How much is Canadian cat fur free

       Canadian hairless cat, people can always recognize at a glance, hairless body surface, wrinkled skin, ears big. There is no beard on the face, and there is always doubt in the big eyes, because it looks like the Sphinx of Egypt, so it is also known as sphinx cat. Today we will introduce how much the hairless cat and the hairless cat are.

       1¡¢ What is Canadian hairless cat

       Canadian hairless cat, also known as the sphinx cat. It is a very rare hairless gene variant of domestic cat in America or Europe. Although the sphinx cat has the same skin pigment as domestic cats, its epidermis is is only covered by a few hairs. The Sphinx is a wedge-shaped cat with large ears and a bloated body. Its head is Yoda shaped. The whole appearance makes the sphinx cat and the domestic cat match, not only does not give people the feeling of love, but also makes people feel terrible. Let’s talk about how much is this hairless cat

       2¡¢ How much is Canadian hairless cat

       Because of the special appearance, many people may ask you how much the hairless cat is at first sight? Canadian hairless cat is a kind of special cat, which is rare in China. Because it is not easy to raise, it needs to take care of its skin every day. Moreover, its hair is covered very little and its skin is wrinkled. There are not many people who like it. However, its price is relatively expensive, about 30000. For example, the price of some products with good quality or purebred race is even higher, which is more than 40000.

       So, when someone asked you how much is the hairless cat? Isn’t it an alien cat? You can take back as much as you can. Although Canadian hairless cats do not have the appearance of a “traditional beauty”, they are gentle in character. In addition, they can get along well with other animals, so they are suitable for family companion pets.

       Sphinx cats are also called Canadian hairless cats. They are easy to identify. They are hairless and have large ears. He is gentle and not aggressive. Love clean, for like cats but allergic to cat fur is undoubtedly the best choice. So how much is a sphinx cat?

       The price of sphinx cat is relatively high because it is difficult to breed and the quantity is small. There are many factors that affect the price of sphinx cat, such as breed, pedigree and so on. Prices range from thousands to tens of thousands. Generally speaking, if the pedigree is not pure, the price is between 1000 and 6000. If there is a pedigree certificate, the price is generally between 10000 and 100000.

       Compared with other cats, the sphinx cat is sweaty and its body temperature is 4 ¡æ higher than that of other cats. Therefore, it is necessary to eat continuously to maintain its metabolism. Sphinx cats are very sensitive to the sun, because the white parts tend to tan. Because they are hairless, they have poor ability to regulate the outer temperature. They are afraid of cold and hot. When the room temperature is kept between 25 and 30 degrees, it will feel very comfortable. If the temperature is lower than 20 degrees, it will feel cold. If the indoor temperature is lower than 10 degrees, it will freeze to death. This cat is suitable for apartment keeping. In summer, they need sunscreen to protect them from sunburn. In winter, they need to add clothes to keep them warm.

       The most active time of the day is at dawn or evening, and most of the day is spent languidly resting or sleeping. In low light, they use their whiskers to improve movement and perception. The whisker can feel very weak wind and identify the location of the obstruction when it is not visible. A sphinx cat has three eyelids. When the eyelids open, the piercing eyelids cover the eyes slightly from the side. If the sphinx cat is sick, or sleeps or laughs, the eyelids retract in part. If there is a sphinx cat showing a third eyelid for a long time is a sign of illness.

       Science domestic sphinx cat, what you don’t know

       From 13 years of contact with and Research on the hairless Sphinx to now, it can be regarded as having some understanding of the situation of Sphinx in China. In the past year or two, more and more people have raised Sphinx. I have often been asked questions about Sphinx. Here are the relevant questions.

       (Note: the issue of purebred cats is discussed here, and there is no discrimination. Friends outside the rule who are not interested in the so-called purebred cats naturally do not pay attention to the following contents. The following only hopes to help those who pursue purebred Sphinx.)

       1. The so-called Russian American problem by Sphinx

       This distinction was first proposed about 12.13 years before I came into contact with hairless. The earliest so-called difference between Russian and American hairless cats was actually the difference between non Sphinx cats and Sphinx cats. When Russia did not introduce Sphinx breeds from North America, they bred local hairless breeds (dunskoy and BI) Therefore, when there were Russian and American strains in China at the earliest time, the Russian line was referring to the Russian native variety Wumao, mainly dunskoy. However, at that time, most of the market was still occupied by Russia, and the real American Sphinx was very few.

