How much is a Himalayan cat

       Because of the variety of cats, the price is not the same. For the average native cat, you can get one from a friend, or buy it outside for 5-15 yuan. For the rare varieties, there are hundreds to tens of thousands of yuan.

       Common knowledge of kitten feeding

       Ration: don’t eat too much or too little. With the increase of the age of the cat, the appetite of the kitten will increase gradually in a certain period of time (usually three or four months), and it will be stable after more than eight months.

       Generally, about 2 months of the cat a day to eat more than 5, 6 times. Three months ago, kittens were generally fed four times a day, such as 9:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. When they are three to six months old, they are fed three times a day. Twice a day after six months old.

       When the milk for kittens is not enough or there is no milk, you can drink special pet milk powder. When you are bigger, you can add some rice flour in the milk powder. If you eat milk directly, it may cause diarrhea, because kittens can’t digest milk well.

       Extended data:

       Cats enter the adult stage when they are more than 12 months old. The body and digestive system of adult cats are basically mature and can digest and absorb nutrients better. Adult cats need full price and balanced nutrition to maintain the best health of cats and prevent aging.

       When cats are over 7 years old, they have a lot of health problems, especially in terms of metabolism, such as * * and eyes. To solve these problems, it is important to feed them low-fat and low-energy food to help them maintain their normal weight. In addition, we should also ensure the content of cellulose in food to ensure the health of the gastrointestinal tract, reduce the content of magnesium and phosphorus, and maintain the health of urinary system and * *. In addition, try to make them easy to digest.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Cat

       As of June 25, 2020, the prices of different kinds of cats are different. For example, the price of American short tiger spot is 800-1500, and the price of American short and white is over 1500-2000; the price of British short silver is over 1800-2000; the price of British short blue cat is above 800-1500; the price of puppet cat is over 6000-8000.

       The price of a cat only depends on how much you like it. For living individuals, it’s only the traders who discuss the price or bargain for the price. Buy a cat not because it’s cheap, but because you really like it and can take responsibility. No matter what kind of cat, its purchase price is definitely far lower than the breeding price.

       matters needing attention:

       1. Generally, the kittens born by domestic cats are sold on consignment in pet shops. The appearance of these kittens is not very good. Otherwise, they will not be forced to sell on consignment because they cannot find a foster family.

       2. Experienced people often go directly to local reliable cat houses to get their cats, which will be 300-500 or even more cheaper than those in pet shops. There are many different modes of cat houses. Some only do local business and supply cats to local cat houses, or they can directly sell them to spading officers. Generally, each cat is sold separately, with a deposit before the final payment.

       An ordinary cat is only a few dozen yuan. Orange cat, physical fitness is better, very strong, not picky food, 100 yuan can buy, there are cihuamao. Of course, the price of orange cat is also uncertain. When buying a cat, you should not only consider the price of the cat itself, but also the cost of keeping the cat (cat food, litter, cat toys, money for seeing a doctor). It’s not cheap, so when you buy a cat, you must consider clearly and be responsible for it. Even a cheap cat’s life is valuable.

       3000-5000 adults

       Young 2500

       This cat is really rare, oh, there seems to be the same kind of cat, but the very thin one is Siamese cat..

       The following is to identify the cat’s eye knowledge oh


       The reason for the difference in the color of cat’s eyes is that different species of cats, or cats of different individuals in the same breed, have different ability to absorb and store pigment. Different pigments are deposited on the retina of all kinds of cats, which makes their retinas have different colors. The color of cat’s eye we see is actually to see the cat’s retina directly through the transparent cornea These colors on the. In cats of different breeds or individuals, the deposition of pigment in the retina is related to the deposition of pigment in the hair follicle. Therefore, there is a certain correlation between the color of cat’s eyes and the color of cat’s fur. For example, flower cats definitely don’t have blue eyes. Black cats have green eyes, while white cats with long hair have blue eyes, sometimes with different colors. We don’t know the actual effect of the color of cat’s eye on the cat itself. However, when people evaluate the color of cat’s eye, the clearer and more transparent the cat’s eye is, the purer the color is, the deeper the color is and the more precious stones are felt.

       It is also an important basis for the identification of cat’s eyes. Some purebred cats have fixed eye color. For example, pure Siamese and Himalayan cats must have blue eyes. If the appearance of the whole cat is the same as that of a purebred cat, but the color of its eyes does not match the eye color of the purebred cat, it means that the cat has mixed blood of other breeds.

       Himalayan cats are indeed more expensive than ordinary cats, because Himalayan cats are classified as Persian cats, with prices ranging from 1000-5000 * *. If the Himalayan cats are of the competition grade, then tens of thousands of them are possible. For a pure bred Himalayan cat, it is about 1000-2000 If you want to buy a Himalayan cat after watching the tennis prince, I have paid close attention to cats for a long time. I can tell you that the one between the Himalayan cat and the tennis prince looks like… It’s not like a cat. When I was a child, there were very few Himalayan cats that were very similar to the prince tennis, and they would become ugly when they grew up. Most of the Himalayan cats looked like the same Jingba dog is the same as a born face first landing, fierce appearance, so if you see the tennis prince to buy, then advise you not to buy, if you really like this type, you can go to the * * to have a look

       Hello: is it expensive? Personal evaluation is different. The price ranges from 800 to 5000. 1000-3000 is better. There are differences in the price of cats of the same breed. Whether it is expensive or not. It’s not expensive among breeds of cats. The more expensive one is Garfield and Persian. There is a certain difference in price, but not much.

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