How to cut the nails of domestic cats – how to cut the nails of cats

       Norwegian Forest Cat

       It’s very important to cut your cat’s nails regularly, because long nails can not only scratch the furniture at home, but also hurt people easily. Especially if you have children at home. There is also a point is that the cat’s fingernail fracture or nail into the meat pad (under the foot of the meat thicker part) can lead to suppuration and so on.

       The front paw is once every two weeks, and the back claw is once every 3-4 weeks. The special nail clippers are used to trim the front paw. First put the cat on the knee and hold it from the back. If it’s a fierce cat, it’s better to put on a headgear. Gently squeeze the skin behind the base of the nail and the nail will stick out. Cut off the sharp part of the front by 1-2 mm. There are blood vessels passing through the pink part of the nail heel, so don’t hurt it. If which time nails cut too close to the meat, cats will hate to cut nails after. In order to avoid this kind of situation, it is better to ask the veterinarian to help cut it for the first time, and ask how much to cut.

       The specific nail cutting method: when cutting, you can sit or squat, put the cat on both legs, with the cat’s head forward, gently clip the cat’s body with both legs. Then lift the cat’s paw with one hand, gently press the claws with the two fingers of food and thumb to push out the cat nail, and use the other hand to hold the nail knife to cut the front end less. Be careful to see that there are dark blood vessels in the part near the flesh of the cat nail. It will hurt very much if you cut it. It will bleed because a piece of meat has been cut off. The location of blood vessels may be deep or shallow. If cats often grind their claws, the blood vessels will be more hidden. If cats don’t often walk outside, the blood vessels will be close to the nail tip and must not be cut to the blood line.

       Tool selection: pet nail clippers (cat’s) and dog’s nail clippers are too large to operate. Do not use scissors or human nail clippers, because cat’s claw nails are also layer by layer. It’s very easy to cause cat’s claw nail to be broken (we often say it’s approved), even bleeding, wound inflammation and so on.

       Nail cutting angle: in the process of trimming, the cat’s nails should be perpendicular to the nail clippers as much as possible, so as to avoid cutting nails at random angle, causing nail fragmentation and infection.

       Number of cuts: cat’s front paw has 5 nails, 4 in front and 1 in side, which is called accessory toe

       A cat has only four nails on its hind paw

       So there are 18 in total. Don’t miss it!

       Norwegian Forest Cat

       If your cat doesn’t often go to the pet store to take a bath, then you should pay attention to regularly cutting the cat’s nails. Unlike a dog, a cat is afraid of him if you yell at him a few times. If a cat provokes him, he doesn’t even recognize the owner. What are the tips for cutting the cat’s nails? What needs to be prepared in advance?

       If a cat’s fingernails are too long, it will not only slip, but also easily hide bacteria. Fingernails are too long and can be stabbed into the foot wall, causing inflammation or nail fracture, causing walking pain. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly cut nails for pet cats, especially indoor cats, because they seldom go out for a walk, their nails are easy to grow.

       Before cutting nails for your pet cat, you should prepare: special nail clipper for cat, Xiaoyang water, cotton wool, hemostatic agent, cotton cloth, Elizabethan circle and nail file.

       The specific operation methods are as follows:

       1. Put the cat on her lap and gently stroke its head to make them quiet.

       2. Put Elizabethan circle on the cat to prevent emotional biting.

       3. Surround the cat’s three paws with cotton cloth. So as not to cooperate with the grasp and bite.

       2. The angle between the nail clipper and the nail should be 45 degrees.

       3. Pick up one of the feet and cut off the long nails one by one with a special nail clipper.

       4. Don’t cut the root too close (dark opaque), otherwise it will bleed.

       5. If you bleed carelessly, you should immediately use cotton wool and hemostatic agent to stop bleeding.

       6. When the nail is cut, the sole hair should be cut, and the heel pad should be arranged horizontally. If it is too long, the pet cat will slide down. If it is too short, the foot wall will be easily stabbed by hard objects.

       7. After cutting the nails, use the nail file to file the nails one by one.

       You can observe the cat’s paws under the light. First, the outermost layer is transparent and can be cut; next to the transparent one, it is white, opaque, and it’s better not to cut it; then the inside is pink, and the part must not be cut.

       It’s better to cut your nails according to the cat’s will. Don’t increase the cat’s unnecessary fear like fighting. At ordinary times, strengthen emotional contact and cultivate trust.

