How old is the Scotch fold eared cat – how big is the suger’s

       Cats in estrus

       From the end of winter to the beginning of summer is cat’s oestrus, which is generally called “cat calls spring”. Under natural conditions, except for the hottest dog days in summer, cats can estrus, but the best breeding season is spring and autumn.

       Time for sexual maturity

       Cats are usually between 6 and 12 months old, they can reach sexual maturity and begin to oestrus, and a few have to wait a few months at night. Just like human beings, there is no exact time point. Due to the differences in nutrition, breed, growth environment, individual physiology and psychology, the sexual maturity time of individual cats is different. Also reminds the owner to pay attention to the cat’s family planning as soon as possible.

       Sexual maturity of female cats

       The female cat’s sexual maturity time, precocious in 4, 5 months, also late to 1.5 years old. Many people think the cat is still young, so they are scared when they are big.

       Sexual maturity of male cats

       Generally speaking, it is relatively late, but there are also 4 or 5 months of feces. However, there are many factors for male cats to achieve mating, such as too light weight, low social status of cat race, psychological barriers, etc., even if they are mature, they can not mate.

       Oestrus of female cats

       In the first stage, the external part of the cat was just separated, and the external part was swollen and slightly split; in the second stage, the * * was completely separated, with obvious swelling and two large valves of * * with a small amount of white mucus; in the third stage, the swelling and valgus of * * were obvious, with a large amount of mucus; in the fourth stage, the swelling of the part of * * gradually subsided and withered The hair was shrunk and dried, and the shape of the brush gradually appeared. Usually, the second and third phases are the most likely to succeed.

       Female cats in estrus, eyes bright, loss of appetite, increased activity, like to go out wandering, especially at night, appears restless. In estrus, the behavior and voice of the female cat will change. The most obvious is the “cat calls for spring”, like a crying voice like a * *, sometimes howling. Female cats often roll and twist on the ground; they become very friendly to people; they often dally with people or desks, chairs and cabinets with their bodies; a few female cats will urinate around or have poor appetite. When you stroke the cat’s back or near its tail (such as the base of its tail), she will raise her buttocks, turn her tail to one side, and then walk on the ground. This is the position that the female cat is ready to accept.

       The situation of a female cat kept in the house will be particularly obvious. If there is no chance of sexual intercourse, the situation will be more and more serious. The estrus period may be delayed to 20 days, but the interval of estrus will be shortened. Normal people can’t stand this situation!

       Oestrus of male cats

       Mature male cats are attracted by the scent and calls of the female estrus cats before they induce estrus. In order to win the heart of the female cat, the male cat will fight to win the victory (but the female cat may not like the winner). The male hormones of sexually mature male cats increase greatly. They will occupy the territory everywhere. The urine smell is very heavy. Fighting and injury also have the risk of infection and illness, which is very disturbing. Therefore, if you don’t want to breed or “commit crimes” to a male cat, you should consider castration.

       A cat’s oestrus season

       ***Season: from late winter, spring and autumn are the main seasons.

       Estrus cycle: about 3-4 cycles a year.

       Estrus time: average 6-10 days.

       Estrus interval: in the season of * * the female cat is in estrus once every 2-3 weeks.

       These are the approximate average values, which vary from one to the other. There are a few exceptions even in the season of sexual intercourse, but the cycle after oestrus is the same.

       If there is no sexual intercourse during estrus, the cat will soon be in estrus again, about two to three weeks apart. If you don’t have oestrus for a long time, your cat’s estrus interval is shortened, and it looks like it’s in constant heat.

       Ovulation characteristics of female cats

       Unlike female dogs in estrus, mature female cats will not be discharged automatically. They will ovulate only when stimulated by * *, so there will be no bleeding during estrus. Because of this ovulation characteristic, and the frequency of sexual intercourse is not necessarily the same as that of male cats, the kitten may have more than one father. Of course! There are also female cats who are very special and only willing to have children with specific male cats.

       Estrous cats like to shout or sometimes urinate, irritable mood, loss of appetite, weight loss. Unlike dogs, cat behavior during estrus (such as peeing and crying like a child) is difficult to control by human training. Therefore, it is recommended that the cat should be sterilized so that it can spend the rest of his life carefree.

       The cat is pregnant

       The pregnancy period of a cat is about 63 days. Kittens will be born 63 days before and after the date of mating.

       ***In current affairs, we should first consider the expected date of birth of a good cat, that is, two months from the date of the birth date plus two days. If the date ends on January 20, the expected date of delivery is March 24. The purpose of calculating the birth time of kittens is to avoid the period of plum rain, humid and muggy heat or extremely cold period, so as to prevent the sick of kittens due to the bad environment at the time of birth.

       After mating for 3-5 weeks, the cat’s abdomen swelled up, * turned bright pink, * also swelled, and appetite increased dramatically. These characteristics can confirm that the cat is pregnant.

       Because of the surge of hormone secretion during pregnancy, the hair color of the short haired cat is more bright and colorful. Therefore, it can be used to distinguish whether the cat is pregnant.

