How much does it cost to treat a cat

       The situation varies from place to place. It should be charged differently. Sometimes different pet hospitals in a city charge different fees, and they also have to see what kind of examination your cat vomits. You should see a doctor in time to check the blood, and then exclude about 200 cases of cat plague. If there is a problem, you need to have an injection and then see what injection to take

       30-50 yuan.

       The commonly used vaccines for cats are less than those for dogs. At present, the commonly used vaccines for cats in domestic pet hospitals include imported triple vaccine for cats, imported rabies vaccine, domestic rabies vaccine and domestic cat plague vaccine.

       The cat triple vaccine is an imported cat vaccine, which is a universal product in the world to prevent cat distemper, feline calicivirus infection and infectious rhinotracheitis. Immunization method: cats over 2 months need to be immunized twice (intramuscular injection) at an interval of 2-3 weeks, and then once a year. The effect of this vaccine is good in clinic. 30-50 yuan.

       Rabies vaccine is divided into domestic and imported products to prevent the occurrence of rabies. Cats over 3 months old can be vaccinated once a year for one year. In terms of clinical effect, the imported and domestic rabies vaccine had better effect.

       The domestic cat plague vaccine is a pilot product of scientific research, which has a certain protection rate against cat plague. It is a kind of inactivated cell vaccine, which can be inoculated to kittens aged from 3 to 4 months. The first inoculation should be intramuscularly injected twice with an interval of 4 weeks; for cats over 4 months old, it should be intramuscularly injected once for one year, and then once a year.

       The injection method of cat vaccine is skin shot. When injecting the vaccine to the cat, you should pay attention to do a physical examination first. Only healthy cats can be vaccinated. In addition, cats are not allowed to bathe for half a month after vaccination.

       It costs more than 100 yuan to beat the cat, and about 50 yuan is needed to expel insects in vivo and in vitro (insect repellents can be purchased online)

       The following article is about literacy, which will help you a lot. You can have a look at it carefully

       Keeping a cat is a lifetime (at least for this baby cat). When you want to have a cat, in addition to thinking about whether the cat is cute or not, whether it can catch mice (ha ha, there are not many people who think about it now), whether you want to spend a lot of money, whether it will cause inconvenience in life and so on, should you also stand on the position of a cat to help them think about it? After all, cats treat you like you do to your parents. You can’t choose. What should be paid attention to when feeding cats? In summary, there are the following tips for beginners: 1. A small amount of food can also be taken on time every day. 2. Strictly abide by the principle of not feeding human food. Of course, some exceptions can be made, such as a small amount of corn and boiled chicken in white water. 3. Feeding in a fixed place; 4. Ensuring adequate and clean drinking water; 5 Regularly clean the litter basin, comb the cat’s hair, and take a bath regularly. 6. If the cat is sick, it is absolutely not allowed to feed drugs and human drugs without any reason. Some eye drops can be an exception, but we must first find out the cause of the disease. 7. Do epidemic prevention and pest control on time. 8. Don’t beat and scold the cat, because it’s useless. 9. Go out and go home and touch the kitten after washing your hands. In addition, some common sense can be used for reference

       Preparation before raising a cat

       Every life should be respected! Since you have decided to raise it, you should take good care of it! Pets are part of the owners, but the owners are all of them; they can’t speak human words… They don’t even know how to refuse. One of your decisions is related to his health and happiness in his life. Can we not be cautious? What kind of preparations do you need to do before raising a cat?

       The diet of the cat needs to be carefully arranged. It needs to be eaten regularly.

       Usually an old cat needs less food, but if its digestion is not good, it needs more food. Ask your veterinarian for advice on your cat’s food intake.

       Why eat canned food?

       If the cat is fed canned food regularly, it can ensure the cat’s diet balance. The vast majority of canned foods contain essential nutrients for cat health, including recommended protein intake.

       In order to enrich the diet, some dry food, semi dry food and fresh food can be added occasionally.

       Why dry food?

       Dry food and semi dry food are delicious, various and economical. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to feed the cat and provide adequate water.

       Semi dry food; low fat, more expensive, preservation is not as good as canned food.

       Dry food; shaped like a pie and suitable for cat teeth.

       Symptoms of lice

       Cats often have some ectoparasites, such as lice, fleas and ticks. The first sign of infection is constant scratching. Symptoms include itchy skin and hair loss.

       Fleas are reddish brown dots and lice are black granules. Some cats are allergic to them

       Fleas: fleas with large needles are common in the neck and the root of the tail.

       Spray; fleas can survive without the cat’s body, so spray in the living place.

       Step: grasp the cat and spray disinfectant on the body.

       Gently rub the powder into the fur layer.

       After kneading, comb off the excess medicine.

