and motherhood will be better. The female cat’s sexual maturity time is about 6-8 months, and the female cat matures at about one year old.

       Female cats less than one year old may have dystocia due to incomplete pelvic development. The organs in the cat’s body are not fully mature during the first estrus, which may cause dystocia. Therefore, it is suggested that the owner can let the cat have sex during the second estrus, that is, after one year old, so that the survival rate and motherhood will be better.

       The time for a cat to give birth to a kitten is about 60 to 63 days, which is two months. The cat needs to pay attention to the cat’s diet during the period of giving birth to a kitten.

       The pregnancy cycle of a pet cat is usually 60-63 days, and a slight pregnancy reaction will occur 7 days after the successful pregnancy. With the extension of pregnancy, the pregnancy of cats will become more and more obvious. Of course, if the cat does not have sex when it is in estrus, it will have a new round of estrus 2-3 weeks after it stops estrus. In other words, if the oestrus period is in February, plus more than two months of pregnancy, the month of giving birth to kittens should be around May.

       But the production time of a cat is also closely related to its living environment, body state, eating habits, living habits and so on. Therefore, it is found that many cats have premature birth and dystocia. Therefore, in order to ensure the smooth and normal delivery of cats, it is very important to raise and manage them during pregnancy.

       Under normal circumstances, cats will have an obvious delivery phenomenon about a quarter before delivery, and many cats will have a direct premature birth, such as delivery on the 58th day of pregnancy. At this time, due to premature delivery, most of the kittens are physically collapsed and have poor physical resistance. Once the kittens are not given better care, they are likely to die.

       In the days before the birth of a cat, you need to prepare delivery tools: medical scissors, cotton thread, sterilized alcohol cotton ball, and emergency needle, all of which are indispensable. If you plan to let the cat give birth at home. Food needs to be prepared for pet dog cat milk powder, prepared for kittens, in case of need for artificial feeding, is essential.

       The opposite of preterm birth is delayed birth or dystocia. Generally more than 63 days have not given birth to the cat, should pay attention to. In addition, some kittens delivered later than 71 days may be larger than those born normally, and they are also more likely to die. This requires every parent to pay close attention to the pregnancy of the cat. Once abnormal, it needs to be dealt with in time to avoid serious consequences such as premature death of the kitten and life danger of the female cat.

       Cats will have different reactions in the early stage of production and need more observation.

       The cat is pregnant

       The pregnancy period of a cat is about 63 days. Kittens will be born 63 days before and after the date of mating.

       ***In current affairs, we should first consider the expected date of birth of a good cat, that is, two months from the date of the birth date plus two days. If the date ends on January 20, the expected date of delivery is March 24. The purpose of calculating the birth time of kittens is to avoid the period of plum rain, humid and muggy heat or extremely cold period, so as to prevent the sick of kittens due to the bad environment at the time of birth.

       After mating for 3-5 weeks, the cat’s abdomen swelled up, * turned bright pink, * also swelled, and appetite increased dramatically. These characteristics can confirm that the cat is pregnant.

       Because of the surge of hormone secretion during pregnancy, the hair color of the short haired cat is more bright and colorful. Therefore, it can be used to distinguish whether the cat is pregnant.

       It is ideal for females to give birth to kittens once a year, no more than twice at most.

       The number of pregnancies can be controlled. If the female cat and male cat are kept together, the female cat and the male cat will be isolated when the female cat is in estrus.

       In order to give birth to healthy and intelligent kittens, it is necessary to select a good healthy male cat before the female estrus. In particular, healthy male cats who had been vaccinated were selected.

       The gestational period of about 2 months refers to the period from the beginning of mating to the expulsion of mature fetus. The pregnancy period of a cat is generally 52-71 days, with an average of 58 days.

       ******On the 6th day after mating, blastocysts were formed. On the 12th day, the blastocysts were elongated and oval in shape. On the 13th day, the blastocysts were oriented and the embryo pole was toward the inner membrane of the embryo. On the 14th day, the epithelia of the * * epithelium was eroded and the attachment site was obviously edematous When the embryo is free in the embryo, it begins to establish contact with the mother.

       Through the placental blood circulation to provide nutrients, so that the fetus gradually mature, until the fetus out of the body.

       Extended data:

       The following symptoms can be observed during pregnancy (pregnancy): it takes about 20 days for the female cat to see the signs of pregnancy. Early in the performance of: * began to increase, * color turned pink, some can also squeeze milk.

       In order to nourish the fetus during pregnancy, the female cat often makes her appetite exuberant and increase her appetite. They like to lie still and not move, and they don’t want to play with their owners or breeders. Careful action, easy to be frightened and avoid, this is a natural performance of baby care. Sleep time increased, sleeping posture is also abnormal, like to stretch the body and sleep on the side.

       After pregnancy, the changes of sexual physiology are also very clear. ***Part swelling, skin red, frequent urination, no longer estrus. Even if there are male cats wandering outside, they are not affected. But not pregnant female cat at this time can appear a second estrus, found that a male cat passed, will be very excited.

