How much is a Chinese country cat? Take you to know the real Chinese country cat

       Chinese country cat is the general name of Chinese native cats, including civet cat, tiger spotted cat, Sanhua cat, white cat, black cat, black cat and so on. China’s rural cats have a strong reproductive capacity, and the price is much lower than that of purebred cats. Generally, there are dozens to hundreds of them, depending on where they are sold and what kind of cats they are. What are the habits of the Chinese country cat?

       Chinese country cat is a very clean cat, usually often lick their own body to achieve the effect of self-cleaning. After each meal, he would brush his beard with his front paw, lick his anus after urination, and lick his hair with his tongue after being held by others, so as to remove dirty things and peculiar smell.

       The sweat glands of Chinese country cats are not very developed. After hot weather or strenuous exercise, the body will produce a lot of heat. At this time, Chinese country cats may lick their hair and smear their saliva on their hair, so that the excess heat can be dissipated when saliva evaporates. At this time, the breeder can help by smearing some water on the fur of Chinese country cats Chinese country cats get rid of excess heat.


       Chinese country cat is an animal that sleeps in the daytime and emerges at night. Many times, you will find that the most active time of Chinese country cat is at dawn and evening. When raising Chinese country cat, the breeder must feed it in the early morning or evening, so as to conform to the physiological functions of the cat.

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