       Use anti tick collar; after taking measures, if there are lice on the cat, you can put it on again to prevent further infection. This collar provides a continuous supply of insecticides. If you feel uncomfortable, remove the collar. Always remove the collar for inspection.

       Physical examination and vaccination

       Take the kitten to the vet after you buy it. Most importantly, nine week old cats should be vaccinated against two deadly diseases: enteritis and influenza.

       When buying an adult cat, it depends on whether it has been vaccinated when it is young, whether it has received adjuvant injection frequently, and whether it has the latest health certificate.

       The vet will give the kitten a health examination and ask about the cat’s behavior. Cat’s abnormal behavior is often a sign of disease.

       Vaccination is not dangerous and healthy cats should be immunized, because once the cat is sick, it is difficult to fully effect the injection.

       Cats need a second injection three to four weeks after the first injection.

       What kind of fresh food to choose?

       Cats like to eat fresh food occasionally, about once or twice a week. However, if only fresh food is fed, it is necessary to ensure a balanced and reasonable nutrition.

       Eggs; some cats like eggs. If the food is not greasy, add an egg. But never eat raw eggs.

       A rich diet is good for the health of cats. Don’t eat only one food. Try several more.

       Pork; roast or boiled meat, cooled slightly, cut into small pieces or chopped.

       Chicken; most cats love chicken, but remember to remove chicken bones first.

       Fish; canned tuna is convenient, steamed or boiled, but do not feed boiled white fish.

       Common indoor hazards

       Curiosity can kill a cat, so close the doors and windows, box cover, etc. to prevent the cat from getting into potential danger, such as opening the washing machine and garbage can. Fragile items and poisonous plants should also be kept away from the cat’s activity area.

       Caution: do not leave small objects within the reach of the cat to prevent it from swallowing. These objects can choke or even poison cats.

       Dangerous goods: exposed food, heated pot, open washing machine, poisonous plants, fragile goods, dustbin, plastic bag

       Why short haired cat?

       It took less time to feed short haired cats than to feed long haired cats. It washes itself, so you don’t have to spend too much effort on grooming it.

       Short haired cats also don’t have the same problems as long haired cats. Wound care and the cleaning of parasites are relatively easy.

       The cat grooms itself; grooms the bobcat only once a week because it can do it well.

       Seek attention; there is a famous short haired cat called Siamese. This kind of cat likes to bark to attract people’s attention. He likes something like a dog.

       Short haired cats are generally more active and independent than long haired ones. If you are busy with your life, the short haired cat may be the best choice.

       Execute the order

       Make sure the cat obeys orders from an early age: if you wait until the cat is adult to train, the cat won’t pay attention to your orders.

       No corporal punishment is allowed in training. A humane and effective training method is to shoot cats with water guns.

       If everything doesn’t work, you can pat the cat’s nose very well.


       If you don’t want the cat to carry on the family line, it needs to be castrated. This prevents female cats from becoming pregnant and unwanted sexual behavior by males.

       If a female cat is not castrated, she will have restless periods several times a year, during which she will look for a mate. A fully mature male cat, if not castrated, will wander around, urinate and bite with other males. Castration should be performed under anesthesia.

       Ovaries should be removed at the age of four to five months, but not during the period of * impulse. The ovaries were resected and small wounds were left on the skin. Cats should be allowed to rest overnight in the operating room after surgery.

       Excision *; males should be castrated at six months of age. Generally, the wound does not need stitching and can be recovered the next day. Male cats should not be castrated until they are mature.

       A good scratch

       In order not to let the cat scratch the furniture, give it a scratching stick. When the cat begins to scratch, put its paws on the stick.

       An artificial stick; a good grappling stick made by wrapping false Schizonepeta and hanging a toy.

       A natural scratch stick; if the cat can go out, it may find a section of bark with sharpened claws.

       Don’t overfeed. Overfeeding can make cats fat and lead to heart pressure and diabetes. If the cat is gaining weight and you are not overfeeding, you should check to see if it has eaten elsewhere. Overweight can lead to hormone imbalance.

       Feeding management 1. Feeding


       Juvenile is an important stage in the growth and development of cats. At this time, it is quite different from adult cats in terms of nutritional requirements. Therefore, you should be very careful when choosing food for your cat. It is best to choose foods that are easy to digest and delicious, and contain appropriate proportion of protein, fat, minerals and vitamins. Cat food is also a good choice, these are absolutely good for your kitten, you don’t need to add nutritional supplements to your kitten. If you want to change the cat food for the kitten, it is best to feed a small amount in the first few days, and then increase gradually. And don’t forget to add clean drinking water to your cat regularly.

       Sick cat

       If your cat is not feeling well or is recovering from the disease, it needs special fragrance to arouse appetite. Food close to body temperature can also help the cat eat. When a cat has flu, keeping it in a warm place can help alleviate the disease. In addition, some cats, like humans, may have allergic reactions to certain foods, but allergic reactions to fish products are not Rare. If you suspect that your cat is allergic to a food, you should ask your veterinarian or pet nutrition specialist about this.


