How to choose a cat with folded ears

       Body type: whether the cat’s tail is too short, whether the tail, feet, feet and spine are abnormal, and whether the limbs are too short. Check whether the lower abdomen is too thin or abnormal enlargement.

       Face: check the ears for earrings. Check whether the occlusion of the mouth is normal and there is no odor. Check whether the nose is slightly wet and whether the breath is smooth without murmur. Check whether the eyes are prone to tears or eye diseases. The tongue and gums were pink, no abnormal halitosis, no teeth falling off.

       Hair health: check for mold. Check whether there is parasitic Chong or black little bit of Chong stool in the inner layer of the coat. The hair is smooth and smooth. There is no peeling, scurf or scab. There is not a lot of hair loss. The fur color is smooth. The cat is healthy.

       Vitality: whether the kitten has vitality and whether its movements are flexible and healthy. He was fluffy and fluffy, and had a reaction immediately when he heard the call. After being teased, he had a desire to play, and he had a strong appetite for the smell of meat.

       Details: check that your butt is clean. Make sure that you have taken the medicine. Ask about the cat’s personality.

       Injection situation: to understand the situation of preventive injection, and carefully check the health of the kitten. Is there a pet handbook or relevant information to prove that the five in one vaccine has been applied, and another dose of five in one is given after 3-4 weeks, and then the vaccine is added every three years.

       Reaction: Pets respond quickly when they call a pet’s name or make a sound to it. If conditions permit, it is best to go to the relevant hospital for physical examination before purchasing pets.

       1. Standard of a healthy Scottish Fold eared cat:

       Ears must droop, which is the key to selecting a cat with folded ears. Secondly, the healthy Scottish Fold eared cat has a round face, clear and bright eyes, large and round eyes, medium length nose, wide feeling, strong bite, appropriate neck length, strong muscles, medium bone mass, strong muscles, strong and stable limbs.

       The cat’s eyes, ears, mouth corners have no accumulation of foreign bodies, body fur smooth and smooth luster. The whole body looks clean and there is no sign of parasites breeding. In addition, when the cat walks, the limbs are steady, the body is balanced, there is no fracture, abnormal situation of walking twist.

       2. The standard of a beautiful Scotch fold eared cat: (this parent can refer to CFA’s assessment standard for Scotch fold eared cat.)

       Standard Scottish Fold eared cat, medium-sized, body a little round feeling, but not fat Oh. The body has strong bones, compact muscles, short but strong limbs; the length of legs and claws is proportional to the length of the body, and the body is of medium size, short and round. The tail is no more than 2 / 3 of the length of the body, and the tail base ¡Ô gradually tapers to the tip of the tail.

       The parents who want to have a good ear can be judged according to the above criteria. If it does not meet the relevant standards, it will be regarded as unqualified cats, which of course can not be selected.

       1. The crawling figure of the Scotch cat: medium build, round, medium-sized, muscular. Females are smaller than males. The limbs are short, stout, fat and round. Weight 2.5 to 6 kg. 2. Head: round, bulging forehead. Round cheeks. It looks like a gentle curve on the side. Male cats have more meat, and adult males are allowed to have double jaws. 3. Ears: fold forward, with large interval and curved ear tip. The ears are of medium size and fold forward like a hat, making the head look more rounded. 4. Nose: wide and short. Slight nasal interruption is acceptable. The snout is slightly round. The moustache cushion is round. Neck: the neck is not too long, but the muscles are strong, and the hair is longer than other parts of the body. 6. Eye: large and round, the color is based on the coat color, and the distance is quite large. The color corresponds to the coat. The neck is short and muscular. 7. Mouth: the upper jaw and lower jaw are very strong, and the occlusion is normal. 8. Body: medium size, short and plump, round and well-developed muscles. The bone size is medium. 9. Legs and claws: length is proportional to body length. The bones are medium-sized and of the same length as the body. The claws are round and compact. The soles of the feet are round and very neat. 10. Tail: no more than 2 / 3 of body length. At the base, it gradually thinned to the tail tip, and finally the tail tip closed into a circle. Very soft and flexible. 11. Coat: there are two varieties: short, thick, dense, plush, elastic and dense. Half length: long hair grows down the body, with a silky texture. This variety is also called plateau folded eared cat. 12. Coat color: except for chocolate color, lavender color, Himalayan cat color spots or combinations of the above fur colors, all are recognized.