       About one month after pregnancy, the abdomen began to increase, at this time, if you gently touch the abdomen with your hand, you can find fetal movement phenomenon. With the extension of pregnancy, the abdomen is getting bigger and bigger. At the same time, because of eating more, the body weight has also increased significantly. However, activities should be increased to prevent dystocia caused by excessive fertilizer.

       reference material:

       Cat Baidu Encyclopedia

       The pregnancy cycle of a cat is usually 60-63 days, and mild pregnancy reaction will occur 7 days after successful pregnancy.

       The performance of pregnant cats is as follows

       1. Symptoms of first trimester

       Cats stop estrus three days after the event. In the first ten days of pregnancy, cats will not like to eat in the morning, which is the first sign of pregnancy. But the condition usually lasts only 48 hours, during which she may vomit several times. If the cat fasts for more than two days, take it to a doctor.

       After three weeks of pregnancy, the cat can turn over slowly to observe her sexuality. After the cat is pregnant, the cat begins to turn pink and bigger, and the hair around the cat gradually fades away. If your cat is short haired, you will also notice that the female is beginning to bulge slightly, while the long haired cat is not.

       2. First trimester behavior

       Pregnant cats often have a strong appetite and an increase in food intake for the development of their fetus. I like to lie still and not move. I don’t want to play with the owner or other cats. Action becomes cautious, easy to be frightened and avoid, this is a cat born to protect the performance of the baby. Sleep time increased, sleeping posture is also abnormal, like to stretch the body and sleep on the side.

       Pregnant cats, sexual physiological changes are also very obvious. ***Department swelling, red color, frequent urination, no longer estrus. Even if there are male cats wandering outside, they are not affected. But not pregnant cats can appear at this time the second estrus, found that a male cat passed, will be very excited.

       Extended data:

       The diet and care of cats during pregnancy are as follows:

       1. From the 20th day after the success of the cat, the owner should prepare food rich in protein, calcium and vitamins for the cat. For example, eggs, vegetables, cooked meat and so on. But also try to reduce the amount of carbohydrates and other foods with high sugar content, so as to avoid the risk of dystocia caused by obesity.

       2. In the second trimester of pregnancy, the cat will eat more than usual. At this time, parents should feed 3-4 meals a day. They should eat less and more meals, and feed food that is easy to digest and absorb. Avoid hard food to cause the burden of the cat’s intestines and stomach, and increase the pressure on the fetus.

       3. During pregnancy, cats should not be fed raw or cold food. The cat must be given a new water supply every day.

       4. Pregnant cats are sick and should be sent to the clinic for treatment. It is not suitable to treat cats without permission. If medication is not careful, it is likely to cause fetal malformation, which will seriously threaten the lives of cats.

       Reference: cat Baidu Encyclopedia

       1. The earliest appearance sign of pregnancy in pregnant cats is that the color of * * changes from light pink to deep pink, and the hair around the cat will fall off, which makes the appearance of the cat particularly prominent. These symptoms should appear within 3 weeks after pregnancy, and they are obviously spherical in shape 3-4 weeks after conception. After that, the fetus is not so easy to feel, but it can also be touched. If necessary, the fetus can also be examined by ultrasound within 2-3 weeks, and the number of fetuses can be checked by X-ray at 5.5 weeks after pregnancy.

       2. The gestational period of cat care is about 63-66 days, but some will last up to 71 days. If premature delivery, most of them are stillbirth or die soon after birth. Pregnant female cats need more protein and calories, but if you feed high-quality food and balanced nutrition, you don’t need to change the quality of food during the first 2-3 weeks of pregnancy.

       3. Nutritious high-quality proteins, such as milk products, eggs and meat, can be added to dry feed (about 10% of the amount) to increase the protein content and taste of the food, without destroying the nutritional balance. The formula for kittens can also be given to pregnant and lactating females. The amount of feed should be increased with the duration of pregnancy. At the end of pregnancy, the female cat should eat twice as much as before. However, because the growth of the fetus oppresses the surrounding organs, it is impossible for the female cat to eat the required portion in two meals. Therefore, you must increase the feeding frequency or leave the food outside to eat freely with the female cat.

       4. Pregnant female cats should pay attention not to overfeeding, or due to insufficient exercise caused by obesity and muscle relaxation, which will cause production difficulties. The best and simplest delivery room is the carton box. An opening should be opened 10-15 cm away from the bottom to facilitate the entry and exit of the female cat and prevent the kitten from falling out. It is also better to have a cover, which can be opened when necessary to take care of the kitten. It’s better to let the female cat adapt to the box one week before birth, and try to put a clean soft towel to encourage her to sleep in it.

