How to clean the mouth of tabby cat

       The tabby cat’s mouth needs to be cleaned regularly, and the most effective way is to help it brush its teeth. This will protect your teeth. Reduce the occurrence of periodontitis. Today, I will teach you how to clean the mouth of the tabby cat correctly. 1. Clean the teeth of the tabby cat with a soft towel or sterile gauze, and then wipe the teeth and gums with cotton soaked in garlic juice. If there is any food left between the teeth, you can use small tweezers to clip out. The use of oral freshener, daily add a small amount to the tiger cat’s drinking water, can also play a role in cleaning the mouth. 2. If the tooth has tartar, please take it to a professional animal hospital for examination and ask a doctor for treatment. 3. Pay attention to the balanced diet of tabby cats at ordinary times, and prepare food according to their breed and age. A balanced diet can provide the necessary calcium and phosphorus for tooth health. It’s best not to feed the bones, which may damage their teeth, cause cracks and cause pain. 4. Try not to feed the soft food of tabby cat as much as possible. Except for special circumstances, it is not recommended to eat canned food or soak dry food in water for a long time. If the long-term consumption of soft food, old tabby cat teeth are easy to loose, food residue is easy to deposit in the crevice of bacteria. Cleaning ears: wax, dirt or moisture can easily accumulate in the ear canal of tabby cats. If the fruit is not removed regularly, it is easy to cause ear canal inflammation. Therefore, daily cleaning of the ear is very important. When cleaning the ear canal, be sure to use a special ear cleaner, not water. The specific operation can be demonstrated by professional veterinarian. There are a lot of ear diseases, which can easily cause many complications if they are not diagnosed or treated at will. Therefore, professional veterinarians should be consulted in time. Clean eyes – eyes often have some secretions sticking to the corners of the eyes or flowing to the lower eyelids. In most cases, just wipe them with a wet cotton ball or paper towel. Pay attention not to clean two eyes with the same cotton ball, so as to avoid cross infection.

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