How much is a Himalayan cat? Himalayan cat price

       Himalayan cat is a long haired cat, inheriting Siamese cat’s facial heavy color and Persian cat’s gorgeous and soft fur. They have small ears and round faces and eyes. Blue eyes look clear and flexible, gentle personality, very sticky, very suitable for indoor breeding. How much is a Himalayan? Himalayan cat price.

       Himalayan cat prices are affected by many factors. The most popular seal color is 3000-5000 yuan, which is not too expensive among cats. If you buy in a pet store or a regular cat house, the price may be higher, but the after-sales service will be guaranteed. The price of the match grade Himalayan cat is the highest. The standard of the game cat is very strict, including the walking posture, fur color, personality, bloodline, and so on. The price is generally tens of thousands. But if only as a companion pet, the general family raised, as long as they like to have eye edge, the price is appropriate. It’s important to choose a healthy and lovely animal, but you don’t have to ask for it. In order to play games, breed, make money, and show off more advanced, of course, the purer the breed, the better the appearance.

       Pay attention to the cat’s hair when raising it. If you like quiet cats, then buy a Himalayan cat. Himalayan cats are different from other cats. They don’t like chasing toys or playing with mice like other cats. They are more willing to accompany the host to play together, or quietly accompany the host to watch TV, read books and so on. Sometimes, the Himalayan cat will become very happy when his partner is excited to finish a task.

       The price and character of Himalayan cat are introduced above. Do you like Himalayan cat?

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