How much is Garfield? A price check of Garfield

       Most people’s understanding of Garfield begins with the cartoon Garfield. Garfield is lazy, selfish and vain, but always comes forward at the critical moment. It has innumerable small shortcomings, but it also makes people love it, heartache to the bone. Garfield is greedy and wise. Garfield has a lot of strange ideas, but none of these can stop us from loving Garfield. So what about Garfield in reality?

       Garfield is bred by American short hair cat and Persian cat, inheriting the quiet and introverted of Persian cat, and also has the agility and liveliness of American short hair cat. Garfield is very similar to Persian cat in appearance, with big head, round face, round eyes, round nose and round body, but Garfield has short hair and Persian cat has long hair. They have strong bones and mellow lines. They are less sick and easier to raise. Many people who want to start Garfield want to know how much a Garfield is.

       How much is a Garfield: the price of Garfield is affected by many factors, such as appearance, coat color, bloodline, gender, age, etc. At present, the price of Garfield in the market ranges from 20 million yuan to more than 10000 yuan.

       The physical fitness of the kitten is worse than that of the cat, and the cost is less, so the price is relatively lower. Generally, the price of young cats is about 2000 yuan, and that of adult cats is about 4500-5500 yuan. The price of female Garfield cats is hundreds of yuan higher than that of male Garfield cats because of their fertility. Pure breed Garfield price tens of thousands of yuan, if it is a family, it is recommended to choose pet grade Garfield cat. There’s no need to pursue pedigree. Looking at Garfield with a good eye and good health is the best, isn’t it?

       In terms of fur color, the most valuable color is red tiger spot color, followed by Sanskrit flower color, Sanskrit color and Sanhua color. Garfield in variegated, tortoiseshell or solid colors is the lowest.

       How much is Garfield cat in this article? The price is for reference only. In addition, parents in the purchase of kittens is to ask the cat about the situation of deworming and vaccination, it is best to see the cat on the spot, to avoid buying a weekly cat.

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