How to deal with Garfield’s tears

       I used to adopt an ordinary cat. When I first arrived at my house, I often shed tears, and there was a lot of eye secretion. Later I use erythromycin eye ointment, give it to use, good.

       When you paint it, you should first apply erythromycin to your two ring fingers, and then hold it and paint it. When you apply it, you should apply it outside the orbit and inside the eyes. In this way, it will be better in a few days. You can have a try.

       Of course, sometimes cats will shed tears when they eat too hot. Our family is, ha ha.

       I hope it will help you.

       Hello, Garfield’s lacrimal duct is short. If there are too many tears, you can’t get into the lacrimal duct and drain into the nasal cavity. It will flow out from the corner of the eye. If there is stimulation to its eyes, it will shed tears.

       The common causes of Garfield’s frequent tears are as follows: the foreign body in the eyes should be removed in time; the eyes may be inflamed; or the cat’s nasal branch can be used. If the cat eye drops are improved, don’t give it food with seasoning. Pay attention to the hygiene of the face every day.

       Garfield’s lacrimal glands are shorter than those of other breeds. When it sees salty food or yawns, it is easy to shed tears. Usually see it shed tears, the best is to use a soft cloth to wipe it, soft tissue can also be. If the tears are serious, drop chloramphenicol eye drops or go to a pet hospital to buy cat eye drops. According to the instructions of the medicine, the symptoms of tears will be relieved


       My cat used to have tears

       But an eye drop will do

       Do your cat’s eyes flow?

       Is it a stream or both? Is it serious? If it’s serious

       It’s better to consult the pet hospital,

       Also depends on its mental state, if very good

       It’s not a big deal

       Give it to insist on the eye drops will be good

       Anti inflammatory

       You can buy it in the general drugstore. It’s OK to have the floxacin,

       It may also be salty. Pay attention to your diet.