How to classify cats according to their fur color

       It is influenced by two or more pairs of bodies.

       Red ¡ú yellow (enzyme a) ¡ú blue (enzyme b)

       Enzyme A is controlled by a pair of chromosomes AA

       Enzyme B is controlled by a pair of chromosome BB

       Therefore: a_ B_ It’s blue

       A_ BB is yellow

       aaB_ It’s red

       AABB is red

       Of course, color is just a metaphor

       I believe you should be able to understand with your IQ!

       There are more than 25 kinds of cats!! Cats belong to Mammalia, Carnivora, Felidae and feline. Cats are related to lions, leopards and tigers. Cats belong to the same family. Domestic cats are domesticated from wild cats. However, due to different regions and ecological environments, different breeds of domestic cats have been produced. According to statistics, there are more than 100 kinds of cats in the world, of which more than 30 kinds are common. At present, there are four popular classification methods for cats: 1. Western breeds and foreign breeds. Origin classification is a popular method in the West. 2. Purebred cats and cats. It was classified according to the angle of cultivar cultivation. 3. Domestic cats and wild cats. According to the living environment, however, there is no strict boundary between the two. 4. Long haired and short haired. They are classified mainly according to the length of their hair, for example, Persian cat, Himalayan cat, Thai cat and Russian blue cat. [impure cat] the most common cat in the world, commonly known as domestic cat. There are all kinds of colors, but most of them are Shuang. In any case, all cats that can’t find any species are listed here. Non purebred cats are intelligent, love home, like to catch mice, and have many breeders. [Abyssinia cat] also known as “rabbit cat”, it is elegant in shape and rich in facial expression. It is gorgeous with red and yellow fur, which attracts many cat lovers. Abicynian cats are active and active, like free activities, but smart and easy to tame, can teach a lot of play movements, suitable for breeding. [Egyptian cat] it is slightly fat and round, short legs, and has long striped spots on its coat. It was regarded as a god cat in ancient Egypt. Egyptian cats are friendly to people, lively and naughty, but more sensitive, if not taken care of, easy to escape. [long haired cat] the back hair of the long haired cat is long, generally 5-10 cm long, which varies with the season. Long haired cats are bigger, more docile, more dependent, and like to be close to people. However, it is easy to depilate and needs to be combed frequently, so it is difficult to raise. [Canadian hairless cat] its appearance is funny and strange. It is almost hairless. Its body is long and thin. Its tail looks like a rat’s tail. Its color is mostly gray white. Canadian hairless cats are affectionate, quiet and kind to people, but they don’t like cuddling. Because of their peculiar appearance, they are seldom loved. [California shinning cat] a hybrid cat made in California, USA. The whole body is covered with leopard stripes, with golden, silver and blue, brown and other kinds of hair, the appearance is very beautiful. California shinning cat is lively and lovely, intelligent and healthy, gregarious by nature, can get along well with other cats and even dogs, and be loyal to its owner. [curly cat] it is divided into two kinds: KONIS curly cat and Devon curly cat. Its body is long and thin, with big ears, and its whole body is short and curly with wavy hair. It looks strange. Curly cat is clever and naughty, warm to people, like to play, but afraid of the cold, difficult to raise. [Colette cat] native to Thailand, its coat color is silver blue, also known as Thai silver cat. It is rare because of its low production. It is shorter and fatter than Siamese cat. Colette is quiet in character, but alert, and does not like strangers. Male cats are particularly aggressive. [American short haired cat] native to the United States, it is a large cat species with strong physique. Compared with the British short haired cat, it has a slightly longer face and mouth and more stripe colors. American short haired cat is independent in character, but it is good at running and catching mice. It is suitable for families with courtyard. [Bengal cat] a cross between a small wild cat and a domestic cat. The spots on the body are different from those of other leopard spotted cats. They are distributed horizontally and look like rose shaped. Bengal cat is gentle and friendly, but it is easy to be excited because of its wild cat blood, and often makes uncontrollable calls. Bombay cat is a hybrid of Burmese cat and American black short haired cat. It is black and shiny, big and muscular. It is called “Little Black Panther”. It is quite gentle in character and likes to be accompanied by people. When it is hugged, its throat will keep purring. [European short haired cat] similar in appearance to the British short haired cat, but not of its bloodline. Its body and face are slightly longer, and its coat is short and thick, and its texture is brittle and easy to break. European short haired cat is alert and sensitive, has strong hunting ability and is a good rat catcher. This is a very beautiful and lovely cat species. Its body, head and limbs are round, its tail is thick and short, its ears are close to its head, and its eyes are big and round. Scotch cat is quiet, intelligent and tolerant. It can get along with children and is suitable for family rearing. [exotic short haired cat] some people in China also call it “short haired Persian cat”. In addition to its short hair, its body shape, limbs, head, face and eyes are the same as Persian cat. Gentle and gentle personality, like to be close to people, but more naughty and clever than Persian cat. Siamese cats are native to Thailand. There are also long hair breeds in the same family. No matter what color the coat is, the hair color of the face, tail and limbs is relatively deep, with five long stature, long mouth and big ears. Siamese cats are very emotional, affectionate and loyal to their owners, but their emotions are unstable. They like to make a lot of noise and make annoying calls. [Singapore cat] it is small and delicate with strong muscles. It belongs to the dwarf category among cats. The heaviest male cats are rare. The Singapore cats weighing more than 5 kg are active, playful, curious, and like to drill randomly. They even get into the sewers and are not loved by people. British Bobcat has a long history, but it was not until the beginning of the 20th century that it became popular. The cat is round and plump, with thick, short and developed limbs, short and dense fur, big head, round face, and large and round eyes with various colors according to different fur. The cat is gentle, calm, friendly and easy to raise.

