How to correct a kitten’s Tail – what if a cat’s tail is broken

       We know that the beard is a very important organ of a cat. In fact, the tail is very important for a pet cat. When a cat falls or jumps down from a height, it depends on the tail to adjust its balance. Only by adjusting the balance of the body can the risk of cat fracture be reduced. However, in life, if the cat’s tail is broken, then what to do?

       Persian cat

       If the pet cat’s tail is only slightly injured, then there is no need to worry about the owner. Because the cat has certain self recovery ability, under normal circumstances, it can recover itself quickly. However, if the cat’s tail has a fracture or a direct fracture, the cat should be sent to the pet hospital as soon as possible. Help the cat bone, surgery. Fracture after the treatment of modern medicine, the probability of recovery is very large. However, if the cat’s tail breaks directly, it will be difficult to restore the original. However, when the cat’s tail is broken, it should be sent to the pet hospital for professional diagnosis and treatment.

       If the cat’s tail droops when walking, but there is a certain distance between the tail end and the ground, it proves that the cat is carrying out a normal life, just like people walking on the road, casual and normal. If the cat’s tail is high and upright when walking, and the walking speed is slightly faster, it proves that the cat is very happy and in a good mood. If the cat wants to eat, the cat will erect its tail and follow you quickly Running around and shouting loudly, the sound is slightly longer than usual. If the cat’s tail drags the ground and droops powerlessly, it proves that the cat is in a bad state. Generally, this situation is very sick or the tail is injured and can’t be lifted. If a cat is lying still and its tail swings up and down or left and right at a frequency of about once a second, it proves that the cat is very relaxed and has nothing to do, just like human beings lying on the bed without moving their feet. If half of the cat’s tail swings left and right, whether sitting or lying down, it proves that the cat has a change of mind, You may find something, you may think of something exciting, or it may be a sign of unhappiness. If you act against him at his side, if the tail jerks violently, the speed is very fast, which proves that the cat is angry or ready to attack

       It doesn’t matter if the tail is dislocated

       To put it bluntly, it is a little deformed, just like some people’s jaw protrusion, it will not cause any trouble except some defects in appearance

       Besides, the cat’s tail is not so easy to step on

       There was a time when I wanted to step on a cat’s tail wickedly, but I didn’t step on it for half a day. It was too flexible



       There is another way is to cut off the dislocation of the bone, but the cost is very high, also very unnecessary

       Anyway, as long as it doesn’t affect your life, it doesn’t matter

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