How old is a kitten to defecate on its own – how old is a kitten to excrete itself

       One month the kitten will defecate on its own. Kittens generally learn to eat by themselves about 25 days after birth.

       Knowledge of raising cats

       1. Feeding

       It is recommended that kittens be fed with special cat food.

       Feeding method: daily can put a bowl of cat food, after eating and then fill, kittens will control their own needs, do not have to worry about greedy problem

       Drinking water requirements: be sure to provide fresh water every day (pure water is preferred)

       Other wet food: can be appropriate to give some canned or wonderful fresh package

       Do not give the kitten to drink human milk (can cause gastrointestinal diarrhea and death), to drink special milk powder for cats and dogs

       2. Excretion

       Cats and cats are absolutely intelligent animals. When a kitten arrives at a new home, he will know it’s time to excrete when you pat its bottom on the litter

       Cat litter varieties: all kinds of crystal sand or dust sand, wood sand, paper sand

       Shovel sand method: use sand shovel every day to leak out the feces and urine blocks that have agglomerated in the sand pile.

       Please be sure to clean every day, changing sand frequency: generally, a cat at home can be changed once every three weeks

       3. Disinfestation

       There are some parasites inside and outside the cat. These parasites are harmless to human beings, but they have certain effects on cats and cats. You can buy anthelmintic for cats and cats in the pet hospital to do the internal and external treatment. Generally, once every 3 months or so, domestic cats are relatively clean and do not need frequent deworming because they have no outdoor activities. To remove all kinds of parasites in the body, oral drugs such as Bayer can be used. In addition, according to the cat’s body weight, the drug should be given in vitro to remove fleas and other insects. Generally, drops are used to peel off the hair and point on the cat’s neck and where the cat can’t lick it. It is not suitable to take a bath three days before and after the order. Please do not use the cat flea ring, which is highly toxic. It will cause skin ulceration and damage the cat’s smell.

       4. Immunity

       Cats and cats will also have diseases. For the sake of health of cats and cats, please immunize them once a year. You can contact your veterinarian. General cat vaccine can prevent feline plague (Pan leukopenia), feline viral rhinotracheitis, catarrhal enteritis and other infectious diseases with high mortality. Vaccine brand: intelway cat triple or other, and rabies vaccine. Immunization: once a year, injection

       5. Cleaning

       Cats and cats are clean animals. They can be bathed regularly according to the needs of your family (cats are afraid of water. Please appease cats’ emotions during bathing and avoid water droplets entering the ears and eyes of cats). You can use professional animal shower gel and dry cats as soon as possible to prevent cats from catching cold. Clean cat’s ears carefully with cotton swab after washing to prevent ear inflammation caused by moisture. Generally, cats change their hair once or twice a year. Please try to comb their fur every week, and often cut the sharp nails to prevent scratching (the nails of cats are transparent, and the pink nail of the lower part of the nails can be seen in the place with good light, so please do not cut the flesh to avoid bleeding). Note: don’t take a bath for half a year

       One month the kitten will defecate on its own.

       Kittens usually learn to eat on their own about 25 days after birth, usually the first food they come into contact with. It doesn’t matter if the mother eats Kitten Food. If the mother eats adult cat food, we should put the food at a relatively high place.

       There are also careful owners who will prepare other food for the kitten. At this time, we need to pay attention to what can be given to the kitten and what can’t be given to the kitten? We can make the kitten’s food into paste, and during this period, we can also feed the kittens some cat milk powder. Whether it is the paste food made by feeding kitten food or cat milk powder, the amount of feeding should be controlled. 5 ml can be used as an increase or decrease unit. You can feed it once in the morning and once in the evening. The defecation of the kittens was observed. Stop feeding if you feel unwell.

       During this period, some owners will feed their children food (milk powder or meat paste) which is not allowed because the digestive system and absorption system of cats are different from those of human beings. May cause diarrhea or other health problems. After 3-5 days of supplementary feeding, the kittens can eat paste or cat milk powder by themselves.

       In 30 days or so can stop feeding paste food, let the kitten learn to eat dry or semi dry (with warm water or cat milk powder bubble) cat food (to increase the hardness of the food). After the kitten has fully learned to eat food, you can appropriately add some nutrition cream, meat or other calcium nutrition. Pay attention to make sure it is used by young cats, and do not easily feed adult cats with things, because kittens intestines Tao is more sensitive

       Newborn kittens don’t excrete themselves, you need to help them. After feeding, spread a towel on your knee, put the kitten on it, and wipe them with a soft clean towel or cloth to stimulate defecation. Gently rubbing the cat’s belly or patting the back can make them burp. Make sure that the kitten’s buttocks are clean! Use the wet tissue you use to wipe the kitten’s buttocks. If you have swelling or inflammation, apply anti-inflammatory ointment to the affected area. Remember, kittens pull several times a day, so always watch to see if his butt is clean.

       Cat does not defecate words is abnormal, the cat defecate frequency and it eats how much also has a relationship. We should pay more attention to the health of the cat. If the cat doesn’t defecate, we can change our diet. For example, we can not continue to feed cat food. We can make some liquid food which is easy to digest and has more water. We should eat more fruits and vegetables. We should consider feeding meow and probiotics. We should exercise more at ordinary times. We should not develop bad eating habits.

