How should stray cats be raised

       It is obvious that there are more and more stray cats in the wild. Many parents who are passionate about their love will choose to adopt stray cats back or send them to their relatives and friends. So if you’re new to raising stray cats, do you know how to raise them? In addition to cat food, cats can also occasionally eat fish, meat or animal liver, which can only put very little salt or no salt. Don’t give the cat leftovers. First, the nutrition is not enough. In addition, the salt content in the vegetables eaten by human beings is too much for cats and cats, which is easy to get sick. Cats and cats had better not take a bath frequently, usually once every two months, because there is grease on the cat’s fur, which can be waterproof and dustproof. If you take a bath often, this layer of grease will be washed off. On the contrary, cats are easy to get dirty. Moreover, due to dry skin, it is easy to cause skin diseases and parasites to invade. Cats more than 12 weeks old need to be regularly cleaned of parasites in and out of the body. For external parasites, you can use Simmons cat flea less than 25 yuan a bottle, 30 ml, not toxic, pregnant female cats can use, remember to buy cats, not to buy dogs, this medicine can remove fleas, ear mites and cattle ticks. However, there are fake products on the market, so you must buy them in regular pet shops. You can spray the cat’s whole body against the hair, and then massage it with your hands in the hair to let the drug penetrate evenly. Basically, there will be no fleas in two days. A bottle can be used many times. It works well, but it’s expensive and needs to be used up at once, so it’s not suitable for use at home. Don’t buy Miechongning. Although it looks cheap, it’s not cheap for a small bottle. Moreover, it’s toxic and can damage the cat’s skin and fester. Don’t give your cat a collar. The medicine in the collar is very toxic, and it won’t work after three months. The most important thing is that if your cat is free range, it must climb the tree. If the collar hooks the branch, it will be dangerous. To get rid of the parasites in the body, you can buy anlex deworming tablets produced by Xi’an YANGSEN for cats to eat. A box of six tablets is only about two yuan and six pieces. The dosage is twice a day, half a piece each time. If you eat it for three days, you will beat down the worms in your stomach. It can be used to treat the infection of Enterobius vermicularis, Ascaris lumbricoides, Trichuris duodenalis, Strongyloides faecalis and taeniasis. The worms can be excreted on the same day after eating, and the cat has no discomfort. Don’t take changchongqing, which has a big reaction and is mainly aimed at Ascaris lumbricoides. Tapeworms, Ascaris lumbricoides, pinworms and hookworms are common worms in cats. Repel the cat every three to four months. If you want to rest assured, even a cat bought from a pet store needs to be vaccinated, but in rare cases it will be dangerous due to the cat’s own immune system. Cat’s nest is very important, mainly depends on how you prepare to raise. If it’s free range, there will be more or less fleas on the cat. It is suggested to use cardboard boxes or plastic packing boxes with towel cushions inside. Then it’s OK to throw them away and change them. If cloth is used, flea eggs will easily parasitize inside, and cats will not be willing to enter. If it is domesticated, there is no flea problem. You can use cloth or velvet. Now you can choose cat food for young cats. When the cat is one year old, it can be changed into cat food. To give the kitten more dry food, wet food is easy to let the cat tooth decay or tooth stones, dry food can help to molars, teeth residual food clean. While eating dry food, always keep clean drinking water nearby. Generally, you can eat three to four meals a day. You can also put cat food and water on it. When the kitten is hungry, he will eat it. In addition, put the litter basin in a quiet corner. Cats don’t like to go to the toilet in a noisy environment.

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