How much is a Schnauzer – how much is a Schnauzer

       It should be noted that the three body types of the Schnauzer are three different breeds

       (regular deworming, timely vaccination, reasonable diet, exercise and stable living environment, the breeder himself has a certain understanding of dogs! Constantly enrich your own dog experience)

       Just look at the conditions the owner can give!

       From the beginning of breed selection, the development of puppies is the performance of future adulthood (dog breed character + dog’s natural character + dog’s artificial breeding and directional cultivation are equal to the dog’s character)

       Don’t expect the dog to change because of age, don’t expect the dog’s character to change after sterilization… These can only be used as an opportunity to change, not as a result!

       Keeping a dog is more of a requirement for human breeders! Not the dog!

       Does the breeder have

       Enough money

       2. Enough time

       3. Enough sense of responsibility

       4. Be patient

       5. Is there a stable living environment and space for pets

       When you want to keep a dog, you should check the relevant information first! Consider feeding again)

       Junjie dog is yellow Bomei. The specific price depends on the local market price. For example, if you can sell it to 3000 in first tier cities, it will be cheaper in small cities, and 500-1500 can be almost done. The key is to buy a healthy dog, bubble the local pet forum, get to know some domestic animals, and choose a healthy one

       The coat color of Tibetan mastiff is not used as a price evaluation point!

       Purebred dog breeding is a whole concept, body shape, gait, temperament, overall structure and so on

       Pure breed Tibetan mastiff is not as expensive as hearsay

       There is no propaganda background of the mastiff dog (only simple dog parents information – no blood certificate, no reward, no systematic breeding pedigree, domestic market price is about 2000 starting price of puppies! Adult dogs are hard to sell! Can be used for breeding the price of the female and puppies almost! The male is lower

       If you don’t know your parents, don’t buy them. (in any purebred breeding mode, the first requirement is the parents’ basic assessment of the puppies! There are not many things that dogs can see. For the breeding pedigree information of dog parents, the better the dogs are, even if they don’t have the pedigree certificate, it’s OK to show the relevant certificates) the Yorkshire dogs without publicity background (only simple dog parents’ information – no pedigree, no reward, no systematic breeding pedigree) the price of puppies with a starting price of around 2500 in China! Adult dogs are hard to sell! Can be used for breeding the price of the female and puppies almost! The male is lower

       If you don’t know your parents, don’t buy them. (any purebred breeding mode will be based on the parents’ assessment of the puppies as the first requirement! There are not many things that dogs can see. For the breeding pedigree data of dog parents, the better the dogs are, even if they can show relevant proof without pedigree certificate.)

       How much can a dog cost? It depends on its variety. What’s more, follow the market. Take my dog, the Pomeranian. It’s normal for a good variety to sell for tens of thousands. It’s like my Bomi. Paparazzi can be worth about 1000 yuan. There doesn’t seem to be anything special on the court at the moment. Expensive dogs. The former Tibetan mastiff. Purebred. Worth millions of dollars? It doesn’t seem to work now. So the price of a dog depends on its breed.

       Generally 1500-3000, cream color is the most expensive, and there are coffee and black. This mainly depends on the appearance and skeleton size. Puppies, like children, should eat a small amount of multiple meals. Generally, they should be fed three to four meals a day, about 30 grains at a time. They should be boiled with warm boiled water, and the water should not be too much. Attention should be paid to regular and quantitative feeding, so as to develop the habit of regular and fixed-point defecation. Feed the amount to eat after the stomach flat is appropriate, hungry will only dog dysplasia, and poor immunity, easy to get sick. In addition, with some nutritious things, such as cooked and salt free beef and carrots, you can feed some Changwei Bao every day to regulate gastrointestinal function and increase appetite. In addition, if there are conditions, you can properly feed some trace elements, hair powder, calcium tablets, etc., depending on the economic capacity. When you soak dog food, don’t have too much water, or your stool will be too thin. Remember to feed regularly and quantitatively. In this way, you should not always feed snacks, but also make sure that you have enough boiled water in a bowl so that it can drink at any time.

       The price of a Schnauzer is more than 1300 yuan.

       1¡¢ Morphological characteristics

       1. The head is strong, rectangular and long; it starts from the ear and passes through the eyes to the nose. Slightly narrowed.

       2. The ears are highly developed and of medium thickness. If the ear is clipped, the ear should be upright, V-shaped, folded forward, with the inner edge close to the cheek and the back.

