How old is the puppet cat? How many months is the embarrassing period for Muppets?

       Muppet cat (details) is a beautiful and charming cat with good personality. They are docile, friendly, patient, like to surround the host, very sticky. Puppet cats mature late, about three years before they can fully develop. Some puppet cats have sparse hair. Parents are very worried about it. How old are the Muppets? How many months is the embarrassing period for Muppets?

       Awkwardness period refers to a period when a cat temporarily deviates from its proper proportion, sense of coordination and aesthetic feeling due to normal growth, so it is called embarrassment period. Occasionally, a small number of cats and cats keep the proportion, coordination and aesthetic feeling that the breed should have during the growing process. Then, such cats can be said to be very beautiful in embarrassing period, or there is no embarrassing period.

       The embarrassment period is caused by the normal growth characteristics. Embarrassment period refers to the rapid growth of the kitten’s body. At the same time, due to the different growth speed of various tissue structures, the kittens temporarily lose the correct body proportion, sense of balance and aesthetic feeling of the breed (for example, the face becomes longer because the skull will grow longitudinally first, resulting in the face becoming longer, and then there is obvious horizontal (wide) After the embarrassment period, the length and width of the face returned to the normal proportion, accompanied by hair change, lines become light (change the fetal hair) and other phenomena.

       The embarrassment period of Muppet cats basically occurs from about 3 months old to 6 and 7 months old, and the individual gap will be long and short, sooner or later.

       So the embarrassing period is a stage of the growth and development of Muppets, and there is no need to worry too much!

       Parents wait patiently, puppet cat will become a fairy. In addition, you can feed the cat food with high protein content, or lecithin. When bathing the cat, you must use cat shampoo instead of human bath gel.

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