       A lot of people like Scotch cat with fat body, round head and small ears on the head, which is very naive. There are a lot of folding eared cats on the market now, but few people really know about Scots. Let’s talk about the Scotch fold eared cat I know.

       1. What kind of cat is the real Scotch fold eared cat?

       People must think that a cat with a broken ear is a Scotch cat with a broken ear. It’s not. The Scottish Fold eared cat has a very strong fold ear gene. It can breed with any breed of cat, even with domestic cat, Siamese cat and cihuahua cat. However, such a cat is not pure breed and is not recognized at all. After decades of experience and rules of breeders, the so-called “Scotch fold eared cat” must have been bred with American or British Bobcats. In order to have fun, some people breed chinchilla and exotic short haired cats with fold eared cats to give birth to kittens with big eyes, round face and fat ears. Although the appearance is very popular, it is not strictly a Scottish Fold eared cat, nor can it be certified by any purebred cat.

       2. Why can’t a cat with folded ears have sex with a cat with broken ears?

       The reason for the ear fold of Scotch cat is the product of gene mutation. The deformity of limbs, tail and joint is closely related to the appearance of dominant gene of ear fracture. In other words, when two dominant fold ear cats give birth to kittens, they often have congenital bone defects, such as stiff tail, weak limbs, or abnormal joints. Some of the kittens did not see any problems on the surface, but stopped developing after 5 or 6 months, evolved into congenital rickets, and finally died of systemic failure. In order to avoid these painful lessons. After decades of experience, breeders of purebred cats have established the breeding rules of Scotch cat with two dominant genes. In other words, the ears of the kittens born by two folding eared cats must be very good. The ears are even more close to the head than the normal ones. However, such a kitten is dangerous, it is likely that the tail is straight and inflexible, or there are a series of physical defects that people do not notice, such as bone deformity. Therefore, when you are shopping for a Scotch cat with folded ears, you should not only pay attention to the ears and look at the photos.

       3. Are the ears of Scotch fold eared cats folded?

       Not necessarily. In order to ensure the stable and healthy inheritance of Scotch fold eared cats from generation to generation, the dominant gene of folded eared cats must be the same as that of standing eared cats, and only half of the kittens produced show fold ears and the other half are vertical ears. The kitten with ears can not be said to be British or American. In fact, its correct attribute should also be called Scotch fold eared cat, but it is not obvious. This kind of kitten has recessive fold ear gene. Even if it looks like English or American short, it can only be called folded ear cat, because it may give birth to dominant fold ear cat in the future.

       Imagine how many dominant Scottish Fold eared cats there are in the world, and there are as many folded ears as there are in the world. But why do we only see a lot of folded ears cats, but rarely see folded ears? I think that’s because many people make small profits and sell them as American or British short. On the surface, it may not be different from the real British or American shortness. Even foreign experts who have worked as judges for many years may not be able to distinguish them at a glance. However, strictly speaking, the standing ear of the Scottish Fold eared cat is a purebred cat that can be recognized by * *, but it does not have the qualification to compete. The breed it can breed is only limited to the Scottish Fold eared cat. It is for these reasons that the market price of foldable ear should be cheaper than that of pure American or British short products of the same quality. Therefore, if you want to choose British short or American short, you must ask whether its parents are folding eared cats. If you are folding ears and standing ears, you should not breed with British or American short cats, because strictly speaking, their kittens can not be recognized as purebred cats, at least it is impossible to obtain a very strict pedigree proof.

       4. Can the ears of Scotch fold eared cats change?

       yes. The degree of the fold ear in the Scottish cat is not stable, and it is not constant. It will change with the season, climate, physical condition, mood and many other factors. Sometimes the ears are folded well, clinging to the head, sometimes supporting like the brim of a hat, and sometimes it can almost lift 45 degrees above the slope. Therefore, at different times of the year, you will see different degrees of fold ear cat, especially in summer. However, regardless of the angle of the fold, as long as the kitten shows the appearance of the fold ear at 3-4 weeks, it will have a dominant gene for ear fold and will not change back to the upright ear. Such kittens are not folded ears, and should not be bred with dominant fold ear cats, otherwise the risk is infinite.