       With the popularity of the Sphinx in China in recent years and people’s in-depth understanding of the Sphinx, there is hardly any Sphinx in the domestic market now, as in earlier years, donscoy is sold as a sphinx, but the Russian American sphinx cat is still popular in the market. At present, the distinction mainly lies in the purity of the Sphinx, and the American line has been bred in North America over the years There is a fixed aesthetic standard (CFA) in the cultivation of human beings At present, there are some breeders in China who specially introduce and breed North American series of Sphinx cats. However, at present, there are still not many American sphinxes in the market. A large number of them are Russian Sphinx, that is, those introduced from Russia or Russia. Russia also introduced and bred American Sphinx, but Most of the cats bred by Russian breeders, in the words of the circle, are more or less fitted cats (commonly known as string cats) with other hairless shadows such as odenskoi. This may also be related to the appreciation and hobbies of local people in Russia. Therefore, there will be Russian cats, which are not as sweet as the American ones. However, the essence of the Sphinx bred in Russia is obviously different from that of donscoy and other local Russian cats. In addition, the so-called “big frilled” Sphinx bred in Spain in the past two years is based on the local appreciation hobby However, there are obvious differences between the two species and the standard North American Sphinx.

       2. Which one is better and which is more expensive?

       This is a favorite question for many people who have just come into contact with the Sphinx. First of all, cats are not good or bad. They just say that they are popular. At present, the most widely accepted one is American Sphinx. Most of the appreciation in China is the sweetness of American Sphinx. Therefore, this is one of the reasons why American Sphinx is higher than other series. In the past two years, I have seen many breeders stir fry Spanish frills, but most of them are priced but not marketable, and the domestic acceptance is limited. Secondly, the value of breed cats comes largely from the association competitions and regulations of purebred cats. The reason why American Sphinx is so expensive is CFA, WCF and other cat associations have a unified standard for the sphinx cat breeds, and have a standard comparison for the cat’s appearance. The excellent cat appearance is defined by the competition, and this standard is basically based on the standard bred by the North American Sphinx breeders. Therefore, we searched the official website of CFA in the past five or six years for the products of the Sphinx champion cats, which are all American standards. However, the Russian and Spanish pleated sub types we defined did not get good results in the CFA competition. (WCF will be more relaxed, because there will be differences between the two associations in different regions. However, no matter how loose WCF is, the standard of Sphinx is basically the same as that of CFA, and the main pursuit is American Sphinx.)

       Buying a cat must be a good way to buy a foreign one, isn’t it?

       This is also one of the questions that novice friends like to ask. Most novice subconsciously always feel that foreign cats are good. This is actually a misunderstanding. What kind of foreign countries are foreign countries? If you have traveled a long way and imported from North America, and the appearance is good in all aspects, it must be good. The key is whether you have good ways and channels for good cat houses. If you have channels, you mainly have good pedigrees The cat house may not be sold to you yet. As far as I know, the so-called international cats in China have not been directly introduced into North America. Since Chengdu is Russia, at most, Ukraine and Spain are involved. Therefore, most of the cats you buy abroad are not the American Standard Sphinx you want. Most of them are Russian or Spanish frills.

       In addition, domestic cat houses have also appeared in recent years in China’s Sphinx, which pursue the top quality of American Sphinx. I don’t want to mention their names here. As far as I know, these cat houses are imported from North America at a high price to breed. The bred cats also have many champion cats in CFA and WCF competitions. Some domestic breeders are never short of money. If you want to buy at a high price, you can buy the most Good pedigree cats, so don’t think that domestic cats are the same as the top cat houses in North America, and there are high-end cat houses that pursue blood quality, but the proportion is small, and these cats are worth a lot.

       4. The price of Sphinx in China ranges from thousands to tens of thousands. What is the price range

       The price difference is related to the purity and pedigree of cats. I want to buy a purebred American Sphinx. As far as I know, the minimum price for certified American Sphinx products is around 15000 (non sterilization) in large domestic cat houses and even in small ones. However, the basic starting price of pinxianghao is 20000, which is not the pursuit of bloodline. Generally, the starting price of American sphinx cat houses that pursue bloodline is around 30000, and the price of champion title in pursuit of bloodline is higher.