       It is ideal for females to give birth to kittens once a year, no more than twice at most.

       The number of pregnancies can be controlled. If the female cat and male cat are kept together, the female cat and the male cat will be isolated when the female cat is in estrus.

       In order to have a healthy cat, a good choice should be made for a healthy cat. In particular, healthy male cats who had been vaccinated were selected.

       Pay attention to prevent close relatives.

       Please consider sterilization after one birth. It can not only make the cat live longer, but also avoid blind breeding and control the number of stray cats.

       Cats are usually between 6 and 12 months old, they can reach sexual maturity and begin to oestrus, and a few have to wait a few months at night. Just like human beings, there is no exact time point. Due to the differences in nutrition, breed, growth environment, individual physiology and psychology, the sexual maturity time of individual cats is different. Also reminds the owner to pay attention to the cat’s family planning as soon as possible.

       It is said that in 1961, a female cat in a hunter’s house in Scotland gave birth to a litter of kittens. Among them, there is a lovely kitten with white fur, tight ears and like an elf Because of its origin close to Scotland, Cooper Angus has since been named “Scotch fold eared cat” according to its birthplace and the phenomenon of its ears falling down. The first cat, Susie, was the ancestor of the surilan cat. Susie gave birth to another white cat with folded ears.

       For the health of you and your family, please don’t keep cats.

       In addition to biting people, cats can catch people.

       The cat has a lot of fleas. The cat is very dirty and ugly.

       Cats can transmit rabies, toxoplasmosis, cat scratch disease, hookworm disease, Salmonella, streptococcal pharyngitis, cryptosporidiosis, giardiasis and other diseases.

       The cat seriously damages the environment.

       Cats threaten people’s health.

       People with conscience are against keeping cats.

       The cat upstairs is 3 years old. It’s hard to cultivate feelings unless you want to buy and breed Scottish Fold ears. I’ll say first of all, if it’s pure blood, it’s very small ears. In fact, the gene of the cat with folded ears is a kind of morbid heredity. When the cat moves, every joint of the whole body is in pain, so it’s very inhumane. I had to buy fold ears before Later, I found out that it was the case or I bought the ear, and the price was better, that is, the purebred one should be more than 5000 or even tens of thousands. If it is the ordinary folded ear of 3000 or 4000 yuan, this is the price of the young cat. If the adult cat is a breeding cat (this kind of cat is generally certified), it will be tens of thousands. The other is cheaper. The Scottish Fold ear belongs to medium-sized physique It’s not big or small

       Let’s talk about the pedigree certificate. Unless it is a foreign CAA certification, the domestic certification is meaningless. Anyone can do it. It’s just a matter of money and time. The domestic certification center is called China small animal association. Do you understand?

       At present, the price of male kittens is about 1200-2500 yuan, and the price of females is about 2200-3000 yuan. All of them belong to cats of common blood without certificate

       The price of adult cats fluctuates about 500 on the basis of kittens. It depends on how the seller sells or whether the cat has a blood certificate. It also depends on whether it is sold by a pet store or by someone else’s family

       The life span of a cat is about 12-18 years. The average adult cat is over 3 years old

       Chinese Name: Scotch cat

       Common names and nicknames: Scottish pleated eared cat, Scottish curved eared cat

       English Name: Scottish Fold

       Breed: there are two types of Scotch fold eared cats: folded ears and straight ears (normal ears), but they carry the genetic genes of fold eared cats.

       Historical origin: in 1961, a Shepherd named William discovered the first cat with folded ears on a farm in Scotland.

       Country of origin: Scotland

       Ancestor: impure short haired cat

       The Scottish Fold eared cat is the ideal pet. It is gentle and can get along with other pets including dogs. They have a round face like this breed of short haired cats. They have medium-sized ears that cover the sides of their heads like hats. Their noses are slightly concave and their eyes are round. They show their friendly personality.

       Body description:


       The head and cheek are bulging, and the outline is round, which looks like a gentle curve on the side. The male cat has more meat and looks like drooping. can

       Ears fold forward, ears of medium size, front is round, as if wearing a hat, looks more rounded head.

       The eyes are large and round, and the color is based on the coat color. The distance between the eyes is very wide.

       The nose, nose and bridge are round and wide.

       The jaw, the upper jaw and the lower jaw are strong, and the occlusion is normal.

       The bones of the limbs are medium in length to the body; the soles of the feet are round and very neat.

       Tail tail: short and dense coat, soft and elastic; tail length is in positive proportion to body size.

       The coat is divided into long hair and short hair. The short hair is very elastic and densely growing; the long hair is down the body, with a silky texture. The colored hair areas on the coat are not connected with each other. There should be no white hair in the colored hair area. The unique medium long coat does not stick to the body.

       There are many kinds of coat colors, such as chocolate, lavender, dark brown, dark blue, lavender and white.

       Note: it takes about two weeks for the kittens of Scotch fold eared cats to begin to fold their ears down.

       Because folding eared cats are very rare, and not every cat is born with folded ears, so the demand for them is in short supply.

