How to deal with the cat’s nail – how to cut the cat’s nail

       Depending on the severity of the cut, if it’s just a little bleeding, bandage the cat and sprinkle Yunnan Baiyao for hemostasis and disinfection. In order to prevent the cat from licking the wound, put the Elizabethan ring on the cat until the wound healed. If the wound is large and bleeding, it should be sent to the pet hospital for treatment.

       How to cut a cat’s nails: tools for cutting nails: nail clippers for cats are not the kind we usually use. Cat nails are different from human nails in shape. Human nails are flat, while cats’ nails are fine round. It’s easy to split the cat’s nails with a nail clipper, so use a cat’s special nail clipper with arc-shaped blade.

       Preparation before cutting nails: cats are highly vigilant animals, cutting their nails directly may encounter their strong resistance. So before we cut our nails, we should often hold their claws and stroke them to let them know that it is a kind of friendly behavior for the master to grasp the claws.

       Cat nails can be cut in the position: the cat’s fingernails in the back end is vascular, must not cut to blood vessels, only cut the front part of the nail can be.

       Don’t panic. Hold the cat first. After all, it hurts.

       Then cut off some of the hair around the wound, use hydrogen peroxide or Iodophor to clean the cat’s wound to see if there are nail shavings falling inside.

       After cleaning the cat’s wound, spray it with pet speed, cover the whole wound, and finally wrap it with gauze and fix it with tape.

       However, this place may be a little difficult to maintain fixed, we should pay attention to the observation point, wear Elizabeth ring to the cat, do not let him lick the wound, resulting in repeated bad wound.

       Norwegian Forest Cat

       It’s very important to cut your cat’s nails regularly, because long nails can not only scratch the furniture at home, but also hurt people easily. Especially if you have children at home. There is also a point is that the cat’s fingernail fracture or nail into the meat pad (under the foot of the meat thicker part) can lead to suppuration and so on.

       The front paw is once every two weeks, and the back claw is once every 3-4 weeks. The special nail clippers are used to trim the front paw. First put the cat on the knee and hold it from the back. If it’s a fierce cat, it’s better to put on a headgear. Gently squeeze the skin behind the base of the nail and the nail will stick out. Cut off the sharp part of the front by 1-2 mm. There are blood vessels passing through the pink part of the nail heel, so don’t hurt it. If which time nails cut too close to the meat, cats will hate to cut nails after. In order to avoid this kind of situation, it is better to ask the veterinarian to help cut it for the first time, and ask how much to cut.

       The specific nail cutting method: when cutting, you can sit or squat, put the cat on both legs, with the cat’s head forward, gently clip the cat’s body with both legs. Then lift the cat’s paw with one hand, gently press the two fingers of food and thumb to push out the cat’s nail, and cut the front end of the cat’s nail with the other hand. Be careful to see that there are dark blood vessels in the part near the flesh of the cat nail. It will hurt very much if you cut it. It will bleed because a piece of meat has been cut off. The location of blood vessels may be deep or shallow. If cats often grind their claws, the blood vessels will be more hidden. If cats don’t often walk outside, the blood vessels will be close to the nail tip and must not be cut to the blood line.

       Tool selection: pet nail clippers (cat’s) and dog’s nail clippers are too large to operate. Do not use scissors or human nail clippers, because cat’s claw nails are also layer by layer. It’s very easy to cause cat’s claw nail to be broken (we often say it’s approved), even bleeding, wound inflammation and so on.

       Nail cutting angle: in the process of trimming, the cat’s nails should be perpendicular to the nail clippers as much as possible, so as to avoid cutting nails at random angle, causing nail fragmentation and infection.

       Number of cuts: cat’s front paw has 5 nails, 4 in front and 1 in side, which is called accessory toe

       A cat has only four nails on its hind paw

       So there are 18 in total. Don’t miss it!

       Cats trim their nails about 2-3 weeks. But the specific combination of the growth of the cat (after all, some owners love to polish their nails on the cat scratch board for a long time). During the pruning process, the cat may be unhappy, meow or scratch you to express dissatisfaction. Don’t yell at it or hit it. Otherwise, it may not let you cut it in the future. Oh ~ of course, you can also give it a little reward after cutting all the nails, and feed it some snacks to ease the mood.

       To cut a cat’s nails, you only need to cut the front claws. Therefore, the owner should consciously hold the cat’s small hand (forepaw) when touching the cat, and gently let the cat get used to the master’s grasping on the front paw. When the cat thinks that this is a friendly and loving expression of the owner, they will be very relaxed and will not retract the claw. You’ll find that when the thumb is up and the other fingers are down, the cat’s nails stick out. This is good for pruning.

       1. The treatment is as follows:

       (1) Use powder to stop bleeding: dip the bleeding cat’s paw with a little starch.

       (2) Disinfect the cat’s wound with alcohol, then bandage it. Then check it once a day, disinfect it and change the bandage.

       (Note: if iodophor is used as disinfectant, do not let the cat lick its paws.)

       (3) The wound is very deep and bleeding, or there is no sign of improvement after disinfection or there is serious phenomenon such as suppuration. Please go to the pet hospital for medical treatment.

       2. Tips for cutting nails of kittens:

       (1) Choose nail clippers for pets or large nail clippers for people.

       (2) There is a red thin line in the middle of the cat’s nail, which is a blood vessel. If it is cut, it will bleed and the cat will ache. Only the white tip of the nail can be cut.

       It’s better not to cut it randomly, because you will cut its meat carelessly

       I saw an aunt cut the dog’s nails. The dog’s nails were bleeding

       It hurts to think about it

       But the pet shop also can’t avoid bleeding, and some shops are black hearted to the dog’s paws are injured

       If you want to go, try to stay by its side, in case those unscrupulous shops don’t take their pets for life

       Cat nails

       All cats need to cut their toenails regularly. If the toenails are too long, they will not only slip but also hide bacteria easily. As a result, the toenails of the cat will be broken regularly.

       Before cutting nails for pet cats, you need to prepare: nail clippers for cats and hemostatic powder.

       1. Preparation tools: cat nail special scissors; hemostatic.

       2. Specific steps:

       (1) Put the cat on her lap and gently stroke its head to make them quiet;

       (2) The angle between nail clipper and toenail should be 45 degrees;

       (3) Pick up one of the feet and press the toe to be cut to expose the nail completely. Use a special nail clipper to cut off the long toenails one by one;

       (4) Do not cut too close to the meat root (dark opaque), or it will bleed;

       (5) If the bleeding is not careful, it is necessary to immediately use cotton and hemostatic agent to stop bleeding;

       (6) After cutting toenails, the sole of the feet should be cut, and the heel pads should be arranged horizontally. If it is too long, the pet cat will slide down. If it is too short, the foot wall will be easily stabbed by hard objects.


       If your cat is afraid of cutting its toenails, you can find a friend to hold it. Cut your toenails every two to three weeks. Clean the nail clipper with water after each nail cut.

       All cats need to cut their toenails regularly. If the toenails are too long, they will not only slip but also hide bacteria easily. Toenails are too long, but also into the foot wall, causing toe inflammation or toenail fracture, causing walking pain. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly cut toenails for pet cats, especially indoor cats, because they seldom go out for a walk, their toenails are easy to grow. Before you cut your pet cat’s toenails, you should prepare: cat’s special nail clipper, Xiaoyang water, medicinal sponge and hemostatic agent.

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