       The price of Sphinx cats that have been talked about in the past two years has generally declined a lot. In fact, the reason for the decline is the large number of non American Sphinx breeds and the increase of domestic breeding households. Basically, a large number of very cheap Russian Sphinx cats are flowing in the domestic market. In addition, the large number of breeders themselves do not know the difference between American and Russian, and do not pursue breeding quality and breeding quality Quality is just blindly breeding for profit. Therefore, there are a large number of unlicensed cats. The price of these cats is not expensive and basically belongs to the people’s price that is acceptable to the public. Therefore, the liquidity of the so-called sphinx cat price drops. In fact, the price of the real American cat is not low. Therefore, the novice should pay attention to the fact that there is no pie in the sky when buying a cat. Good American Sphinx, it is impossible for you to budget thousands of dollars.

       Summarize the price differences in the current market (non sterilization) (for reference only)

       A cat under 5000 is not a sphinx without a license

       About 10000 cats – there is evidence that most of them are Russian looking, while American cats are very few and average in appearance

       About 15000-25000 cats — with certificates, you can basically choose American Sphinx with good appearance

       About 25000-30000 – there is a certificate, and it is a descendant of the champion bloodline cat. You can choose a good offspring cat

       More than 30000 – certified, descendants of champion lineage, excellent appearance

       Tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands – mostly adult cats or cats with top titles

       5. How to choose a cat house? Which area’s sphinx cat is good

       At present, there are numerous * cat houses in China, and * cat houses are very simple. The distribution of cat houses in China is mainly concentrated in Northeast China, Beijing, Tianjin, Nanjing, Sichuan, Chongqing, and Shanghai. These areas have long been the common places for cat shows and association competitions, so there are a lot of people who keep cats and make them. In recent years, I know a few Beijing The breeders in these areas of Tianjin and Sichuan are really good. They are the breeders who pursue the top quality and the competition. The cat quality and competition results are not known. It can be regarded as the best blood line in China, and the price is not cheap. There are some breeders in other areas who also know that they don’t catch up with the results. The cats bred in individual family cat houses are also very good, and the blood lines are not the best, but breeding The appearance of the cat is OK, so the price will be cheaper than that of the pedigree cats from famous cat houses.

       6. Is the price of Sphinx’s short feet and fairy ears very expensive?

       First of all, the short feet, elves, and short feet + elves are strictly based on the new varieties of Sphinx cats. At present, the CFA association has not entered these three kinds of cats, so there is no so-called CFA certificate. However, the WCF association has given recognition to the entry, so those who have the certificate must be WCF Association certificate. At present, it is determined that these three kinds of diseases are more likely to have congenital and acquired diseases than normal Sphinx cats because of their genetic defects. However, since this breed has been derived, it is not too pessimistic. It is only more likely than the normal Sphinx, and it is not a probable event. Therefore, if a certain healthy product is in line with The price of American Sphinx short feet or elves is normal. After all, people pursue hobbies. However, I personally think that most of the short feet and elves in the domestic market are Russian ones, and few are American ones. Because the association has no unified standard for dwarf elves, the prices on the market are also extravagant. In a word, if it is really one The cost of healthy composite American Standard can also be understood, otherwise it is suggested to consider more.

       7. How to distinguish the looks of American and Russian Sphinx and how to distinguish good looks?

       This question is often asked by many people. After studying it for a month or two, I didn’t understand it. This is also normal. If you look at the Sphinx and dunskoy for a day or two, you can see the difference, and the novice can also tell the difference. However, the difference between Russian and American Sphinx is basically difficult for novices to distinguish for a while. This is not clear. It is suggested that novices should read the annual reference of Sphinx on CFA’s official website and go more if possible Look at the Association competition and the cat show. If you watch more than one sentence, you will understand.

       Canadian hairless, also known as the sphinx cat, is bred through cross breeding for cat lovers who are allergic to cat fur. This cat is a natural gene mutation produced by pet cats, in addition to ears, mouth, nose, tail forging, feet and other parts of the body are hairless, skin wrinkled and elastic, so the quantity is small and the price is expensive. It is difficult to buy purebred Canadian hairless cats in China. The general price is more than 30000 yuan. I hope this answer will help you

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