How much is a pomila cat? Price of pomila cat

       Pamela cat is bred by Burmese cat and jinjila cat. Bomira cat inherits the gentle character of Burmese cat and the elegant and beautiful appearance of jinjila cat. They are lively and tolerant to children, and even if they are trampled, they will not hurt them. Not very picky food, not very sick, very physical. How many cats are there? Price of pomila cat

       Due to the small trading volume of pomila cat in the market, there is no accurate price, as long as you like the price is appropriate. The price of pomila cat is related to its appearance, bloodline, age and other factors. Different cities have different prices. It is impossible to have an accurate figure of how much a pomila cat costs. If only as a companion pet, general family breeding, as long as you like to have eye edge, the most important thing is that you like, the price is appropriate. It’s very important to choose a healthy and lovely animal, but there is no need to ask for more advanced flaunting in order to compete, breed and earn money. Of course, the purer the breed, the better the appearance. It also means that prices are capricious.

       Pomila cat is very friendly to people and has strong adaptability to the environment. They are not shy and afraid in strange places, and are easy to raise.

       Pomila cat in the purchase, you can choose to go to the regular cat house or pet shop, cat after-sales protection. In addition, when buying, ask about the situation of vaccination and deworming in the body. There is no difference between feeding methods and general domestic cats. Generally, it is OK to feed cat food. Cat snacks can also be occasionally fed, as a reward for training or emotional props, but do not feed too often Oh, cats may be picky.