How often do kittens use litter – how often do kittens change litter

       If its body can be as long as an adult without its tail, it has been almost two months If you wear a tail, it’s about a month.

       Your cat has been able to discharge itself. Now you can use litter. Prepare a sand basin and pour cat litter. It will defecate in it on its own, because cats have the habit of burying their excrement. If it doesn’t, you can bury the front row poop in the litter. It will go with the smell. The sand basin should be placed in a relatively hidden place, and the original place should be thoroughly cleaned up. There should be no residual smell to prevent it from defecating there again.

       In addition, don’t lock it in the toilet. Cats and dogs can coexist peacefully. The earlier you let them stay together, the better. At the beginning, you should pay attention to prevent the dog from biting the cat or scratching the dog (mainly eyes), and it will be OK soon. Baidu knows how to copy…

       Generally, the time for changing cat litter is one month, but some cat owners prefer to clean it, and they will change it every half a month.

       The cat owners should clean the litter basin before pouring the litter. After the litter basin is cleaned and dried, the cat litter can be poured into the litter basin. When pouring the litter, attention should be paid not to pour too much or too little. Generally, the appropriate thickness is 5-8cm, which is preferred by cats. If the litter is poured too little, the cat will not like it The cat litter doesn’t like it either.

       Cat litter is mainly used to bury feces, and also can absorb the odor in the feces. Therefore, it is necessary for the cat owners to clean up the litter regularly, and the cat will use the litter every day, so the cat owners also clean it every day. If the cat owner does not pay attention to the cleaning of the litter, the excrement in the litter will have a bad smell if it is not shoveled out. In this way, the cat not only does not like to use it, but also indoors The air is also bad.

       Therefore, the cat owners should pay attention to the regular cleaning of litter. When cleaning, the cat owners can add some new litter if there is less litter. Of course, the cat owners should also pay attention to changing the litter regularly, otherwise the litter is too dirty, and the cat does not like to use it, and it is not good for the body.

       Extended data:

       According to the chemical properties and raw materials, cat litter can be divided into organic cat litter and inorganic cat litter.

       Organic litter: sawdust litter, paper litter, bamboo litter, grass litter, grain sand.

       Inorganic cat litter: bentonite cat litter, crystal cat litter, zeolite cat litter.

       1. Silicone cat litter:

       Silica gel cat litter is made of this characteristic of silica gel. The main component of silica gel cat litter is silica, which is non-toxic and pollution-free. It is a kind of green environmental protection product for family use. After using the cat litter, dig the pit and bury it. The appearance of silica gel cat litter is white and granular, light in weight and low in breakage, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria.

       2. Crystal cat litter:

       Crystal cat litter is translucent particles beads or some irregular particles, some brands will be mixed with beads of different colors, the efficacy of mildew, antibacterial, deodorization and so on. The advantage of crystal cat litter is strong absorption, beads will change color after absorbing urine, until the whole basin about 80% color change, you can completely replace. Of course, the stool will not disappear, but it needs to be cleaned up every day.

       Cats are very clean creatures. All the friends who keep cats know that they need to prepare cat toilets for cats and buy proper litter. So how often does it take a cat to change?

       Siamese cat

       There are many kinds of cat litter, and according to the different varieties, the use cycle is different, and the time of changing litter is also different.

       In short, the cat litter is mainly divided into traditional non caking sand, new coagulated sand and crystal sand with absorption function. Non condensable mineral sand is the cheapest, so it is used more often. Under normal circumstances, the traditional non caking ore must be replaced every three days. Of course, if you have more than three cats, you have to replace them once a day.

       In addition, crystal sand has absorption function. This kind of cat litter contains blue and white crystals with roughness equivalent to non caking mineral sand, which can absorb cat urine and neutralize odor. Therefore, the breeder must add new litter every day to remove the solid excretion of the cat, and turn the bedpan over to remove the litter that has absorbed urine, so as to keep the cat toilet clean and let the pet cat excrete normally.

       It should be noted that there is no clear limit and regulation on the time for replacing litter. No matter what kind of litter the breeder chooses, they should check the condition of the cat toilet in time, and then clean up and replace the litter in time. Don’t wait until the Cat Toilet gives off odor, and then the breeder will remember to change the litter. It will not only pollute the air, but also lead to bad excretion habits. Because, pet cats are very clean animals. If cat toilets emit strong odor, they will refuse to use cat toilets and excrete them everywhere.

       In a dry and ventilated environment, it should be changed every half a month in summer and once every three weeks in winter.

       Usually uninterrupted, from time to time cleaning litter basin in the stool, up to 24 hours to clear the accumulated stool.

       If you are one meter away from the litter basin, smell the litter basin, or see urine and urine exposed on the surface of the litter. It’s time for a complete change.

       The litter basin should not be too large. It is 45 cm long. The width is 30 cm, the height is 20 cm, and the thickness of cat litter is 5 cm. If it’s less, add it

       More than a month should be able to use, and the cat mother will teach kittens to use, really can not teach themselves can also. Take the kitten into the litter basin, put the cloth or things it has urinated into the basin, let it know that the stool is here, and scratch the litter twice with the cat’s paw. Over time, the kitten will know that it is the place to go to the toilet after teaching the kitten several times.

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