How much is Garfield at four months – how much does a dog weigh in four months

       My family is less than 1.7 kg in 4 months, which is normal. It looks like a kitten. It’s cute and lively. Garfield has poor self-care ability. She has to wipe her eyes every day. I like to be accompanied by people when I eat. I’m tired. I also have a 4-month-old Teddy. The cat just entered the house yesterday. Teddy rushes up to stage a cat dog fight. At last, Teddy is slapped by the cat. Teddy can only scream. In fact, cats are afraid of dogs. My dog likes to be provocative. When the cat sees the dog’s fur stands up. Be alert and ready for war.

       They are also very difficult to be born. It took decades for them to reach their present perfect appearance. Even for a period of time, they were forbidden to cultivate. But maybe God wanted to send them to the world, so they were finally finalized in the 1980s and recognized by the world Cat Association. In other words, it is a new variety with a short history compared with other similar species. In fact, they are not so mischievous. On the contrary, they like peaceful life and approachable.

       It’s about four catties. You don’t have to comb the thick hair for them. Compared with other cats, it’s a lot less worry. They are perfect cats, with furry bodies and looks similar to exotic short haired cats. The body is very short, broad chest, open shoulder, limbs thick short, in order to support their disproportionate body, just straight leg forward, fat belly, round and big eyes. And a round head. If you are fatter, you will become a ball! Fat and plump face is like a thick cake, ears small, slightly inclined.

       It weighs four kilograms. They love crying. This is because Garfield’s lacrimal glands are very short and often shed tears. All the owners have to wipe their tears for them. People who don’t understand think the cat is wronged every day. The necks are thick and short, you can’t find their necks without careful attention. They have a furry fur coat, thick, thick and soft, full of elasticity. Bright luster, hair is not long, usually solid color, gray, mottled, multicolor and so on!

       It weighs 7 kg. Garfield, who likes to be lively, often sticks to the owner. They have rich feelings. If the owner forgets it when he is busy, Garfield will be very unhappy. All masters should always care. Gentle in character, they don’t take the initiative to attack people (with its physique, there is not much attack power). Even if strangers touch them, they will not resist. On the contrary, they still enjoy belonging to the kind of cat that has no distinction between the enemy and the enemy. They don’t care about beating or scolding. They are very clever, very obedient, even if you take it to take a bath, it will not accept. Every day I will ask for your touch! So it’s very easy to raise.

       There are individual differences in the proportion of different dog breeds

       The proportion of dogs that are normally raised and developed at the age of 5 months is about half of that of adults

       If the teeth are sharp and do not change teeth, they will start to change teeth within 5 months, and the blunt teeth will grow well about 6-7 months! Tooth wear (the incisors are about 2-3 years old on the front teeth) and the teeth behind them are about 3-5 years old! (these are just routine assessments! Specific also depends on all aspects of the dog) purebred dogs have information to do evaluation! No one can tell from the teeth

       Some people have more than 40 Jin. There are more than 30 jin. There are also more than 20 jin. It doesn’t matter if you are fat or thin. It’s mainly about health! It’s not good to be too fat. But also lose weight, very troublesome, if your dog is thin, it should be well fed Otherwise, it will not grow well. The adult mother ala usually weighs 33.8 kg. (this is the standard weight of the competition) the adult mother Allah is 58.4cm from the ground to the shoulder. (this is also the standard height of the competition) you can make a comparison.

       My health is the most important thing in my three and a half months. My health is the most important thing. I give him dog food every day, and insist on not allowing him to eat chores. Occasionally, I eat rice and cabbage soup twice a month. I dare not put too much salt. Many businesses buy pig fattening agent and pig feed to feed the dog. In order to get a good price, this is not good for dogs This kind of dog is easy to cause hyperglycemia, hyperglycemia, hyperglycemia, tachycardia and internal organs damage. In brief, my method of raising Alaskan is that its stomach is very bad. If you eat too much and burp hard, you must keep your home clean and don’t let it reach any residue that can bite into the mouth, such as chicken bone, mango kernel, hair, and some sawdust, even small Iron grain, it can eat basically! Four months later, it can get more things, so it must be put high. My family’s big table directly scratched its claws, and the whole dish of vegetables was broken… Personal opinion don’t cut off the water, unless it is small or sick, it is recommended to observe by hour. In the first four months of my dog, I basically sleep according to the number of times, wake up at 1 o’clock for 10 minutes, and wake up at half past four to see if the water is enough for the first time, and wipe the urine with the second shovel of excrement.. The vaccine should be finished within three months, including rabies vaccine and anthelmintic vaccine. Especially in spring, it will also get skin diseases and lice jumping Sao. Remember that there are sales in pet shops and on-line to see which one is good for external use. Take insect medicine every half a month, take it orally, and have diarrhea. You must have enough time In the early stage, it’s better to feed monkshood powder for prevention of vomiting. It’s better to feed monkshood powder to prevent vomiting in the early stage You can buy some molars biscuits and train them to play with you if it has long teeth. More importantly, dog food can not be bought blindly. I have suffered a lot. At first, I bought it in a pet store I know that he said 8 yuan, I bought 40 yuan of 5 jin, which is good. It doesn’t take shape. It stinks, stinks, and has mucus. No matter how carefully I take care of it, I still need to take medicine. Later, I feel that something is wrong. Is it the dog food problem? So I inquired about it I bought a kind of dog food for 23 yuan and five catties. It’s not only yellow but also smelly. Five months ago, I tried not to let it get angry and play with him. The guy would not do that if he could hear everything. If he liked playing normally, he would accompany him, Or it’s going to get thin when it gets hot… Serious vomiting… Ma De, I’m drunk too. Well, the above is my experience in recent months. Many people have omitted these steps. Some dogs have hung up and some have survived. In fact, they have done so much to make them healthier and have a higher survival rate. Otherwise, they really don’t pay attention to death and are distressed. After all, it’s not cheap to buy them.

       My Labrador weighed 10 kg in two months, 46 kg in five months, and didn’t weigh it in 4 months. More importantly, don’t pay too much attention to the weight, the important thing is the proportion. It’s just that you can’t see the ribs, but you can touch them. They are all Chinese, and there are one meter five and two meter. One meter five hundred pounds is normal, but two meters one hundred pounds is not normal. So is the dog. If deworming is well done, don’t worry too much about weight, and don’t over feed because the weight is smaller than other dogs. When large dogs are young, their bones don’t grow for a long time. Overfeeding more than the bones can bear will increase hip joint pressure and lead to joint diseases when they grow up.


       One day – 70-135 G

       One week — 110-250 G

       Three weeks — 215-420 grams

       Four weeks — 250-500g

       Five weeks — 290-620 G

       Six weeks – 315-700 G

       Seven weeks – 400-900 G

       Garfield is a good weight in three months.

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