How much is the red Sanskrit pattern exotic short hair cat

       Exotic short haired cat is the breed, and only this breed. The price is related to the breed, and the color of its fur also has a certain relationship.

       Sanskrit is not the appearance, but the color of hair. Generally speaking, 3-flower cats are female cats with good personality.

       Prices generally range from 20 to tens of thousands

       If you just buy to play, do not breed, do not compete, it is recommended to buy about 3000, more lovely, you can eye on the line.

       Before buying, it’s better to ask a professional or raised friend, because some cats are impure and can’t be seen by laymen.

       PS: if it’s just because you like red fat, it’s recommended to be cautious. Because Hong xiaopang’s photos are all the cutest cats that have been screened and processed. In reality, this kind of cat is very troublesome, every day to wipe tears, and easy to get skin disease. It needs to be raised by patient people.

       Ah Let’s talk about it again. Red little fat is very cute, I mind the landlord to Baidu under the ID pickled melon skin

       It’s cute, too. The difference is that melon skin is a stray cat, commonly known as the big grass cat.

       Many owners pursue cat products and buy purebred cats at a high price, but they don’t know how poor these cats are.

       Short haired cats have congenital heart disease. I have a friend who claimed that he was young and ignorant and bought an abnormal short. He was sterilized 200 times

       She did 4000. She was sterilized after treatment for polycystic liver disease. But she’s also a good owner and knows how to sterilize pets.

       Those purebred cats were bred by unscrupulous merchants, and many of them got sick when they bought them back. After spending a lot of money, cats

       It’s not necessarily going to survive. The birth of a purebred cat has killed many of its brothers and sisters.

       In addition, if I really like cats, I don’t think there will be only one species that I like. Just like a cat like a look

       After finding all kinds of problems and trouble, finally abandoned a lot of cats. We often find stray cats or even broken ears on the road. I still want to say that if you love a cat, adopt it. If you just love a variety or feel like it as a luxury. Then buy it. You have the right to buy it. It’s just that real cat lovers don’t advocate it.

       ***There are a lot of cute babies to adopt. A year ago, I wanted to get a broken ear. I’ve saved 9000 yuan to go to the cat house.

       My family told me why so many stray kittens didn’t take them home. It makes more sense than buying. As a result, I got today’s baby kitten. I still remember the day when the foster sister handed it to me. The foster man gave me a collar and anthelmintic to teach me how to raise it. Stray cats also have a lot of younger, beautiful products. The most important thing is to discover. It is suggested to go to the forum to see whether it is adopted or purchased. There are all kinds of cat knowledge to learn.

       Hongxiaopang is a red Sanskrit Garfield cat. Looking at the photos, she is willing to deal with it. Of course, hongxiaopang’s appearance is really good. The general Garfield colors are listed as follows: solid color, two color, three flower, two color Sanskrit and three color Sanskrit. This is also a separate color pricing, appearance is very important. If you want to breed Sophie, you still need some experience and energy, because Garfield’s short nosed cat is easy to shed tears and needs to clean her eyes and ears every day.

       Because Garfield is from Persia and America, the same two short haired Garfield may also produce long hair. At present, many breeders adopt inbreeding in order to pursue the stability of short hair gene. In this way, the offspring will have an impact, so you must see the parents when shopping, and consider breeding and purchasing according to the parents’ color.

       More questions can be consulted: Garfield movie 103511344

       Because of the local market, the price will fluctuate, but basically speaking, the kitten range from 5000 to 12000. If the fur color of adult cat is good, it will be more than 10000.

       Price of exotic short hair cat in Shanghai

       Blue high white exotic short hair cat 7200 yuan

       Black and white Sanskrit pattern exotic short hair cat 8400 yuan

       Blue gray exotic short hair cat 5000 yuan

       Black exotic short haired cat 3500 yuan

       Price of exotic short hair cat in Guangzhou

       Black and white exotic short haired cat 10000 yuan

       Exotic short haired cat with three colors 12000 yuan

       Red and white exotic short haired cat 3500 yuan

       Brown tiger spot white exotic short hair cat 8800 yuan

       3¡¢ Price of exotic short hair cat in Beijing

       Silver Tiger spotted exotic short hair cat 9200 yuan

       Milk color exotic short hair cat 8800 yuan

       Brown tiger spot white exotic short hair cat 12000 yuan

       Blue exotic short haired cat 3000 yuan

       This price can only be said roughly

       The key is that most of the prices of exotic short hair and other famous cats are fried up, and people who really like animals will not take money to talk about things. If you really want to raise a kitten, the general domestic cat is also very cute, and the important thing is to love