       Milk cats are generally born after three to four weeks will have their own defecation. If the cat does not defecate normally for a long time, it is recommended to take it to the pet hospital for examination. Under the normal defecation condition, you can start to teach the suckling cat to use the litter. Pull it by the kitten’s side with your hand. It means to bury the feces and urine. The kittens usually learn quickly.

       When kittens look clean and round, and they are sleeping quietly, please don’t take them away because of your impulse.

       Because the kittens in this state are taken care of by the cat mother. The cat mother may have just fed them milk and then looked for food to replenish their body. If you take them away, it is tantamount to robbing the mother of the cat’s children. It is a good intention to do a bad thing.

       But if you find kittens crying and dirty (lots of fleas, lice and even maggots, or oil on their bodies, etc.), or if you see them exposed to downpour, intense hot sun, icy, biting wheels, some are shivering with cold, some have fainted from hunger or dehydration The tongue is extended and weak.

       If you’re an animal lover, please help these poor children, find a clean towel or a pair of new gloves that you haven’t used, wear gloves or hold them up with a towel (the purpose of using clean gloves or towels is to avoid the smell of human beings on the kittens).

       Milk cats are generally born after three to four weeks will have their own defecation.

       If the cat does not defecate normally for a long time, it is recommended to take it to the pet hospital for examination. Under the normal defecation condition, you can start to teach the suckling cat to use the litter. Pull it out by the kitten’s hand, which means to bury the feces and urine. The kittens usually learn quickly.

       The kitten can defecate on its own in about a month. Before that, the female cat licks the kitten to stimulate her defecation. If it is an orphan kitten, she needs to dip a tissue in warm water to help her defecate and urinate. Kittens can not be fed milk, because of its lactose intolerance, will lead to diarrhea, it is recommended to feed goat milk, goat milk nutrients are more balanced, suitable for young animals.

       One month later, but there must be guidance so as not to urinate anywhere.

       First of all, the owner should prepare a litter basin. After the cat urinates, he will pick up his poop in the cat basin, let the cat sniff and tell him where to urinate. It’s easy for kittens to forget that when they take their stools to other places, they should educate them again, and then wipe the traces away from them and use disinfectant to eliminate the smell. At the same time, once the cat is found to be defecating outside, the owner should take the cat back to the fixed litter basin in time, and then let the cat urinate. After a period of time, the cat will only urinate in the cat basin. In the ordinary days, the breeder also often cleans the basin, the cat loves to clean, if it is too dirty, the cat will poop outside.

       In the training of pet cats, owners need to pay more energy and time, and the training should be persistent and have the spirit of perseverance. Training cats also need to step by step, from simple to difficult, slowly let the cat master the skills of defecation in a fixed place. In the process of training, the owner can’t beat and scold the cat at will, but also can’t indulge the pet cat without the bottom line. In the process of training, the host should give both kindness and authority, with clear rewards and punishments. Do not hesitate to reward, but severely punish those who sabotage or commit malicious and destructive acts. So that the cat can successfully complete the whole training, master the skills of defecation in a fixed place.

       You don’t need to stimulate yourself to defecate in 20-25 days. It’s too small for 22 days. It’s estimated that you won’t find cat litter by yourself. You can keep it patiently for a few more days to see when you can defecate without stimulation. It’s almost the same.

       In general, they will walk around in 30 days. When the time comes, they will stick their urine and urine on toilet paper and put them in sand basins. Some of them will know to go to the sand basins. Some need you to teach them. Just hold them in the sand basins and let them smell them. In short, when they are young, the sand basins should not be too far away from their activity places, or they will not be able to find them or climb up.

       Cats are born to defecate and do not need artificial stimulation. It’s a natural function of cats.

       Tips on raising cats

       Comfortable cat’s nest

       1. When most cats sleep, they like the roofed house and the uncovered basin.

       2. The cat’s nest should be placed in a dry, secluded place where no attention should be paid and exposed to the sunlight.

       2 cat cutlery

       Cat utensils include food basin and water basin, the quality should be solid, the bottom of the basin should be heavy and the edge should be thick. It is best to choose the tableware that can let the cat use for a lifetime. Because some cats have no appetite after changing the food bowl.

       3 Cat Toilet

       Cat toilet is also called cat litter basin, which is a basin for cats and cats to defecate. The best choice of plastic, enamel containers made of cat litter basin, so that easy to clean, but also not easy to rust and damage.

       4 cat toys

       Cats like toys very much, especially rubber balls, paper balls, string balls or balloons and other round things. You can also hang some floating ribbons, strips of paper and cloth.

       matters needing attention

       Cat skin and human skin pH is different, so we should prepare special pet bath. Cats and cats have to grind their nails every day, so they should prepare their special cat scratch board to reduce the chance of catching the sofa. When kittens are three or four months old, they can still cut their nails with human nail clippers, but when they are big, they must buy a special nail clipper for pets. A hairy cat must have a comb. A human comb can’t loosen a cat’s undercoat. Prepare an air box, which is easy to carry when you need to take it to the hospital or move.

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