       5. What should I pay attention to when buying Scotch fold eared cats?

       First of all, we should ask the parents of the kitten what breed they are. If the cat belongs to a variety other than British short, American short or folded ears, they can not be recognized as purebred.

       Secondly, we should feel whether the tail is elastic, stroke the tail to see if the skeleton of the tail is hard; lift the tail and then gently put it down to see if it is soft and curved. A cat that is too thick, too short, or with a stiff tail is inferior, even if its ears are folded well.

       Third, pay attention to its coat color. There are a lot of fur colors for Scotch cat. All kinds of colors are allowed. All you need to note is that the purple Scottish Fold eared cat can be purebred in the cat club at present, but it is not eligible for competition. And the key color of the fold ear cat is not recognized at all.

       Generally speaking, there are only two kinds of cats in the world

       There is no purebred theory about fold ear, because a fold ear cat must match with an ordinary standing ear cat to produce a good folded ear. If two fold ear matching genes are unstable, the ear will not fold. Therefore, if you want to buy folded ear, you’d better choose tiger spot fold ear, that is, the folded ear matched with American short hair cat

       In fact, the ears of Scottish jacketed cats were not folded when they were born. About three to four weeks old, their ears begin to fold down Or simply do not fold down! It’s not until the kittens are 11 to 12 weeks old that the breeders can roughly judge their appearance (PET, breeder or race). We’re not professional, so we don’t judge.

       Remember to adopt it

       The concept of “purebred Scotch fold eared” is often heard among cat dealers, and the price of purebred is much higher than that of impure. So what are the characteristics of purebred Scotch fold eared cats and what should we think of the standard of purebred. In order to let more parents not be cheated by illegal vendors, the following is to popularize some relevant knowledge, for reference.

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       We often hear the concept of “pure breed Scotch fold eared cat” among cat dealers, and the price of pure breed is much higher than that of impure one. So what are the characteristics of purebred Scotch fold eared cats and what should we think of the standard of purebred. In order to let more parents not be cheated by illegal vendors, the following is to popularize some relevant knowledge, for reference.

       1. The folded ears of Scotch cat can not be displayed until it is 2 months old. And there are two kinds of cat with folded ears. One is the one with the ears folded, and the other is the ones with vertical ears. Folding ear cat is a variety of cat breeds with gene mutation in the ear.

       2. The standard of Scotch fold eared cat: medium-sized and round. Touching its body has strong bones and compact muscles; its head is round and its forehead is bulging; its whole cheek is round; its ears are folded ahead of time; the distance between the two ears is relatively large; the ear tip is curved; the nose is wide and short; the eyes are big and round; the eyes are clear and bright; the muzzle and jaw are very strong, and the occlusion is normal; the neck is not too long, but the muscles are strong.

       The fur color of purebred Scotch fold eared cats is recognized except chocolate, lavender, Himalayan cat fur spots or combinations of the above. His personality is approachable, gentle and intelligent.

       Folding ear cat is one of the most special cat breeds. It is naturally cute and very likable. However, its fate is not good, also let many people who like folding ear cat very worried. Folding ear cat, as people all know, has a pair of folded ears, so it got its name. Its full name is Scottish Fold ear cat. It is gentle and sticky, its voice is very cute, a pair of cute big eyes, round head, I think the cat’s head is more round, the more cute. There are also many kinds of folded ear cats, such as English short ears and tiger spot ears. These are all bred by people, but their good-looking appearance has its inherent defects.

       Ear fold is an inherited disease, which is caused by gene defect and is inherited by autosomal semi dominant. The onset age of cats ranged from 1 month to 6 months. With the increase of age, the hereditary diseases of limbs, thoracolumbar spine, tail and joints were gradually caused. The parents are the next generation (homozygous) of the cat with broken ears. They are younger and more severe. All cats with broken ears suffer from osteochondral dysplasia of varying degrees, but the symptoms of heterozygous offspring are milder and the onset time is later. Every step, they have to bear the pain of bone deformity, but unfortunately, there is no specific treatment, and the disease can not be cured. People who have ever owned a cat with folded ears may find that one of the characteristics of cats is that when they reach a certain age, they are not very active and sometimes sit against a place. In fact, this is all to relieve their pain. In this way, I think that people who have raised broken ears or are raising them will be distressed.