       I found an article that looked very profound.

       The color of the cat

       There are only two colors of cats, red and black. There is no other color. The faded color of red is milky. The fade color of black is blue.

       Color in cats is inherited on the sex chromosome.

       High school biology teacher taught a pair of chromosomes to control the sex of a person. The same is true for cats. The common XY is represented, and the female is represented by XX. Offspring take a letter from their parents. If you take y from your father and X from your mother (you can only take x from your mother), you will get XY, and the offspring will be male. If you get x from dad, the offspring is XX, that is female.

       Because the cat’s color is on the sex chromosome, the cat’s sex chromosome has no color. That is to say, X can be colored. It can be red or black.

       Let’s take an example: a pure red male cat matches a pure black female cat

       The chromosome color of red male cat is x (red) y (colorless) and that of female cat is x (black) x (black)

       … then if their kitten is male (male is XY): it means that the kitten must take a Y from his father, and Y is colorless. So kittens can’t inherit any of the colors of male cats. Because mom is black. So any x the kitten takes on her mother is black. In other words, it must be black. (there may be blue, brown, light brown, and key colors. We’ll discuss these issues later.)

       … if they’re kittens, they’re females (XX): you should know. I will take an X on my father, that is, I will take my father’s red color, my mother will also take an X, and my mother’s black color will also be taken. So the kitten must be two-color.

       For example, if a red male cat x (red) y (colorless) matches a red and black female cat x (red) x (black), then the same calculation can be made that the little male cat can take a color on his mother, X (red) or X (black), that is to say, the little male cat is pure black or pure red. The kitten should take a red on her father and any color on her mother. In other words, the kitten can be red black or pure red.

       Take the red male cat and the red black female cat for example, and make a chart, which should be better understood

       Therefore, the little male cat is impossible to get any color from his father, that is to say, the little male cat can only inherit the color of the female cat. Because the little male cat can only get one color from his mother, the male cat must be monochromatic (explained below for the two-color male cat). Kittens can get at most two colors, red and black, because they inherit one color from their parents. So the two-color cat must be a female cat.

       According to the above rules, you can easily calculate any pure color.

       … but blue and cream are on the solid color list. I personally think that blue and milk color are the result of the desalination gene on the autosomal, and have nothing to do with the color on the cat’s original sex chromosome. CFA’s solid color table is easier to understand if only red and black match the two basic colors. Other colors only weaken the effect of gene and make black and red appear different degrees of desalination. For example, black cats will produce black, dark blue, light blue, and so on. In fact, they are all black, but the density of pigment distribution is different, resulting in different colors in vision.

       CFA’s pure color table actually takes the color genes on the cat’s sex chromosomes and the desalination genes on the autosomal into account. However, there are not only desalination genes on autosomal chromosomes, but also other genes such as whole white, tiger spot, white spot, terminal color, gradients and so on. The function of desalination gene is the same as that of desalination gene, which adds different characteristics to the color inherited by cats.

       For example, the color list says that black male and red male can produce black male and blue male. If blue is one of the possible types, there are also chances to produce chocolate focused kittens and brown male cats. Although such opportunities are rare, there are also fewer opportunities for blue male cats. Only if the black female cat is matched with a milk male cat, it will have a little more chance

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