       Judging the price of exotic short hair cat, another name is Garfield. From the body shape, the qualified foreign short hair cat should have a large and wide head, small and thick ears, eyes and nose in a line, short and thick limbs, short and thick tail, round body and thick hair. How much is the price of exotic kittens? For the regular cat house, it mainly depends on the following three grades:

       1. Pet grade

       This grade of exotic short hair cats are generally suitable for ordinary cat loving families to feed. Because they are also bloodline cats or purebred cats, because their appearance generally does not belong to the level recognized by CFA Fur Association and can participate in the competition, the price is relatively cheap, so it is very suitable to be fed as a pet. The price of this kind of exotic short hair cats ranges from 2000 to 7000, according to the facial features, body shape, long hair, short hair, gender and color To set the red usually short hair tiger spot color and Sanskrit relative price will be high.

       2. Breeding grade

       For a conscientious cat house, in order to extend Garfield’s fine pedigree and respect for the breeders of this cat, breeding grade is born. This grade of exotic short hair cat is used to breed the next generation, because it meets the requirements of CFA and can meet the requirements of breeding cat. Of course, the price of this kind of exotic short hair cat will be much higher than that of pet grade, and the price of cat will be 9000 -This kind of cat is usually sold only to cat houses with the same breeding concept and will be inspected.

       3. Competition level

       This kind of exotic short hair cats are usually hard to meet and are very valuable to breeders. These cats can participate in various competitions organized by CFA and obtain various honors. It is the biggest affirmation for the breeders of cat houses to breed and maintain Garfield’s pedigree. The price of such exotic short haired cats usually ranges from 20000 to 50000.

       Exotic short haired cat, also known as Garfield cat, is a kind of pet cat with a very pleasant appearance. It is a big fat cat who likes to gossip, eat, sleep and play tricks on people. Both adults and children are fascinated by its charm. What is the market price of this kind of cat?

       Exotic short haired cat has won many titles in China’s cat industry, and it is also one of the favorite cat breeds for young people in China. Considering the domestic market, the price of exotic short hair cat is rising constantly, reaching 10000, and it is not a pure foreign short hair cat. The price of pure breed exotic short hair cat is more expensive. It seems that it needs tens of thousands of them. Ordinary cat star people can’t afford to buy it. Therefore, they can only buy a foreign short hair cat with a little impurity as their pet.

       How much is the foreign short hair cat? Different grades, the selling price of foreign short hair cat is not the same. However, it is suggested that the buyer should choose the exotic short hair cat according to his own economic ability. He should not lose his mind and pursue what he likes.

       Purchasing standard of exotic short hair cats

       1. Nose: the more flat the nose of a foreign short haired cat, the better. If the nose is very close to the face when selecting a kitten, there is no distance between the nose and the face, and most of the noses will not grow very well when they grow up.

       2. Ear: the ear position of exotic short hair cat must be low, the distance between two ears is wide, then there will be a very wide frontal bone. The ear should be small, and the tip of ear should be round, and the distance between two ears is far!

       3. Tail: the tail of a foreign short haired cat must be short, in proportion to the body, but the tip of the tail should be close to the ground and should be thick.

       4. Eyes: the eyes of exotic short haired cats should be clear and divine, big, round, full and bright in color, and whether there are impurities.

       5. Body type: most of the exotic short haired cats are very slim, with small, pointed and round ears. The face is oval in shape, with smooth forehead, broad frontal bone, thick hair, hard and smooth texture.

       Exotic short hair cats, orderly breeding, generally eat at least royal crown can cat food, and to do a complete set of immunization, generally a small heterosexual short cost of thousands. In addition, the relative reproduction rate of exotic short haired cats is low, and the survival rate is lower than that of other breeds of cats. Therefore, the price of exotic short haired cats is higher than that of other breeds of cats because they need a lot of efforts from breeders during lactation. And this breed of cat requires a lot of appearance, and the height difference is also very large. According to the current domestic market, it is normal that the price of an unusual short cat ranges from 1500 to 20000. Generally speaking, foreign short hair cat products with extremely low price are generally recognized. Of course, tens of thousands of them are basically CFA certificates

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