How much does 3 months British short blue cat eat – how does 3 months English short cat malnutrition do?

       Three months old kittens are no longer in lactation. At this time, pet owners should properly feed their kittens with cat food and nutrition cream, and let them take nutrition and energy to maintain their functional system.

       1. High quality cat food

       Don’t be superstitious about foreign brands. Cat owners like to buy original imported cats. However, due to restrictions, it is impossible to import a large number of imported cat food into China, so you must be careful when purchasing. In terms of cat food, the pet owner can give the cat 2kg full price cat food, which can make the cat nutrition balance.

       2. Pay attention to regularity in feeding cat food

       Do not give cats unlimited cat food, but feed them two or three times a day. If you eat or don’t eat, you should take it away immediately. You can’t cultivate that there is cat food in the cat’s plate at any time. Generally, when the cat is full, it can be withdrawn and not allowed to eat, otherwise the cat will eat too much and indigestion. At this time, you can control the amount of cat food, and then feed it according to the amount of cat food. Of course, when feeding, pay attention to the quality of cat food.

       3. Eat dry cat food alone easy malnutrition how to do

       Cats eat a single cat food for a long time, which leads to unbalanced nutrition and malnutrition. In order to prevent this situation, when you feed your cat food, you should give your cat some cat nutrition cream from time to time, which can help your cat replenish nutrition.

       The digestive capacity of the cat’s intestines is still very weak for three months. A little improper feeding will lead to indigestion and more easily lead to diseases. Therefore, careful care at ordinary times has a great impact on the health of the cat. We can appropriately supplement Wowo spiral nutrition cream to provide nutrition branch for the digestion of the cat’s intestines and stomach, and use natural spirulina to maintain the health of the stomach and promote intestinal peristalsis.

       If you want to make your cat fat, you can continue to feed it with goat milk powder

       You can make some milk powder every day

       Pay attention to adjust the milk temperature, not too hot or too cold. When I grow up a little bit

       You can feed it cat food, first with sheep milk powder bubble soft and then feed

       You can also feed some easy to digest liquid food, such as fish soup, millet and minced meat porridge

       The two month old kittens are still in the stage of growth and development. At this time, they have been weaned. After weaning, they should feed the nutrition food other than the milk of the female cat, so that the young kittens can grow healthily. But inexperienced pet owners don’t know how to feed their two month old kittens, or how many meals a day. Here’s how to feed two months old British kittens

       1¡¢ Milk powder should be the main method for feeding British short kittens

       As we all know, mother’s food is the best when they are young. If there is no breast milk, or if the kittens have been weaned but less than three months old, milk powder should be the main feeding method. However, milk is not suitable for young British kittens without digestive enzymes. Therefore, sheep milk powder should be used as the main feeding material for two months. Pet owners can feed the young kittens with special goat milk powder such as Miaoxiang milk powder. It is better to use bottle when brewing sheep milk powder. It is convenient to have scale to show the amount of goat milk and water for brewing.

       2¡¢ Feed the young kittens with liquid food

       Two month old kittens need enough energy to grow up quickly. Usually, pet owners can not only feed young kittens with goat milk powder, but also feed them some digestible liquid food. For example, minced meat mixed with millet porridge is acceptable for kittens. The combination of millet porridge and minced meat can also supplement the nutrition needed by kittens. In addition, when the young kittens are three months old, they can slowly and moderately feed some cat food, which can be soaked first and then given to the young British short cats.

       3¡¢ Three to four meals a day is enough for the kittens

       Because the young kittens are still small and their intestines and stomach are not well developed, the pet owners must feed them regularly; generally, the kittens are fed three to four meals a day, and each meal is enough for 7-8 minutes. In addition, during feeding British short kittens, we should pay more attention to the feces of British short kittens; the young cats are prone to diarrhea symptoms, and it is better to feed probiotics to regulate the intestines and stomach of British short cats in time

       Feed looks like cat food, usually according to the weight of the cat to calculate how much to eat in a day.

       Recommended amount of cat food

       Body weight of month old kittens (kg) daily dosage (g)

       1-20.6-130-40 (divided into three to four times in a day)

       2-41-240-50 (divided into three feeding times in a day)

       4 2 55¡ª65

       6 3 65¡ª75

       9 3.3 75¡ª85

       12 4 65¡ª80

       Adult cats are about 5-7, 50-60

       Pregnant female cats: 70-110 g / day

       Lactating female cats: 120-190 g / day

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