How old is a cat to give birth to kittens

       If you feed well, the female cat will be sexually mature and estrus for six months, and then you can have a kitten. The veterinarian will advise you not to mate for the first estrus, because the six-month-old cat is still too young in physical quality and psychological maturity, and lacks the necessary self-awareness.

       My kitten is in estrus for six months and was born in March this year. It’s reasonable to say that my family didn’t have a cat so early and would be lazy before giving birth. But this time, this one is too small to understand that he is pregnant. He has been jumping up and down before giving birth. Finally, he is still in the pursuit of the little male cat. Therefore, our family has been looking forward to the whole family for several months. It’s difficult to give birth. That’s all.

       Pure breed is a year and a half oestrus, not pure breed general 8 months oestrus.

       Female cats usually begin their first estrus from 7 to 9 months old, and there are more kittens in February April Spring.

       In addition to the hottest dog days in summer, all of them can be estrus, but the best breeding season is spring and autumn.

       After sexual maturity, the cat oestrus every 20-28 days. The estrus lasts for 3-7 days, and the required time is about 2-3 days.

       In fact, sterilization after birth is not good for female cats.

       Female cats to see whether there is a male cat, generally six months can be born. But for her health, it’s better to be late.

       Girls can have children at 16, but it’s better to be 24. It is suggested that cats be allowed to regenerate after one year old.

       In this way, her development is relatively complete and her immunity is relatively high. Recovery is faster. Kittens are also stronger.

       When cats are sexually mature at 5-6 months, premature reproduction will affect growth and even incontinence. I suggest you let your cat about one year old, when the body is basically good and more mature. The cat will be born about 63 days after pregnancy, and the female will show prenatal performance. Before the age of 1, if you can choose to use animal contraceptives, you can also buy people to use, the effect varies with the cat. About 50 days after giving birth, it will be re oestrus again, and more care should be taken at that time, because the kittens need breast milk, and the female cats are not recommended to take medicine. During the estrus period, sterilization is not allowed, which is likely to cause massive bleeding and life-threatening. Hope to help you.

       If you are not a professional breeder, don’t give birth to purebred cats. There are too many stray cats and lead a miserable life.

       Because of the different physiological structure of cats, because estrus and childbirth may cause many diseases.

       For male cats, it can avoid the problems of androgen tumor and prostate hypertrophy caused by estrus. In addition, frequent estrus male cats are most likely to have urinary tract obstruction, because there are secretions blocked, sterilization surgery can fundamentally solve this problem.

       For female cats, high estrus frequency can cause ovarian cysts, and the cats who have given birth will have problems such as pus accumulation, tumor, ovarian tumor and fibroids. Sterilizing cats can fundamentally reduce the health risks of cats, which is good for health.

       2. After sterilization, cats will not be infected with sexually transmitted diseases, such as feline sexuality.

       2. Let the cat get rid of the tension, irritability and loss of appetite caused by estrus, and restore the original lively nature. And for the male cat, it will also change the habit of venting.

       3. Avoid breeding blindly and control the number of stray cats.


       Sterilized cats don’t get estrus, but male cats still do, and castration doesn’t.

       Cats are basically in the age of 5-8 months when they start to heat

       You can operate on it. But you have to wait until it’s out of estrus

       After the operation, Xiaomi won’t be crying

       As for when it will be born, I don’t know

       It should be right after the first estrus

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