How old is the kitten? How old is the kitten to feed

       From the age of 3-4 weeks, the kittens began to be interested in the food of female cats. You can give the kitten some fine soft food or dry food after milk or bubble. The food can be for the female cat or specially made for the kitten. Once the kitten begins to eat solid food, it begins the weaning process. The young cats gradually ate more and more solid food and were completely weaned at 7-8 weeks of age.

       Once weaned, the kitten no longer needs milk. With the development of the digestive tract of young cats, the ability to digest lactose gradually weakens, while adult cats cannot digest lactose. If you want to milk the kittens. We should provide special lactose free milk and fresh drinking water at any time.

       Since the kitten’s physiological function is not yet sound, it is recommended to provide high-energy food and feed it many times. Unlike dogs, kittens don’t like to eat too much and should eat freely. The weaning weight of the kitten is 600-1000 g, and the male cat is significantly heavier than the female cat, and this trend will remain for life. The peak of energy requirement (840 kJ / kg body weight) was about 10 weeks old, and then decreased gradually. But in the first six months, due to rapid growth, the demand remained relatively high.

       In theory, it’s about 40 to 50 days, and his teeth will grow well enough to chew cat food

       Generally speaking, it is a little more than a month to break breast milk, and then use milk powder to soak soft cat food or hot water to give kittens to eat, pay attention not to kittens and milk can not absorb easily lead to diarrhea, bubble to eat 10 days can directly feed cat food

       But it’s only half a month when my kitten came to my house. His original owner lied to me. He ate cat food directly for one month, and the kitten also tasted delicious. 1.5 months later, I took him to the pet store for injection. The doctor said that it would be about 50 days to see the teeth, that is, when the cat came to my house for half a month, he began to eat cat food, so this is not absolute Of course, if he can eat breast milk, try to eat more, so that the nutrition is good, and you can eat milk powder for him for a period of time. Kittens love to eat, which is better for his health, and that box of not eating is also wasted

       Milk powder is sold on the Internet. The development treasure of Holland Weiba is very good. Pet shops also sell it

       To be conservative, you can eat cat food after a month or so and eat too much for about a week. In short, if you have time and energy, you need to do it conservatively

       I hope I can help you

       You can’t eat chicken liver, vitamin A poisoning, calcium deficiency, and even paralysis. You can eat it once in a while, but you can’t eat it for a long time. You can go to the supermarket to buy a special nutritional can with meat flavor. The canned food is super rich in nutrition. There are vegetables and meat in it. It is muddy and belongs to liquid food, The cat can be steamed hot at home. A can can can can be eaten three times. Or it can be soaked in milk powder for kittens. It is estimated that the cat is too small to eat solid food. The food matching in weaning stage is particularly important. Take your time to feed the kitten. The kitten is very weak in the first few weeks after birth. No matter whether it is raised by the mother cat or artificially fed, In the weaning stage, the cat owner’s participation is particularly important. In order to adapt the kitten’s digestive system to eat food, the weaning procedure is called weaning. Generally, the kitten can eat liquid food mixed with milk, such as cereal porridge, and then gradually add meat into the diet, Since the food learned by the kitten will determine the way it drinks in adulthood, it is worth providing the kitten with a diversified and balanced diet from the beginning to develop good eating habits. At weaning stage, the kitten’s diet nutrition list is 3 weeks old ——– cat milk powder or human * diluted with canned milk and water, Feeding method: spoon liquid, 4 times a day, 4 weeks old ——– milk powder and milk, mixed with malt flour, canned and bottled food (fish, meat, cheese, etc.) mixed in milk. Feeding method: put in shallow basin or plate 4 times a day, let the kitten eat as much as possible. 5 weeks old ——– finely stirred meat foam, finely chopped canned cat food, Or chop the fish and cook it with milk to replace the feeding method: once a day, let the kitten eat as much as possible, and don’t put too much at one time. 6-8 weeks old ——– increase the solid food, and it is better to eat the canned nutrition balanced cat food. Feeding method: feed according to the above method, When the kittens are over 8 weeks old, they are usually weaned completely. They are fed with solid food 2-3 times a day and a plate of milk. After the kittens grow to 6 months, if you like, you can use water instead of feeding milk. Feeding method: put the solid food on the plate, milk and water as much as possible, At least 2-3 times a day ~ vitamins should be changed once a day. It is a good idea to give the kittens a multivitamin syrup for human use once a day. From the beginning of weaning to the age of 6 months, mix it into the diet and feed the kittens

       It usually takes the full moon to eat by yourself. It’s easy to find out if you have your own foraging behavior by observing carefully.

