How many years can a cat live

       That’s the question.

       The longest pet cat lived more than 30 years before it died.

       The owner takes good care of the cat, gives the cat scientific nutrition, good medical conditions, and takes good care of the old cat. The cat’s physical fitness is better. It has longevity gene and can live for 20 years.

       The general family is good at raising cats, giving them good food, good drink and good medical treatment. It is OK to live for more than 15 years.

       At least how many years this is not necessarily, it is similar to human, young people and even children with terminal disease may die early.

       I despise browsing the Internet and pasting Guinness directly

       The oldest cat reported in the news was 33 years old, which was reported in 2004 when the owner did not declare Guinness. It is not known whether the cat died or survived.

       The longest lived cat on TV is a 28 year old black cat mother-in-law from the TV show “pet in charge”. Which episode has been forgotten? Anyway, there are only a few episodes of pet ownership on the Internet. You can see all of them.

       Normally speaking, the age at which cats die without disease is usually 12-20 years old, and 16-18 years old in the majority. There’s no problem in feeding your cat. The cat is just old. After all, our environment and feeding conditions are too poor. It’s amazing to keep cats in China until they are 20 years old. If there is no strength all over the body, it is not far away from the day when you become an angel. Please be prepared.

       20 years is almost equivalent to more than 150 years old.

       The average cat is also age ¡Á 7, which can be approximately equal to the age of human beings. However, the older the cat is, the older the cat is, the older the cat is. In other words, 20-21 years old may be equivalent to another 9-10 years old of human life.

       There is no maximum age, only the miracle of life ~ just let it be. You are very strong at home

       The average life span of a cat is 18-20 years old. At the age of 18, cats are in their advanced age. The puberty of cats is between 1 and 2 years old. A 10-year-old cat is basically considered to have entered the old age society.

       Your cat has been living for a long time, almost 80 years old. It’s not about feeding in your family. splendid

       My cat can only keep 3-5 years at most. It’s a terrible car.

       PS: my cat is sleeping on my lap. I wish he could stay with me for a long time. You should take good care of your cats and don’t let them run too close to the road

       My cat is 23 years old. She has had two operations, one small and one big (16 years old). Now she is in the hospital with saline. All the young nurses are scrambling to take pictures with her, but she is skin and bone, less than 3 kg. Half a month ago, my body was crooked and my body was weak. I didn’t eat, drink or pull. Although I had psychological preparation for that, I was still very sad. I was advised to euthanasia, but I felt that she wanted to live and had been holding a hot water bag in her bed. Naturally, I can’t make a decision for her (I used to make a decision, which was her husband, which made me regret for a long time). I hope my cat will die as happy as your cat.

       The oldest cat in the world is 27 years old and still alive. The average life span of a cat is 18-20 years old. People are in puberty at the age of 18, but cats are in advanced age at the age of 18. The puberty of cats is between 1 and 2 years old. A 10-year-old cat is basically considered to have entered the old age society. After that, the cat needs to be more carefully cared for by the owner in order to make the cat live a long life. The specific age stages are shown in the following table: 1.5 months = 4 years, 3 months = 6 years, 6 months = 10 years, 9 months, 13 years, 1 year, 15 years, 2 years, 24 years, 3 years, 28 years, 4 years, 32 years, 5 years, 36 years, 6 years, 40 years, 7 years, 44 years, 8 years, 48 years, 9 years, 52 years, 56 years, 11 years, 60 years, 12 years, 64 years, 13 years, 68 years, 14 years, 72 years, 15 years, 76 years, 80 years, 17 years, 84 years, 18 years, 88 years 19 years = 92 years old, 20 years = 96 years old, 21 years = 100 years old. Maybe a cat can live to 10-15 years old. There are also old cats. The oldest cat on TV has lived to 21 years old/

       Generally, cats can live to 17-18 years, and there is a record of 36 years in the UK. But the average life span is a little shorter, about 12 years. However, with the development of veterinary medicine and the balance of cat food, the life expectancy of cats has been gradually extended. Comparison of cat age and human age

       Within 1 year after birth


       1 / 20 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 / 180

       Person 20 days / 1 year/

       2 years/

       3 years/

       4 years/

       5 years/

       6 years/

       7 years/

       8 years/

       9 years

       Cat 200 / 220 / 240 / 260 / 280 / 300 / 320 / 340 / 360


       10 years/

       11 years/

       12 years/

       13 years/

       14 years/

       15 years/

       16 years/

       17 years/

       18 years

       More than 1 year after birth


       2 years/

       3 years/

       4 years/

       5 years/

       6 years/

       7 years/

       8 years/

       9 years / 10 years / 11 years / 12 years / 13 years / 14 years / 15 years

       People 25 years / 30 years / 35 years / 40 years / 45 years/

       50 years / 55 years / 60 years / 65 years / 70 years / 75 years / 80 years / 85 years / 90 years

       A cat’s year is not the same as a man’s. The life span of a cat is about 12-17 years. The life span of a long haired cat is slightly longer than that of a short haired cat. The life span of a cat kept indoors is longer than that of a wild cat. The life span of a male cat is longer than that of a female cat. When a cat is over 10 years old, most cats die at about 14 years old, and only a few cats can keep it above 15 years old

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