How much is a Chinese civet cat – how much is a civet cat?

       Chinese cats are generally sold in pet shops and large cat houses, but there are many civet cats that are not purebred, so the prices are different. The general price is about 50-2000 yuan per cat, but the price of civet cat with blood certificate will be higher. How much a cat costs is related to the local economic development.

       The price of cihuamao in foreign countries is more than 15000 yuan.

       Civet cat is a wild animal. Just like a pig, I saw a cat cut and escaped from a sack when I was a child. It can be seen that civet cat is strong and has sharp claws. The civet cat you said should be cihuamao, which is the native Chinese cat. It is expensive if it is around 100. However, the animal association had to set up a “purebred standard” for civet cats. As a result, the gray yellow tiger spotted Chinese cat was once inflated to 10000 yuan.

       Civet cat is also called leopard cat, bobcat and wild cat. In the classification of animals, it belongs to Mammalia, Carnivora and Mammalia. It is good at running, can sneak attack, can climb up trees, often in the forest area, also seen in the Bush, bold, ferocious, night out activities. The leopard cat is a carnivorous animal. It mainly feeds on birds. It often hunts other animals by ambush. It also eats rats, snakes, frogs and fruits. Leopard cat is a national second class protected animal

       It’s impossible~

       In Australia and other places, the local wildlife conservation authorities will bring the injured or bereaved civet cats back to raise, and then release them back to nature~~~

       If you want to keep it, you can go abroad to participate in wildlife protection***~

       Civet flower is almost the same as meiduan. There is no pure breed. It is only a natural selection. The pattern of beaver is the most suitable for hiding in branches and grass.

       If you don’t sterilize a cat and try to have a litter of kittens, you’ll find that its offspring come in all kinds of colors.

       Should not need to be so expensive, sell expensive just business hype. Under semi wild conditions, civet flower should be the most common cat in China. However, in rural areas, seven or eight of ten households have civet flowers.

       Because of the variety of cats, the price is not the same. For the average native cat, you can get one from a friend, or buy it outside for 5-15 yuan. For the rare varieties, there are hundreds to tens of thousands of yuan.

       Common knowledge of kitten feeding

       Ration: don’t eat too much or too little. With the increase of the age of the cat, the appetite of the kitten will increase gradually in a certain period of time (usually three or four months), and it will be stable after more than eight months.

       Generally, about 2 months of the cat a day to eat more than 5, 6 times. Three months ago, kittens were generally fed four times a day, such as 9:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. When they are three to six months old, they are fed three times a day. Twice a day after six months old.

       When the milk for kittens is not enough or there is no milk, you can drink special pet milk powder. When you are bigger, you can add some rice flour in the milk powder. If you eat milk directly, it may cause diarrhea, because kittens can’t digest milk well.

       Extended data:

       Cats enter the adult stage when they are more than 12 months old. The body and digestive system of adult cats are basically mature and can digest and absorb nutrients better. Adult cats need full price and balanced nutrition to maintain the best health of cats and prevent aging.

       When cats are over 7 years old, they have a lot of health problems, especially in terms of metabolism, such as * * and eyes. To solve these problems, it is important to feed them low-fat and low-energy food to help them maintain their normal weight. In addition, we should also ensure the content of cellulose in food to ensure the health of the gastrointestinal tract, reduce the content of magnesium and phosphorus, and maintain the health of urinary system and * *. In addition, try to make them easy to digest.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Cat

       As of June 25, 2020, the prices of different kinds of cats are different. For example, the price of American short tiger spot is 800-1500; that of American short and white is over 1500-2000; that of British short silver is over 1800-2000; that of British short blue cat is above 800-1500; that of puppet cat is over 6000-8000.

       The price of a cat only depends on how much you like it. For living individuals, it’s just the traders who discuss the price or bargain about the price. Buy a cat not because it’s cheap, but because you really like it and can take responsibility. No matter what kind of cat, its purchase price is definitely far lower than the breeding price.

       matters needing attention:

       1. Generally, the kittens born by domestic cats are sold on consignment in pet shops. The appearance of these kittens is not very good. Otherwise, they will not be forced to sell on consignment because they cannot find a foster family.

       2. Experienced people often go directly to local reliable cat houses to get their cats, which will be 300-500 or even more cheaper than those in pet shops. There are many different modes of cat houses. Some only do local business and supply cats to local cat houses, or they can directly sell them to spading officers. Generally, each cat is sold separately, with a deposit before the final payment.

       An ordinary cat is only a few dozen yuan. Orange cat, physical fitness is better, very strong, not picky food, 100 yuan can buy, there are cihuamao. Of course, the price of orange cat is also uncertain. When buying a cat, you should not only consider the price of the cat itself, but also the cost of keeping the cat (cat food, litter, cat toys, money for seeing a doctor). It’s not cheap, so when you buy a cat, you must consider clearly and be responsible for it. Even a cheap cat’s life is valuable.

       Chinese civet cat (details)

       In fact, cihuamao is commonly known as domestic cat. It is sold in pet shops and large cat houses. However, many cihuamao cats are not purebred, so the prices are different. The price of general cihuamao is about 1000-2000, but the price of cihuamao with bloodline certificate is higher.

       China is the original product of cihuahua cat. It belongs to the natural cat, because it has been preserved after natural elimination of many varieties for thousands of years. Chinese civet cat (5 pieces) is a natural elimination of a variety of breeds and retained. People are most familiar with the story of “cat cat for Prince” (Song Dynasty), but the introduction of civet flower in China is far before that. The 2003cfa China Great Wall Cat Club applied to the international community to show the Chinese civet cat as a unique cat species in China to the world. After seven years of efforts, it was approved at the CFA Houston board meeting on February 8, 2010. Cihuamao officially entered CFA. The international name of cihuamao still uses the Chinese name and pronunciation of “Chinese Li Hua Mao”. Since then, China has its own native purebred cats.

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