       5. Usually, one or two days before birth, the female cat will have no appetite to eat, be more upset than usual, meow more, or tear up the things in the production box, and even vomit; the closer to the production time, the more she will lick the abdomen and the official. If you don’t put a mother in the delivery room, she may give birth in your bed, in your cupboard, or somewhere else

       6. Once a kitten is born, it is necessary to break the embryo sac immediately and let the kitten breathe freely. Usually, the female cat will do this immediately. Some inexperienced or nervous female cats will forget to do so. If this is the case, you should break the capsule immediately, otherwise the kitten will suffocate and die. If the strap has not fallen off at birth, the female will clean the kitten after giving birth, and will naturally bite off the umbilical cord. If the female cat has not started to clean the kitten after 15 minutes of birth, you can use clean thread or no dental floss to insert body 1-2 in the umbilical cord If the umbilical cord is too short, it is easy to be infected. Therefore, the left umbilical cord should not be too short. Soak iodine solution or disinfectant in the fracture.

       As human beings will enter the sunset, pets will change from Naughty and lovely home work to slow-moving elderly people. At this time, they like to live a comfortable life. They should not force old dogs to do things. They should have compassion for their behavior, and help the lovers who once brought us infinite joy and who are not loyal to us to be happy for the rest of their lives.

       1¡¢ Signs of aging

       Some animals will gradually lose their hearing. The fur is thin and dry, depilation is serious, the body becomes weak, muscle atrophy, and the fluid between joints begins to dry out. Cause inflammation and discomfort. The lens of the eyeball became turbid and slightly gray blue. The fur around the mouth, nose and ear turns white or yellow.

       2¡¢ Special care

       1. Feeding: changes in the amount of exercise will change the digestion and absorption capacity of the intestines, as well as the filtration and detoxification functions of the liver and kidney. Attention should be paid to reducing the hardness of food, adding appropriate amounts of calcium, iron, vitamins and other trace elements, and changing foods with different tastes. Note: forbid food that is not suitable for digestion and ensure the supply of clean water.

       2. Brushing: if possible, brush your teeth to your favorite to reduce the bacterial invasion caused by gingival inflammation.

       3. Eye care: always use wet cotton to remove excess mucus and clean skin around eyes.

       4. Ear care: check inner ear canal regularly and remove wax.

       5. Joint care: joint pain is a common disease of elderly pets. If they can’t exercise regularly, they can gently massage muscles or stretch and flex joints of limbs and joints for them when they are resting.

       6. Euthanasia: if aging disease has made your pet unable to live comfortably, you and your family members should consider making this most difficult choice at the advice of your veterinarian in order to avoid suffering. Euthanasia is painless. It takes only an overdose of anesthetics to get him to sleep.

       It takes about 2 months (56-71 days).

       Development materials:

       1¡¢ How to calculate the pregnancy period of cats

       Because we can’t know the time of a cat’s pregnancy, we can calculate the time of pregnancy from the day when the female cat stops. Female cats usually stop estrus symptoms within two or three days after the success of the event. That is to say, the expected delivery date of the cat is about 63 days after the female cat stops estrus symptoms. According to this time, we can make preparations for the delivery of pregnant cats in advance.

       2¡¢ Pregnancy time and symptoms of cats

       1. Two days: the characteristics of oestrus will gradually disappear, and the cat’s fur is glossy. About the third week, the cat’s penis swelled and turned pink. This is the first sign of pregnancy.

       2. Third week of pregnancy: the veterinarian can touch the fetus reliably. About a month or so, the female cat becomes more sleepy, the amount increases, and the frequency of going to the toilet will also increase.

       3. Four weeks of pregnancy: the fourth week can touch the number of pregnant animals ~ * *, more obvious development! Increased appetite, weight gain, well-developed mammary glands, * hard.

       4. Six weeks of pregnancy: after the sixth week, the abdomen and penis of the female cat become larger. The fetal movement can be felt on the abdominal wall. The fetal heartbeat can be heard by stethoscope.

       5. Eight weeks of pregnancy: the female cat has sagging abdomen, slow movement and frequent urination! Before giving birth, the appetite will decline, a little irritable, and * * exudes milk. At this time, remember to prepare the place for the birth of the cat. The baby will be born.

       6. Pregnancy period: about 60-71 days, more than the birth must be sent to a doctor for examination, the kitten may be too big to cause dystocia or the fetus has died.

       7. Expected date of delivery: occurrence of pregnancy symptoms + 6 weeks = expected date of delivery

       8. False pregnancy: the female cat will have nest making, fat, milk secretion and other symptoms, lasting about 1 month. If the situation is serious, please ask a veterinary doctor for treatment. The reason is usually associated with the ligated male cat, the male cat itself does not have sex, has not succeeded in pregnancy and so on.

       3¡¢ Precautions for diet of cats during pregnancy

       1. You should add a small amount of calories during the first trimester of pregnancy so that the weight of the female cat can rise steadily.

       2. The heat demand is about 100kcal / kg / day.

       3. Generally, kitten food can be provided to pregnant female cats, because the proportion of nutrients in the kitten’s food is relatively balanced.

       4. Don’t over supplement nutrition, it will make the kitten big and easily cause dystocia.

       Reference website: link to mews website

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