       3. Eyes of medium size, dark brown, ovate, and oriented forward.

       4. The nose is large, black and full.

       5. The muzzle is strong, parallel to the head and of the same length as the head. The muzzle is obtuse wedge-shaped with exaggerated bristles and whiskers. It’s the whole head that looks like a rectangle. A complete white tooth, strong and perfect scissors bite.

       6. Neck strong, medium thickness and length, elegant arc shape, combined with shoulder introduction. The back is strong and strong.

       7. The chest width is moderate and the ribs are well expanded. If the transverse surface is observed, it should be egg precursor.

       8. The thigh is thick and the angle of the back knee is appropriate. The second thigh, from the knee to the hock, is parallel to the extension of the neck. The feet are small, compact and round, with thick pads and strong black nails. Toes close, slightly arched (cat feet) with toes straight forward.

       2¡¢ Feeding

       1. In the daily feed for Schnauzer dogs, 250-350 grams of meat should be added with the same amount of cooked dry vegetable material or biscuits. Meat should be cooked, chopped, add appropriate amount of water, mixed with cooked dry vegetable material, and then fed. Feeding should be fixed at a fixed time, limited to 15-25 minutes. If you can’t finish eating within the specified time, you should take the trough away and clean it. Water should be supplied 2-3 times a day.

       2. In the process of feeding at ordinary times, attention should be paid to the dog’s mental state, action, appetite, shape of stool, dry humidity of nose pad and cool and hot degree of nasal pad, so as to master the health status of dogs in time. If abnormal or sick signs are found, treatment measures should be taken as soon as possible.

       3. The reason why the beard turns yellow has not been found. It is mainly caused by frequent running of water, wrong drinking habits and frequent eating of food with high humidity. In order to avoid yellowing of beard, it is recommended to use water dispenser to feed water and eat dry dog food as much as possible.

       3¡¢ Main uses

       It is mainly used to guard livestock and catch mice, which is very common in Germany.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Schnauzer Dog

       Chenery (details)

       There is no way to generalize about the price of the Schnauzer. According to different products, regions, etc., there will be a certain gap. Generally speaking, the floating range will be between 800 and 4000 yuan, but the general dog can be bought for about 1500 yuan.

       Why is it that the price gap is so big? The main reason lies in the difference of their bloodlines. Those who can buy a hundred yuan schnauzer, more or less will have some defects, such as bench snow, bucktooth snow, rabbit ear snow and so on, which shows that he often has some variation in the process of growth. We can not say that he is not a Chenery, only that he is of bad blood.

       If you want to raise a schnauzer, you need to buy some good ones. Before you buy it, you should carefully look at Xiaoxue’s bidding document to see how to describe a Standard Schnauzer. Many people don’t know the way inside, which is for the sake of low price. This has caused the differentiation of this kind of Schnauzer. It makes the real breeders very sad to see all kinds of unqualified snow come out.

       In recent years, in order to satisfy consumers’ preference for small dogs, breeders have specially researched and bred smaller Schnauzers. However, the appearance and minitype are the same, and the weight is about 4 or 5 kg. This kind of super small dog is called “toy Schnauzer”, but it has not been approved by any dog association club.

       As for the price of Chenery in different regions, the fluctuation is relatively large. In the Yangtze River Delta area, the average price is about 1500 yuan, the better one can reach 3000-4000 yuan, the average Schnauzer price in other regions is between 800 and 1200 yuan, and the better one can reach 2000-3000 yuan.

