How much is a country cat? How much is a country cat

       Chinese country cat, commonly known as native cat, is not worth money. If you have friends around you, you can get one from a female cat. Generally, a female cat has more babies and has a strong reproductive capacity. The people who raise female cats are worried about how to send out a litter of them.

       If you really want to buy a cat with a good color, it will cost you dozens of yuan, and you can accept it

       There are 2 cats in my house. Can cat + cat food~

       I eat Alice’s food, and then add some cat food, because cat food contains all the necessary mineral elements, so I’m afraid the nutrition is not comprehensive;

       I eat the cat food of export fresh food + 100g of Alice’s canned food, because they are all * s, I feel more at ease about this, because * * is the first pet food safety legislation in the world; my cat has been eating for more than three years; the factory of fresh food and Alice’s factory are both in Dalian, so they are all authentic products;

       Generally, one can a cat a month a day, 35.8 * 4 weeks = about 140 yuan, and I add a catty of cat food about 15 yuan

       If cat food can eat 3 Jin about 80 yuan a month, can 2 days, about 50 yuan;

       In this way, my two cats are more casual and eat both. I’m afraid it’s not balanced. Anyway, now both cats are very fat ~ no problem~

       There are many kinds of cats with different prices. The most common one is the Chinese country cat, which is a domestic cat (native cat). It is relatively cheap, but it can also be obtained free of charge (if one of the people you know has a litter), while the price of pure bred foreign cats can be tens of thousands to tens of thousands. The suggestion is to adopt a local animal to give a new home to the injured soul. However, before raising a cat, you should be prepared mentally and mentally. After all, you should take care of a life. It is highly recommended to read Morita Morita’s hand-painted book “start raising cats”. can learn from it.

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