       1. Any changes to the diet should be carried out gradually within three or four days to prevent gastrointestinal discomfort.

       2. Cats are used to self regulating their food intake, so just make them comfortable.

       3. Be sure to use fresh and clean drinking water; use clean, low and shallow dishes, and be safe and familiar with. Feed in a fixed place.

       4. Keep food at room temperature.

       5. Prevent food from spoiling.

       6. Young and adult cats like to chew raw bones to hone their teeth. But don’t let the sharp bone fragment hurt the cat’s teeth. The granular form of cat food is carefully designed to help sharpen the cat’s teeth and ensure absolute safety.

       7. Don’t let your cat become addicted to certain food. All kinds of food such as fish and liver are likely to make your cat addicted and cause malnutrition.

       2. How to prepare the cat’s nest?

       For domestic cat owners, they should prepare daily necessities like cat’s nest before buying a cat. General pet shop can buy these daily necessities, but also the owner himself, simple solution.

       A cat’s nest is where a cat lives and sleeps. With the cat’s nest, the cat will not drill here and lie there casually. The temperature is changeable, which is neither sanitary nor conducive to the growth of the cat.

       Cat’s nest can be made of small wooden box, basket, rattan basket, plastic basin and cardboard box. The inner and outer surfaces and edges of the cat’s nest must be smooth and free from sharp and hard objects to avoid damaging the cat’s skin. The cat’s nest is made of plastic, wood and rattan, which is easy to clean and disinfect. The cat’s nest should be padded with newspapers and soft grass, and then covered with old towels or bed sheets to make the cat’s nest warm and comfortable. In the process of feeding, the bedding of the cat’s nest should be replaced frequently, and the dirt replaced should be burned.

       The cat’s nest should be placed in a dry, quiet and unobtrusive place. Cat’s nest had better be able to shine to the sun, not in the cold and humid place. In addition, the cat’s nest should be higher than the ground, which can not only keep dry and clean, but also make good ventilation and keep a cool environment.

       3. How to prepare the cat’s food utensils for the cat?

       Among the cat’s utensils, the food basin and the water basin are the necessary utensils for raising cats. Cats like to clean more prominent in animals, its eating utensils must be kept clean. Therefore, it is better to wash the bowls and water basins that are not only easy to wash, but also strong, heavy and hard to break, which are made of porcelain, plastic or stainless steel, so as to prevent the cat from overturning or scratching when eating or drinking water. Sometimes the cat is easy to get food out of the basin when eating, so put a newspaper under the basin to clean up and keep the ground clean.

       4. What is the focus of spring management for cats?

       From winter to spring, the cat’s physiological activities and behavior show some differences due to the corresponding changes of light and temperature throughout the year. Therefore, we should take corresponding measures according to these changes in the four seasons, and take reasonable care of cats, so as to ensure the healthy growth of cats.

       Spring is the best season for cats to mate. Both male and female cats frequently go out and roam around to choose a good mate. Oestrus female cats show restlessness, loss of appetite, and some of them roll on the floor, and make loud calls at night, commonly known as “cat *”, in order to recruit male cats. Usually kept at home cats at this time is often easy to get lost, and prone to some unexpected injuries. In order to compete for female cats, male cats are often injured by European fights. Therefore, we should strengthen the supervision of cats in spring to prevent them from escaping. In order to grasp the season of cats and satisfy their desire of courtship, cat owners should help cats to find a mate and make purposeful mating. In this way, the cat can be avoided from fleeing and getting hurt, and the ideal offspring can be obtained according to the wishes of the cat owners.

       The Spring Festival, which is windy and warm, is also the season for cats to change their hair. The cat shed the thick winter fur which covered the whole body in winter and replaced it with the thinner spring hair. In addition, the temperature gradually becomes warm, the cat’s skin pores open, at this time should often comb the cat, pay attention to keep the cat’s fur and skin clean. Otherwise, a variety of microorganisms, ectoparasites will breed on the cat’s skin, causing skin itching and inflammation. In addition, the cat’s own hair, dander scattered on the bed, sofa, quilt, carpet, causing the host room environment is not clean. Therefore, during the Spring Festival, we should always comb the cat’s fur, keep the fur and skin clean, and prevent the occurrence of skin diseases.

       5. What are the key points of cat management in summer?

       Because of the high temperature and humid air in summer, the cat’s food is easy to be polluted by various kinds of mold intestinal bacteria. Therefore, the cat’s summer diet hygiene is a key point of daily management. In view of this, it is necessary to:

       (1) The food for the cat must be fresh. Do not feed the cat with rotten or deteriorated food.