       For the price of light snow: for dogs, it is a matter of price and goods. You think about it, why do you give 800 snow with an average price of 1500? Why is the price of snow above 3000? Why is there 300 light snow that nobody wants? When we like its appearance and begin to love the breeding of this dog breed, poor Xiaoxue now has so many variations, because it is popular, because it is very interesting, so now the transition, the quality is not optimistic, so with the appearance of polarization now, I hope Xiaoxue will not follow the same path as Beijing Bell in the past few years. Now the price of light snow is very polarized, those hundred yuan of snow to a large extent have more or less defects. For example, bench snow, Blizzard, rabbit ear snow and so on, in the growth process, the main body often appears physical variation. It can not be said that it is impure schnauzer, can only be said to be a bad blood snow. In my opinion, if you want to raise a famous dog, you should look carefully at Xiaoxue’s bidding document before purchasing, to see how to describe a Standard Schnauzer. Many people don’t know the way inside, which is for cheap, which leads to the differentiation of this breed of schnauzer, so that real breeders can see all kinds of disqualified snow born Come on. For example, when you buy it, it’s called mini snow, but many grow up to be bigger than Koka, or grow up to be “ancient nomad” and even say “mini” Schnauzer. This is the loss of the original standard. The average price of pet grade Mini snow is around 1500, which is very low compared with the price of 3000-5000 two years ago. It also shows the popularity and enthusiasm of snow. This price of snow in the product phase and gross volume is good, now for the mini snow this price is relatively stable, get market recognition. The price of light snow is generally above 2500. The prices in northern China are still higher than those in Shanghai, Tianjin and Nanjing. On the issue of purebred and cross breed: purebred dog single means that both parents are of the same breed, which depends on its bloodline. Generally speaking, not only a good father is needed, but also the quality of the female dog is more important. There are some differences in temperament between mother and father. After cleaning up the snow, both parents are very good-looking. The male is slightly larger than the female. I think the male dog with ears is very beautiful. When the snow is small, look at the quality: 1. It’s better to see the photos of Xuema. Many of the recessive genes of the babies are with their mothers. When you see your mother, you can imagine that the children will look the same when they grow up. Generally, they have to be good, except for the atavists. 2. Body shape, try to choose about 3 months of snow, body shape can be seen, the body and shoulder height for the square is appropriate. The female may be a little longer. 3. Lively degree, personality temperament, rich wool, strong skeleton to feel, give people the feeling of upright skin, too thin absolutely not. 4. Ask the original breeder about the vaccination. In short: wool weight, skeleton, appearance and temperament are the evaluation of a good snow. Snow below 1000 yuan is best not to choose. The first snow in my family was raised in early 2006. At that time, the snow price had a certain change, almost spent nearly 4000 yuan to take this little cute home. Everyone says it’s expensive. It’s very expensive. But now they all find that when their children’s fur color or body shape looks uncomfortable, my baby is just as beautiful as the picture. When I was young, it was about feeding snow very quickly. Many people say that when they were young, they were starving to death. It’s no exaggeration! Don’t dare to grab the food and put it on its plate. It can eat as much as you give it. For the current size of light snow, medium grain, kangduole is a good choice, relatively comprehensive nutrition, less PP discharge. I don’t think you should feed Baolu’s grain for snow. Snow’s urinary system is relatively fragile. Baolu’s grains are multicolored and highly pigmented, which increases the detoxification work of * * and * *. And is the puppies of all aspects of organs are still mature, out of the PP is sometimes colored. The enzyme in milk is not suitable for the absorption of puppies, easy to rush, not recommended to drink. Dairy products can be given to eat yogurt, goat’s milk, etc. To supplement calcium for puppies, this is very important, you can feed calcium tablets for livestock or chew calcium tablets for children. Because the young dog’s teeth did not grow together, the food soaked soft, easy to digest. The water for soaking food should not contain oil, which is not good for the dog’s intestines and stomach. The water I use for soaking food for children is cooking water, or directly using white water. When I was young, I tried to make the grain soft and gave it to him. This is good for digestion. Eating is a good thing. But we must be careful that he is greedy, so it will be troublesome After weaning, eat less and feed more to facilitate the dog’s nutrition absorption, 3-4 times a day is OK. Make sure the grain is soaked and softened for him to eat. The weight is as full as you hold it with your hands. At noon, add half a steamed bun or pot helmet with dog food and feed it to him, so as to relieve the movement of * * and * *. If you only eat dog food, your urine will be yellow. Do you find that? In the afternoon, you can feed some yoghurt. After you finish, the rest is enough for him to eat. The purpose is to promote digestion and gastrointestinal peristalsis, and eat more diarrhea. It’s a little less at night than at noon. Don’t give him anything to eat before going to bed, or it will cause excitement or obesity. For more than three months is growing body. Three meals a day will do. In the morning, there is no time to grab a grain. Let him grind his teeth. At noon, he can soak and eat it, buy a Wotou, Guokui and dog food, with vegetable puree or chicken in it. It is not like when he was young, he needs to soak it open, mix well, and be careful of his picky food. Keep your baby strong. At night, it’s less than at noon. Grab a handful of dog food, 3 / 4 of steamed buns, soak and eat. During this period, you must find a tooth sharpener for him, or your shoes or unexpected things will suffer From 3 months to 6 months is the period of rapid growth of the body. Pay attention to calcium supplement. At the same time, seaweed powder can beautify hair and hair and lecithin can promote brain development, making babies more intelligent and lovely. At this time, I begin to change my teeth. Sometimes I bite things randomly. I must stop it. Snow is very skinny, very lively, usually in less than 6 months are like starving ghosts, don’t worry about not eating enough. The last thing to do is: when you go out, you must fasten the traction belt. Even if it is very obedient, it should be at your feet. This is the only way to prevent the dog from getting lost. Our dog lost on the day of the Mid Autumn Festival. It’s still very sad! I give you all my experiences and lessons. Take care of it. Take it well, you will find that wearing a snow can bring you a lot of feelings.

