How much is red Siam

       Siamese cats are not red eyes. Siamese cats’ eyes must be blue. If they are not blue, they must not be Siamese cats ~ but ~ ~ ~ only Siamese cat’s eyes reflect red light in the dark ~ so sometimes, they may mistakenly think that Siamese cat’s eyes are red~

       In addition, cat eyes are not red, only albino cat eyes are red

       This is not a unified one, generally around 1000-2000, and the specific price should refer to its lineage and product.

       Siamese cat is a famous short haired cat in the world, and also a representative breed of short hair cat. The race originated from Siam (now Thailand), so it is named Siamese cat. More than 200 years ago, this precious cat was raised only in Thailand’s imperial palaces and monasteries. It was a noble who stayed at home. Siamese cats can better adapt to the local climate of their owners, and their character is strong and active, witty and flexible, with strong curiosity and understanding.

       The head is slender and wedge-shaped. The skull is flat and straight from the top of the head to the tip of the nose when viewed from the side. The face is sharp and V-shaped, and the muzzle is sharp, forming a V-shape from the tip of the muzzle to the tip of the ear. The bridge of the nose is high and straight. It is an equilateral triangle from the nose to the ear tip. The cheek is thin and the teeth are scissors bite. The ears are large, with a broad base and sharp, erect ears. Eyes of moderate size, almond shaped, blue, dark or light. The elongated line from the inner corner of the eye to the tip of the eye forms a V shape with the tip of the ear.

       Extended data

       Other kinds of cats

       1. Puppet cat

       The larger and heavier of cats. It has a V-shaped head, large and round eyes, thick fur, long tail, soft body, mostly tricolor or double. The puppet cat holds up like a soft puppet, and is very friendly to people. It is bold, do not know what is fear, and the pain tolerance is quite strong, often mistaken for lack of pain, so it is very tolerant of children’s play.

       2. Orange cat

       The common coat color of domestic cats, also known as orange cat and orange cat, is common in mixed cats and pure breed cats without unique hair color. It has nothing to do with breed but has something to do with coat gene. The fur color of orange cat is usually divided into orange and orange white. All orange cats will have light white stripes on their bodies. Only a few cats will appear white in their bellies. An orange and white cat with large orange patches and white fur.

       Siamese cats are native to Thailand, so it is cheaper to buy them in Bangkok, about 2000 baht, equivalent to about * * 500.

       1¡¢ Price of little Siamese cat

       ***You can buy a good one between 200 and 500

       The price of about 400 is after the vaccination

       If it’s about 200, it must have never been vaccinated

       2¡¢ Price of ordinary adult Siamese cat

       About 500 to 1500 yuan, the price will fluctuate due to the variety

       3¡¢ Price of pure breed Siamese cat

       The kitten is about 1000-5000 yuan

       Adult cats are about 8000-10000 yuan

       It’s about $500. The price of pet grade Siamese kittens is about 800-1800 yuan, and that of adult cats is about 1000 yuan. The price of pure bred Siamese cat is higher than that of common Siamese cat. The price of pure bred Siamese cat is between 2000 and 5000 yuan, and that of adult female is about 10000 yuan. We don’t know whether it’s pure or not. It’s suggested to buy a similar one. Siamese cat is very gentle and does not pose a threat to the elderly and children. It can be used as a pet to accompany the elderly and children. Siamese cats have high emotional quotient, sensible and special understanding of human nature, and Siamese cats are particularly clingy. Disadvantages: when no one is at home to accompany it, it may go mad, like to scratch the sofa, tear paper towel, mess up all the things at home, Siamese kittens especially like to bark.