How much is a jinjila cat? Price check of jinjila cat

       Chinchilla is a cross between Angora and Persian cats. They inherit excellent genes from Persian and Angora cats. Lovely appearance, elegant and noble temperament. It is smaller than Persian cat, gentle in character, intelligent and agile. Compared with relatives, how much is a beautiful jinjila cat? Jinjila cat price inventory.

       The price of jinjila cat is affected by region, size, gender, age, pedigree certification and other factors. The price of jinjila cat in the first tier cities is higher than that in the second tier and third tier cities. The price of jinjila female cat is about 100-200 yuan higher than that of jinjila male cat because of its fertility. The price of jinjila kittens will be slightly lower. Generally speaking, the current market price of jinjila cat is around 2000-5000

       Jinjila cat and Persian cat have a weak stomach and intestines. When feeding young cats, you can soak cat food with warm water before feeding, which is conducive to digestion of cats. You can also choose some cat food containing probiotics to feed the cat, which can help promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and help the cat digest. At the same time, parents should pay attention to the fixed time to feed the cat. Kittens can eat less and more meals, three to four times a day. Adult jinjila cats only need to feed twice a day, and the food they feed is mainly professional cat food, and some other vegetables and fruits can be fed in a small amount. In addition, jinjila cat is easy to get fat, you can buy some cat toys to let the cat exercise. In order to give jinjila cat a good living environment, let them grow more healthy, away from bacterial infection. Parents also need to bathe the chinchilla cats regularly, comb their hair once a day and trim their toenails once a week or two.

       You can refer to the price of jinjila cat in this article, and the details depend on various factors such as cat’s appearance and blood lineage.