       Knowledge of raising cats

       1. Feeding

       It is recommended that kittens be fed with special cat food.

       Feeding method: daily can put a bowl of cat food, after eating and then fill, kittens will control their own needs, do not have to worry about greedy problem

       Drinking water requirements: be sure to provide fresh water every day (pure water is preferred)

       Other wet food: can be appropriate to give some canned or wonderful fresh package

       Don’t drink cow’s milk (which can lead to diarrhea and death), but drink milk powder for cats and dogs

       2. Excretion

       Cats and cats are absolutely intelligent animals. When a kitten arrives at a new home, he will know it’s time to excrete when you pat its bottom on the litter

       Cat litter varieties: all kinds of crystal sand or dust sand, wood sand, paper sand

       Shovel sand method: use sand shovel every day to leak out the feces and urine blocks that have agglomerated in the sand pile.

       Please be sure to clean every day, changing sand frequency: generally, a cat at home can be changed once every three weeks

       3. Disinfestation

       There are some parasites inside and outside the cat. These parasites are harmless to human beings, but they have certain effects on cats and cats. You can buy anthelmintic for cats and cats in the pet hospital to do the internal and external treatment. Generally, once every 3 months or so, domestic cats are relatively clean and do not need frequent deworming because they have no outdoor activities. To remove all kinds of parasites in the body, oral drugs such as Bayer can be used. In addition, according to the cat’s body weight, the drug should be given in vitro to remove fleas and other insects. Generally, drops are used to peel off the hair and point on the cat’s neck and where the cat can’t lick it. It is not suitable to take a bath three days before and after the order. Please do not use the cat flea ring, which is highly toxic. It will cause skin ulceration and damage the cat’s smell.

       4. Immunity

       Cats and cats will also have diseases. For the sake of health of cats and cats, please immunize them once a year. You can contact your veterinarian. General cat vaccine can prevent feline plague (Pan leukopenia), feline viral rhinotracheitis, catarrhal enteritis and other infectious diseases with high mortality. Vaccine products: intelway cat triple or other, and rabies vaccine. Immunization: once a year, injection

       5. Cleaning

       Cats and cats are clean animals. They can be bathed regularly according to the needs of your family (cats are afraid of water. Please appease cats’ emotions during bathing and avoid water droplets entering the ears and eyes of cats). You can use professional animal shower gel and dry cats as soon as possible to prevent cats from catching cold. Clean cat’s ears carefully with cotton swab after washing to prevent ear inflammation caused by moisture. Generally, cats change their hair once or twice a year. Please try to comb their fur every week, and often cut the sharp nails to prevent scratching (the nails of cats are transparent, and the pink nail of the lower part of the nails can be seen in the place with good light, so please do not cut the flesh to avoid bleeding). Note: don’t take a bath for half a year

       Hello, Hello, the kitten can be fed with long teeth. Here are some good options

       1. Cat’s milk is different from human’s, so human’s milk is not suitable for kittens. Cat’s milk can be purchased from pet hospitals, cat shops and large pet shops. If kittens can’t drink it by themselves, they can be slowly injected into the mouth with a slightly larger syringe, which should be suitable for the temperature~

       2. Minced beef will be minced into mud cooked for kittens to eat, pay attention to do not put any seasoning, salt is not allowed Oh! Healthy, nutritious and delicious cat meal~

       3. The temperature of soaking cat food in water should be appropriate, I don’t need to say ha~

       4. Canned cat for kittens, ah, the same as the place where the cat milk is purchased. It shows off the taste that cats love to eat. Baby cats like it very much~

       The above ingredients can be mixed with a little calcium, which is helpful to the health of baby cat! (not recommended for cat milk)

       You can’t have less vegetables, just stir it with all your heart (not recommended for cat milk)

       As for how to know that they will eat, put the food next to him to see if he will eat or not~

       PS: I’m so tired~~

       Don’t forget the praise and the best~

       For more cat recipes, I have an “exclusive secret recipe” Oh, I wish the cat owner and baby cat health~~

       1. Kittens can eat by themselves in a month.

       2. Don’t milk any more. Try the meat based Kitten Food, such as Weijia kitten’s miaoshengbao. My kittens have a good time.

