How to choose a smart kitten – how to pick a smart, sticky cat?

       It’s better to make a reservation with the owner and ask him to help observe the gentle character of the cat. The kitten will jump up and down like a monkey after 50 days of birth, and fight with the kittens in the same nest one day. At this time, don’t choose the one that is very lively. Generally speaking, the cat that you hold in your arms is usually gentle and gentle. In addition, it is better to inject a vaccination in the cat house Miao’s, even if you give the cat owner more money and ask him to keep it for a long time, the bigger the month of the kitten, the higher the resistance. Take it home and go down without fever and diarrhea. The regular pet hospital will inject the vaccine twice respectively, and then it will be ok to supplement the vaccine once a year.

       Once the cat reaches a certain age, it will be vigilant. The bigger the cat is, the more difficult it is to get along with. If you like to stick to people, you’d better start raising them from the kittens who are about one or two months old, and consciously cultivate their sticky and docile character! For example, with food induction training, he listens to the name and then gives rewards! Can’t chase the cat or often move close, easy to develop a fear of people like hiding habits!