How much does it cost to have an Alaskan dog in a month

       There’s a lot to prepare for an Alaskan sled dog

       In the early stage, you should at least buy some necessities dog food, wooden comb string, Mamai love or Smecta. Be prepared to remove fleas and ear mites. As for calcium tablets, development treasure, nutrition liquid, snacks and chewing toys, it depends on the conditions

       When I was young, it cost more

       As for how much money, if you feed dog food, it will cost more, at least 500

       To be sure, spending is not the reason why you want to keep it or not

       The key is whether you have time to accompany it, whether you can raise it from the beginning to the end. It is not a problem that you can overcome the breeding conditions

       I used to earn less than 3000, and I had three Alaskans at the same time, and I didn’t find it hard

       Your situation is similar to mine

       It depends on how you feed it

       In fact, rural feeding is similar to urban feeding. You can buy a big bag of dog food all at once.

       However, I suggest that it is more convenient to feed chicken skeleton, and the cost performance is also high

       The biggest difference between rural feeding and urban feeding is that there is no way to improve beauty and maintenance

       1. The first thing is to take a bath. In the countryside, it is dirty, but there is no professional washing. The hair of the Lala is long and dense, so you have to work hard and buy a water blower to bathe the Lala.

       2. Then there is the daily care, such as manicure, manicure and so on. Do it yourself, too

       3. Another major inconvenience is that there is no veterinarian. It’s inconvenient to be sick. My Lala was ill last time, and my mother directly took it to the veterinarian in our village who specialized in injecting ducks.

       4. The countryside is acclimatized and fleas abound. When my Lala came back from Xiamen, I was afraid that other dogs would infect it, so I locked him in the yard and didn’t let him go out. Later, one or two times, he ran out while we were not paying attention, and came back with a serious skin disease.

       Pure hand code, because your situation is very similar to mine.

       More exchanges in the future

       1¡¢ The general method of cultivation is as follows:

       1. If you only want to keep the dog strong, you must use the special dog food for large dogs and puppies four months ago, and feed a small amount of fruit and calcium tablets, with an average of about 300 yuan a month.

       2. From April to June, half of human food and fruits and vegetables can be mixed into dog food, which costs about 250 yuan a month.

       3. During the growing period from June to December, Allah eats a lot, but if you only feed human food, fruits and vegetables, chicken and duck water (such as intestines), it only costs about 200 yuan a month.

       4. Special attention, young Allah gastrointestinal relatively weak, do not feed raw meat.

       5. For example, in the countryside, we can save rice and vegetables for our own rice and vegetables. If we buy some chicken and duck water, we really need a few money.

       2¡¢ There are two serious points:

       1. Allah’s demand for salt is one fifth of that of people. Therefore, if you eat too much food, ALA will have a lot of eye droppings, unless you don’t put too much salt in your food.

       2. In extreme cases, alafi does not bite people (licking people), generally does not bite dogs and cats (will chase and want to play together). He has a strong desire to hunt and kill other small and medium-sized animals, especially likes to bite chickens and ducks. Therefore, it is generally not allowed to let them out.

       3¡¢ How to raise money

       The whole course is mainly professional dog food, which is divided into puppies and adult dogs. Supplemented with other meat, fruits and vegetables. The meat can be cooked after 6 months. The average monthly cost is more than 400, and the maximum monthly fee is bottomless.

       4¡¢ Alamao is long and athletic, so he should take a bath more than 4 times a month. Allah is a big dog. Every time he takes a bath, he has to use a water blower to dry it. So it takes more than an hour and is very tired. Allah is strong, gentle, but disobedient, does not take the initiative to please the master, and everyone is close, so it is difficult to train him to do anything. It can’t be used for home care.

       Everyone’s way of feeding is different, so the expenses are certainly different. Much less is in the master’s mind. It is generally suggested that when the puppies are fed with imported natural food as much as possible, you can go to * * to have a good look at the price, and there are both high and low. Then, when the dog is adult, he can combine dog food with homemade food according to his own economic situation, or he can always feed dog food with high cost performance. The food is about 7 or 800, which is a good imported natural food.

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