       3. You don’t have to tempt him to eat and drink water. From what you said, the kitten is healthy. If you are hungry, you will eat, if you are thirsty, you will drink water. But you have to give the solid food that people want to eat! ha-ha! It’s grown up…

       4. Don’t worry about starving it during the day. The cat usually eats best at night. The kitten can add food during the day. You can put the food there. If you are hungry, it will eat naturally. Don’t worry

       More than three months.

       The difference between young cat food and adult cat food lies in the difference of nutrient composition and particle size. It’s made according to the nutritional needs of cats at different times.

       Young cats can eat adult cat food, but it should be soaked for young cats. They can eat it occasionally, but not for a long time. Long term eating adult cat hair will cause malnutrition. From the point of view of the stomach and intestines, kitten food is easier for young cats to absorb. It is based on the body structure of young cats. Therefore, when buying cat food for young cats, you must choose Kitten Food. Compared with adult cat food, kittens are more suitable.

       Extended data:

       matters needing attention:

       1. It is mainly fed with baby cat food and cat milk cake. If the cat food is not suitable for vomiting at the beginning, you can soak it in warm water and feed it again, which will make it easier to digest.

       2. At the end of two months, you should take the kitten to get vaccinated, which can enhance the immunity of the cat and is not easy to get sick. The first time a kitten is vaccinated, it is usually a triple vaccine plus rabies vaccine, with a total of 4 injections. It needs to be given once every two weeks.

       3. Try not to give the kitten a bath, it is best to wait for a little older, such as four or five months later. Once the kitten is frightened and has a cold, it will be very troublesome. If you are really dirty, you can wipe it with a wet towel.

       4. Don’t give the kitten food. People’s food is generally not to be fed, because it contains a lot of salt, grease and seasoning, which will cause a great burden on the cat’s life, and long-term feeding will affect the cat’s life span.

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – Cat

       Source: Baidu Encyclopedia – cat food

       Half a month’s kittens are still small. Try not to feed them hard food or milk.

       1¡¢ Weaning

       Generally speaking, by the time of 4 weeks, the kittens will begin to wean. The main reason is that the digestive enzymes in their bodies change and their ability to digest lactose is reduced. Therefore, they can not meet their nutritional needs.

       This is a strange time. 1-3 months old kittens look small, very weak and a bit cute, but in fact, their bodies are in the stage of “brutal” growth and development. In this time, their energy requirements are three times that of adult cats. If you don’t give your kittens enough energy and nutrients at this time, they may be listless, have dim hair, get sick frequently, or even slow down. However, considering that the kitten’s teeth at this time are not fully grown and can’t eat hard food, it is better to choose cat milk cake. Now, some of the better cat’s milk cakes on the market (such as domestic cat’s milk cake) have special designs for kittens at this stage. For example, the granules of cat’s milk cake have high rehydration, soft texture and easy to soak in water to soften (but it can still be granular rather than scattered into powder or soup). Besides, it also adds the antioxidant complex of Celt, high digestible protein l.i.p and prebiotics It helps the development of immune system and digestive system of kittens. By the time of 3-4 months, the kittens’ teeth have basically grown, and they can officially start to eat Kitten Food! When changing grain, pay attention to gradually changing (for example, 80% old grain + 20% new grain on the first day, 60% old grain + 40% new grain the next day…) Otherwise, the cat owner is likely to refuse to eat or cause gastrointestinal problems.

       2¡¢ Sterilization

       Sterilization is a cat’s big problem. Now research suggests that sterilizing cats can make them more docile and, more importantly, help them avoid some diseases and live a better life~

       Generally speaking, cats will start their first estrus around the age of 1, and impatient owners can take them to have sterilization surgery after the first estrus is complete (if sterilization is done before estrus, it is very likely that they can’t have gills, so it’s not good-looking; if you do sterilization during estrus, the hormones in the body are difficult to be consumed in a short time, and the cat will be very restless). Sterilization must be carried out in a regular pet hospital / clinic. The professional veterinarian there will give the safest plan according to the cat’s health condition, so that the cat can live safely, without “egg sorrow”.