       It is about 1500 yuan, the better can reach 3000-4000 yuan, the ordinary Schnauzer in other areas is between 800-1200 yuan, and the better can reach 2000-3000 yuan.

       Price of Schnauzer in China:

       1¡¢ Chengdu Chenery price

       Mini Schnauzer: about 500

       Purebred Schnauzer: about 1000

       2¡¢ Shenzhen shennari price

       Mini Schnauzer: about 800 to 1200

       Purebred Schnauzer: about 1500

       3¡¢ Shenyang shennari price

       Mini Schnauzer: about 1000 to 1200

       Purebred Schnauzer: about 1300

       What I want to tell you is that the white Chenery is not recognized in the international tender.

       There are only three colors approved in the bid: salt and pepper, black and silver, solid only black.

       Many of the white Schnauzers are interspecific with the West Highlands, the Shih, or the malgies and the salt and pepper Schnauzers. The real good white Schnauzer has more or less the genes of the above three kinds of dogs. Although the appearance may be very similar or similar to the appearance of Chenery, it belongs to the breed of genetic instability.

       It’s better to choose between salt and pepper, black silver and black. If you really like the white schnauzer, the price of snow that is close to or similar to that of the Schnauzer is about 1000-1500 and will not exceed 2000.

       Pay attention to the following aspects when choosing:

       Mini snow and standard snow are not easy to distinguish when they are small. The best way is to see a mother dog. So you know how much snow you need in the future. However, in China, many of the standard snow are substandard Mini snow, and there are great differences in quality and quality. The real Standard Schnauzer is relatively rare in China.

       The price of the Schnauzer breed has dropped sharply as well as that of other major breeds. It has been greatly reduced from the 3000-5000 yuan of 2-3 years ago, which also shows people’s love for this breed. But as far as I know, the price of standard snow is much less than the average price of 1500 yuan for mini snow. Now the price of snow is very polarized, those


       It’s a lot of snow. It’s all flawed. For example, bench snow, Blizzard, rabbit ear snow and so on, in the growth process, the main body often appears physical variation. It can’t be said that it is impure schnauzer, but can be said to be the result of the vicious circle of snow with bad blood.

       In my opinion, if you want to raise a famous dog, you should look closely at Xiaoxue’s bidding document carefully to see how it describes a standard Mini Schnauzer or standard snow. Many people don’t know the way inside. It’s for the sake of low price, which leads to the differentiation of this breed of Schnauzer, which makes real breeders very sad to see all kinds of disqualifications A little snow was born.

       For example, when you buy it, it is said that it is a mini snow, but many grow up to be bigger than the Koka, or grow up like the “mini snow” of the ancient nomad, which is the loss of the original standard. In China, many people regard the unqualified snow as the standard snow. This is how many consumers who are fooling and don’t know the way inside To know that the domestic standard snow has very few can meet the standard.

       I’ll give you some suggestions. When you buy Xiaoxue, you should look carefully at the quality and compare several brands to prevent being deceived

       1. It’s better to see the picture of Xuema. Many of the recessive genes of the babies are with their mothers. When you see a mother, you can imagine that the children will not look different when they grow up. Generally, they have to be good, except for less atavism.

       2. Body shape: choose about 3 months of snow. You can see the shape. The body and shoulder height should be compact and square. The female dog may be slightly longer.

       3. Lively degree, upright personality, good temperament, bright and happy eyes, rich hair, strong skeleton to touch, giving people the feeling of being square and solid. If it is too thin and the hair is not good, you should not choose it.

       4. Ask the original breeder about the vaccination.

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