How to deal with abnormal delivery of female cats

       Many cats suffer from obesity due to lack of exercise and excessive nutrition. Obese female cats are more likely to have abnormal childbirth during childbirth. If not handled in time, it is likely to threaten the life of female cats.

       Rescue method:

       1. Massage the abdomen

       For women with weak contractions and dystocia caused by excessive fatness, lack of exercise and excessive number of fetuses, press the abdominal wall with the palm of the hand with the frequency of abdominal contraction of the female cat, from light to heavy, so as to strengthen the contraction and give birth to the fetus.

       2. Drug delivery

       In order to promote the contraction of uterine smooth muscle and the opening of cervix mouth, the female cat with dystocia could not give birth to the fetus by massaging the abdominal wall for more than 30 minutes, 5-10iu of pituitrin and 0.5-1mg of diethylstilbestrol were injected subcutaneously to promote the contraction of uterine smooth muscle and the opening of cervix.

       3. Traction of fetus

       If the fetus has been exposed for more than 5 minutes but still fails to produce, the female cat should lie on her back, with her left hand against the cat’s shoulder, and her right hand to hold the exposed part of the fetus and gently put it into the pelvic cavity, and then gently rotate the fetus and pull it out.

       4. Stillbirth and dystocia

       If the fetus’s eyeball does not rotate, it reaches into the mouth (without sucking reflex) or into the anus (without contraction), and if there is dirty red smelly secretion in the vagina, the female cat will lie on the horizontal position (generally lying on the natural floor). The small finger thick rubber tube is put into the cervix of uterus through the vulva. The external rubber tube is connected with a funnel or a 100ml syringe, and 2% – 5% salt solution (plus 0.2-0.5g chlorhexidine) is injected until dissolved The fluid flows out of the vulva of the female cat (generally about 500-800 ml), and the dead fetus can discharge itself within 5 hours. Hypertonic saline in the cat uterus to form a hypertonic environment, prevent the absorption of uterine content, chlorhexidine sterilization, prevention and treatment of endometritis. A large amount of solution can lubricate and promote uterine contraction.

       5. Cesarean delivery

       In case of uterine twist, cervical atresia, pelvic stenosis, deformity or uterine rupture, cesarean section can be used. However, if the female cat is suffering from critical illness and can not give birth to the fetus, it is not suitable for operation, and non-surgical midwifery should be used as far as possible.

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