How much is the ugliest cat in history, Canadian hairless cat

       Canadian hairless cat, people can always recognize at a glance, hairless body surface, wrinkled skin, ears big. There is no beard on the face, and there is always doubt in the big eyes, because it looks like the Sphinx of Egypt, so it is also known as sphinx cat. Today we will introduce hairless cats and hairless cats more money.

       1¡¢ What is Canadian hairless cat

       Canadian hairless cat, also known as the sphinx cat. It is a very rare hairless gene variant of domestic cat in America or Europe. Although the sphinx cat has the same skin pigment as domestic cats, its epidermis is is only covered by a few hairs. The Sphinx is a wedge-shaped cat with large ears and a bloated body. Its head is Yoda shaped. The whole appearance makes the sphinx cat and the domestic cat, not only does not give people a lovely feeling, but also makes people feel terrible. Let’s talk about how much is this hairless cat

       2¡¢ How much is Canadian hairless cat

       Because of the special appearance, many people may ask you how much the hairless cat is at first sight? Canadian hairless cat is a kind of special cat, which is rare in China. Because it is not easy to raise, it needs to take care of its skin every day. Moreover, its hair is covered very little and its skin is wrinkled. There are not many people who like it. However, its price is relatively expensive, about 30000. For example, the price of some products with good quality or purebred race is even higher than 40000.

       So, when someone asked you how much is the hairless cat? Isn’t it an alien cat? You can take back as much as you can. Although Canadian hairless cats do not have the appearance of a “traditional beauty”, they are gentle in character. In addition, they can get along well with other animals, so they are also suitable for family companion pets.

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