       It’s better to cut less than to cut more. You can take her paw to light, the pink part in the middle must not be cut, and the white translucent part around it should not be touched. Only the tip of the claw has a small transparent part (no more than 1.5mm), which can be cut. The scissors had better be sharp, so as not to cut the kitten’s nails. It’s also very painful.

       PS: I usually cut them when they are sleeping. I can easily do it. After cutting, I think about it and laugh at it*^__ ^ *

       Hee hee

       need. Because he can grasp furniture, sofa, and easily hurt people. Two people are needed at the beginning. One person is sitting holding the cat with his head facing forward. The other holds his claws beside him to prevent him from moving and biting. Hold one of the cat’s front paws, press the meat pad, and the nail will be exposed. Pay attention to only cutting off a small tip, only the transparent part of the front of the nail, you can buy a pet nail clipper.

       There are also commercial cat nail clippers in pet stores or mail order catalogues. They are designed to cut the cat’s nails at the right angle without the risk of splitting or chipping. These nail clippers are designed like scissors or ring cutters. The best nail clippers have a very sharp blade and a comfortable handle.

       Extended data:

       Cats are quick and good at jumping. Eat fish, mice, rabbits, etc. The reason why cats like to eat fish and mice is that cats are nocturnal animals. In order to be able to see things at night, they need a lot of taurine, and the bodies of rats and fish contain taurine. Therefore, cats eat not only fish and mice, but also their own needs.

       The cat can walk on the high wall as if nothing happened, light jump, can not help but be satisfied with its sense of balance. This is mainly due to the cat’s outstanding response nerves and sense of balance. It only needs to slightly change the position and height of its tail to achieve body balance, and then use the strong muscles and strong joints of its hind feet to jump quickly. Even if it falls in the air, it can change its body posture in the air and land lightly and accurately.

       Good at climbing, but not good at falling from the top. Even when falling or jumping from a height, the cat uses its tail to adjust its balance so that its padded limbs land on the ground. Pay attention not to pull off the cat’s tail, which will affect its balance ability, and also easy to cause cat diarrhea, shorten the cat’s life span.

       need. Because he can grasp furniture, sofa, and easily hurt people. It’s a technical job. Two people are needed at the beginning. One man sits holding the cat with his head forward, while the other holds his paws to keep him from moving, from biting and, if necessary, wearing an Elizabethan collar. Use special nail clipper (pet shop has sale), cut to a point can, can’t cut to the meat, that is, the red “blood line”. If you cut the blood line for the first time, the cat is afraid and will not let you cut it again. During the whole process of nail cutting, it is a very comfortable thing to comfort him, praise him for his obedience, and do not scold him. Now my meow’s nails can be cut by myself, and it’s a reserved show for our guests! Hey, hey

       You can cut it or not. Even if you cut it, it will be sharpened in three or two days.

       If you are afraid of catching things, you can buy a cat scratch post, or wrap hemp rope around the washing board or post.

       Nail cutting method: hold a cat’s front paw, press the meat pad, the nail will be exposed, pay attention to only cut off a small tip, only cut the transparent part of the front of the nail, you can use a nail clipper for people, or buy a pet nail clipper.

       Cat’s paw is a very cute setting. After all, it’s a cute attribute brought by meow. I like cat’s claws, but I can’t accept its nails. After all, as a cat’s paw, sharpness is their weapon, but it seems that these factors are no longer needed by human beings. Cat’s paws don’t need to exist now, after all, their food source has been contracted by human beings.

       Therefore, how to deal with the nail on the cat’s paw has become an important question. In terms of influence, the nail of a cat’s paw will bend. Growing up, nails can eventually hurt the cat itself. After all, it’s a process of wear and tear. In the past, cats could eat and tear their nails. But now most cats don’t have this function anymore, so the nails grow to a point where the cat is injured. By bending, if the nail is too long, it will damage the meat pad on the cat’s paw. If the cat is unhappy, it needs to find a place to grind its nails. Then the furniture of the excrement officer may suffer, and the sofa and other tools will become the main victims.

       Cats are very flexible. We can’t force them to cut their nails when they are active. Only find a time that the cat can’t resist, such as sleeping. It’s a time for cats to relax, and they don’t think there’s a danger in the place they live. So it can also solve a lot of nails, so you can easily cut off its nails.

       In addition, do not be too eager for quick success and instant benefits. In addition to sharp nail clippers, the length we cut off is also a key. There is blood line on the cat’s fingernails. When it comes to this thing, the cat will immediately give you a slap. It’s OK to cut off the obvious nails, and the places without long points can be ignored temporarily.

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