       How old can a kitten eat cat food

       One month old kitten’s intestines and stomach are still delicate and lack of many digestive enzymes. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid feeding too complicated food, such as canned food and meat. At this stage, the kittens should be fed with some easily digestible food. They can eat natural high goat milk powder instead of breast milk. After a month, they can eat full price baby cat food. In addition, considering the cat’s intestines and stomach, goat milk powder is soaked in cat food to help digestion. Pay attention to the fact that the excrement removing officers must not feed the cat with milk. The lactose content in the milk powder is too large to be absorbed by the cat’s intestines and stomach, and may have diarrhea.

       The kittens over 4 months old have full teeth and can chew food. The digestion and absorption capacity of the intestines and stomach are also enhanced. At this time, the kittens can eat dry cat food. If the cat has been eating milk powder before, the excrement removing officers can take seven days to change food. First, soak the cat food with milk powder for the cat to eat, and then gradually reduce the proportion of milk powder, so that the cat’s intestines and stomach gradually adapt to it. After a week, all cats can eat cat food. In addition, the digestive system of kittens still needs to be taken care of carefully in the kitten stage, which is the first issue to be considered when choosing the kitten food. In addition to cat food, you can also properly feed some meat, vegetables and fruits, supplement protein and vitamins, so that the cat can get more balanced nutrition.

       It is worth noting that cat food is also good and bad, so when choosing cat food, you should choose what is suitable for the cat, and also have nutrition. In fact, it is not easy to keep a cat. In addition to worrying about food, we should also consider the health and mood of the cat.

       Growing kittens need much more white matter than adult cats, and their intestines are also relatively fragile. If kittens are fed with cat food, the royal family is still worth choosing. At that time, I didn’t know what cat food to buy, so I asked my friend who opened the cat house. The Royal baby cat food is well made, very soft and easy to digest protein, which can make the cat digest well.

       Anyone who has had a baby dog at home should know that taking care of a baby dog is no easier than caring for a baby dog. Especially the newly weaned puppies have broken the heart of the excrement shoveling officer.

       My master’s son was weaned about a month after birth. It’s time to choose a suitable food for it after weaning. At this time, the dog is in the “immune window period”, the resistance is very low, gastrointestinal function is also very fragile, often cold, diarrhea and other problems. The disease is in the master, and the pain is in my heart. In order to make the master grow up healthily and avoid the suffering of the disease,

       In order to ensure the healthy growth of the owners, you should choose the most suitable dog food according to the different ages of dogs.

       The cat food can be soaked in warm water for 4 weeks. When the kitten is 10 weeks old, it can be fed with dry cat food, so that it can eat freely and have clean drinking water.

       Eat less and eat more, and pay attention to the timing, ration and fixed point of feeding.

       Feed at a fixed time every day to form a good eating habit.

       Don’t eat too much or too little. With the age of the cat, the appetite of the kitten increases gradually at three or four months, and it keeps stable after more than eight months.

       Generally, about 2 months of the cat a day to eat more than 5, 6 times. Three months ago, kittens were generally fed four times a day, such as 9:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m. When they are three to six months old, they are fed three times a day. After six months of age, twice a day, it’s best to eat dry cat food, which is good for its teeth and gums.

       When the milk for kittens is not enough or there is no milk, you can drink special pet milk powder. When you are bigger, you can add some rice flour in the milk powder. If you eat milk directly, it may cause diarrhea, because kittens can’t digest milk well.

       Cat: head round, face short, forelimb five fingers, hind limbs four toes, toe tip with sharp and curved claws, claws can stretch. Nocturnal sex. Hunting other animals by ambush, most of them can climb trees. There are fat pads on the bottom of the cat’s toes to avoid making noises when walking and not to scare rats away when hunting. The claws are in a contraction state when they are on the road to prevent the claws from being blunt, and will be extended when catching rats and climbing rocks.

       The cat can learn to lick and drink water first when it is about 20 days

       Eat milk,

       In a few days

       You can try to feed him

       But don’t be too exciting

       It’s better to put some bread in the milk, steamed bread and so on, so that he can have an excessive time

       After eating for about a week, we can feed our meals

       But make sure you chew it in your mouth before giving it to the cat. That’s how I feed cats

       Big cats, too

       But it doesn’t have to be like it’s for kittens

       Chew it so fine that it can be eaten after chewing.

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