       In 1961, a Shepherd named William Roth first saw the jacketed cat on a farm near Cooper Angus in tessed, Scotland. Rose gave her the name Susie, and began to breed the cat from the white warehouse kitten. The unique feature of this breed is that the ears are rolled downward and inward, much like a teddy bear, so it quickly won the favor of American cat lovers and judges. The Scottish Fold eared cat won the American Cat Lovers Association (CFA) champion in 1978.

       There are two types of Scottish Fold eared cats: fold ears and vertical ears (putonger). Ear fold is caused by incomplete dominant gene mutation.

       The folded eared cat is the result of intraspecific breeding, but it is also allowed to cross with other breeds, such as American and British Shorthair. They are not as strong and muscular as american shorthair cats, nor are they as big, compact, short legs and flat forehead as British Bobcats. The cat with folded ears is actually a medium-sized cat with round body, short, dense and elastic fur. Its sweet eyes are big and round, full of flesh, short nose, and round face.

       The ears of the Scotch cat are erect when they are born, and they begin to roll inward at the age of three or four weeks Or maybe not! It is almost 11 or 2 weeks old before breeders can finally judge the quality and grade of a cat (PET, breeder or exhibitor). At present, only Scottish folding eared cats with rolled in ears are allowed to participate in the exhibition; of course, every breeder hopes to produce cats that can participate in the exhibition. The standing ear offspring of the Scotch fold eared cat are not valuable for breeding.

       Because folding eared cats are very rare, and not every cat is born with folded ears, so the demand for them is in short supply.

       Scotch fold eared cat is very hard-working, inheriting the characteristics of the ancestors to see the warehouse cat. Its appearance and gentle character are very consistent, very light call, rarely speak aloud. It is willing to be with people and express it in its own peaceful way.

       The Scotch cat can adapt to all kinds of family life, from noisy children and dogs to single families. It doesn’t feel frightened at cat shows or in strange hotels, and can get along well with other animals.

       The fur color of the Scottish Fold eared cat is various, except chocolate, lavender, Himalayan cat’s fur spots or a combination of the above.

       When buying a Scotch fold eared cat, check the elasticity of its tail, limbs and feet. The limbs should not be too heavy, or the legs are too short or too thick to cause movement inconvenience. To check the elasticity of the tail, gently slide the hand down the tail and then arc up. If the tail elasticity is normal, the cat will not feel uncomfortable with the movement. But you must be light!

       There is very little demand for care in Scottish Fold eared cats. Clean living environment, proper nutrition and enough love are all it needs.

       The price of a Scotch fold eared cat depends on the breed, the applicable stripe and the pedigree determined by the grand champion (GC), the national or regional winning parentage (NW / RW) or the distinctive merit parentage (DM). To win the DM title, the mother must have raised five CFA champions or had DM offspring, or the father had bred 15 CFA champions or DM offspring. Usually, kittens are sold by breeders at 12 or 16 weeks of age. After 12 weeks of age, kittens need to be vaccinated and learn to adapt psychologically and physiologically to the new environment, to the exhibition venue or to travel by air. Keeping such a baby indoors, castrating at an appropriate age, and providing it with a cat scratch board (CFA does not allow claw removal for cats) is the key to raising a healthy, long-lived and happy Scottish Fold eared cat.

       Er. Generally speaking, one month later, you can see that there is a fold, but a few of them will stand up and sweat a little later. However, after half a year old, they can be completely stereotyped. In general, in foreign regular pet shops, folding ears with pedigree certificates can only be sold after three months. That is to say, they are afraid of being complained about by customers

       Cats generally live longer than dogs. Under the condition of family feeding, if the nutrition is sufficient and the medical conditions are good, the average life span of male cats is estimated to be 13-15 years (the life span of female cats who have not been killed is 15-17 years), but the life expectancy of castrated male cats and female cats is 1-2 years longer than the average life span.

       According to records, the longest lived cat may have been a spotted cat named “Puss” raised by Mrs. holway of clighton, Devon. It celebrated its 36th birthday on November 28, 1939, and died the day after it.

       The puberty of cats is between 1 and 2 years old. A 10-year-old cat is basically considered to have entered the old age society.

       The average life span of a cat is 18-20 years old. People are in puberty at the age of 18, but cats are in advanced age at the age of 18. The puberty of cats is between 1 and 2 years old. A 10-year-old cat is basically considered to have entered the old age society. After that, the cat needs to be more carefully cared for by the owner in order to make the cat live a long life. The specific age stages are shown in the table below:

       1.5 months = 4 years old

       3 months = 6 years old

       6 months = 10 years old

       9 months = 13 years old

       1 year = 15 years old

       2 years = 24 years

       3 years = 28 years

       4 years = 32 years

       5 years = 36 years

       6 years = 40 years

       7 years = 44 years

       8 years = 48 years

       9 years = 52 years

       10 years = 56 years

       11 years = 60 years

       12 years = 64 years

       13 years = 68 years

       14 years = 72 years

       15 years = 76 years

       16 years = 80 years

       17 years = 84 years

       18 years = 88 years old

       19 years = 92 years

       20 years = 96 years


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