       (2) In summer, cat food should be heated and cooked to kill pathogenic microorganisms in food and destroy some bacterial toxins; never let cats eat raw food to prevent food poisoning.

       (3) Because of the hot weather in summer, the appetite of cats is often poor. Therefore, it is necessary to control the amount of feed properly. If not properly controlled, the cat often can’t finish eating, and there is surplus food in each meal, thus resulting in consumption. If the cat takes too much food, it may have good digestion or acute gastroenteritis.

       (4) The surplus food of each meal must be removed from the tableware before feeding next meal, and can not be reused. Utensils must also be cleaned before use.

       The cat’s whole body is covered with hair. Except for a few sweat glands distributed at the toe, the rest of the body surface lacks sweat glands, so it has poor heat regulation function. In summer, the temperature is high and the humidity is high, the cat body heat is not easy to send out, prone to heatstroke. Therefore, summer heat stroke is a big threat to cats. Therefore, to provide a dry, cool, ventilation, no direct sunlight living environment for cats, is also an important aspect of cat daily management. In case of sudden onset of the disease in the hot summer, with significant increase in body temperature, dyspnea, rapid and weak pulse, and unstable gait, it should be considered whether it is heatstroke. At this time, the cat must be quickly transferred to a ventilated, shady place, and wipe the cat’s body with cold water. Ice cubes or ice bags are placed on the cat’s head. Cold water enema can also be used to help warm the cat.

       My colleague is also a stray cat who has not been vaccinated. In fact, even if you go to a pet hospital to make a domestic vaccine, it is about 100. The kitten is very easy to raise. At first, she was fed cat food, which is very common, which costs 7 yuan a kilo. Now the kitten and she eat together. It’s also thriving. Cat litter is not very expensive. It’s 20 yuan and 10 jin. It is suggested that these pet products can be purchased online, which is very cheap ~ ~ kittens need a nest, a basin, and cat litter (which is convenient for cats) can be put in the basin. You can give it a ball of wool or something.. You are a loving person. Thank you for adopting the kitten. My family is a dog, but if you don’t understand anything, I can ask my friend!! Support you!!

       Anhui is a triple 32 1 injection, rabies 25 1 injection, the door to each needle plus 5 yuan, if you have a common cold, it is not expensive about 10 yuan to go to that kind of ordinary pet clinic. I have called my dog. If the landlord has ordinary kittens, they don’t have to be too big. Their body is better than those kinds of cats. You can take good care of its diet and pay attention to avoid cold infection I hope I can help you

       It has a lot to do with seeing what kind of disease you use, so you can’t say how much it costs

       Generally, if you can judge what disease, you can give him to take medicine, but the dosage can only be 1 / 5 of human use

       If poisoned, it is impossible to give cats and soapy water like LS said. Cats will never drink them. Moreover, the poisons in them are very different. You can’t delay time. You must go to the hospital to have a look

       It’s not just stomach problems that I don’t eat. I met a cat before. It may be that the cat licks its hair and swallows its hair and tangles in its stomach. Generally, it’s not very troublesome. If the hair is swallowed and tangled in the stomach, it’s only necessary to prepare a ointment for puffing hair balls. The ointment is cheaper and can be used for a long time

       If you have other diseases, the general cost will not exceed 300

       Before the pet owner wants to take the cat for injection, he should first judge whether the cat has a real cold. If he only sneezes occasionally, it may smell some pungent smell. However, if the cat sneezes, coughs and has a runny nose, it can be basically judged as a cold. However, the fees charged by pet hospitals in each place are different It will be different. However, if the cat is only a slight cold, pet owners only need more care can, do not need to go to the injection.

       1¡¢ Keep your cat warm in time

       When the weather is cold, not only the pet owner will have a cold, then the cat is no exception. If it is found that after a cold, it is often coughing, accompanied by sneezing, runny nose, a little hot nose and so on, sometimes the cat will be afraid of cold and shivering. Pet owners should take timely measures to keep the cat warm. You can prepare a cat’s nest for kitty summer, or lay some thick cloth, blanket and other things in its sleeping place. If the cat’s cold situation is relatively mild, as long as the body warm will be good.

       2¡¢ Give the cat a proper dose of meow Jinggan

       If the pet owner has done a good job in keeping the cat warm, the pet owner can properly give the cat some pet specific nutrition, such as meow Jinggan. Pet owners should pay attention to the dosage of each use when feeding the cat. Remember to follow the instructions to eat the cat, so as to avoid taking too much.

       3¡¢ Pay attention to give the cat more nutrition

       During a cat’s cold illness, its body will be much weaker than usual, so pet owners should give it more nutrition, and do not feed a single cat food. You can make some adjustments to the cat’s diet. You can go to the food market or supermarket to choose some fresh chicken breast, beef, fish, and cook them with water to eat, which can give the cat proper nutrition.

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