       It can be said that the fate of the cat with folded ears is the worst. Since the last century, this kind of genetic cat was found. Because it is good-looking, people also treat it as a trade. Although they all know that there are genetic defects, they don’t care for money. This is the reason why you don’t want to buy a cat with folded ears. I don’t think you want to see your cat in pain all day long. Therefore, it is necessary to ban the breeding and breeding of the cat in the market and put an end to their tragic fate as early as possible.

       They’re trying to stop the backyard cat dealers from breeding. If the cat has a disease-free ear with a non close relative, the offspring will not have pure broken ears, and the age of onset will be delayed. Even if the disease occurs at the age of 10, who will have no pain when they are old and will still have cancer when they are old. Compared with cancer, skeletal disease is nothing. However, the backyard cat dealers are generally inbreeding, and then it is easy to produce pure fold eared cats. They are easy to get sick, and it is not easy for cats to be born. Therefore, they smashed all the folding eared cats in one stroke, trying to control the cat dealers in the backyard through excessive and complete boycott! In fact, this is not right. There are so many genetic diseases in human beings, and there are hundreds to billions of gene carriers. Then these people will not live? It’s just that we can learn that one parent is not a close relative. Well, this cat can be raised. If you go to a pet store to buy a cat, you may buy a week and the cat will die in one week. At least some of the broken ears can live for 10 years and 8 years. Therefore, the folded ears bred by family planning can be raised. These people, in fact, do too much, they have no right to let a species perish, since it was born, it should be cherished. Old people, but also what arthritis, rheumatism, gastroenteritis, lumbar pain, lumbar disc herniation, it is not that there is no old man. Well, what they say is that they talk nonsense and listen to the wind as rain. How much money do you really have to do scientific research, raise cats for more than ten years, and then publish the experimental data into papers? No, it’s basically based on open mouth nonsense. Even if there is a problem with this gene, we should treat it on a case by case basis, and we should not arbitrarily deprive carriers of their right to live. If anyone dares to say that there is something wrong with a certain gene in a person, and then this kind of person should disappear, I am afraid he will first examine his education background to see whether his paper is true, how many experiments have been done, whether the experiment can be repeated, and whether the conclusion is consistent. If he is found to be talking nonsense, he will be sent to prison, which belongs to academic fraud. The reason why these people don’t keep the door open is that the target is the cat, and no one gives the cat. Otherwise, it will be enough for them to go to prison for a while.

       Because the skeletons of folding eared cats are born with genetic diseases, first bone hyperplasia, then bone spurs, and finally, because the above diseases can lead to paralysis, and this disease can not be cured, and will follow the cat’s life, so the only way is to let the cat dealers give up the breeding of folded eared cats. If they don’t buy them, they won’t let them continue to breed.

       The first folded eared cat was found in Scotland in 1961. The ear of this cat was folded only once, but its shape was very popular. Therefore, selective breeding was carried out for this feature. Finally, there were two or three fold marks on the ear (a defect of artificial breeding, but no one found it at this time)

       In the early 1970s, British geneticists pointed out that there was a bone problem in Scottish jacketed cats. In 2016, some studies showed that the gene mutation of the cat with broken ears resulted in congenital achondroplasia. The ear is a kind of genetic disease related to the breed.

       Draw key points: fold ear cat incidence rate is particularly high, basically carry gene will be sick! I repeat, the cat is really a very high incidence rate. It’s not that you can make it and other cats breed it can change its own disease, and even prevent it from passing the gene to the offspring. You say there is a probability that the offspring will be ill. You don’t have a place to cry? As for ordinary people, if you have a broken ear, you have to bear the cost of treatment. If you have two or three ears, how many can you throw away? Don’t talk about the existence of Don’t you? Big brother, the beginning of existence is wrong, this genetic gene will be killed!

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