How to distinguish between British and Scottish Fold ears

       People who want to have dogs and cats and are afraid of rabies are thieves.

       Dog lovers, cat lovers and thieves, have a fluke mind.

       Keeping cats and dogs and stealing are bad habits.

       But dog lovers and cat lovers and thieves are always lucky.

       The thief hoped that his theft would not be found.

       People who have cats and dogs want to avoid rabies.

       But this fluke mentality is very shameful.

       The masses will force against thieves.

       The masses will also be angry against the bad habit of keeping cats and dogs for their own health!

       There are no such two varieties as zhejieying and zhengermei.

       The reason why cats break their ears is that they have a fold in the cartilage, which causes their ears to bend forward and point in front of their heads. This is also the case. With congenital soft bone disease, the folding ear cat often sits and stands to relieve pain. Of course, not every cat with broken ears will get sick, but there are certain risks.

       The full name of the fold eared cat is Scotch fold eared cat. It is an independent new breed of British short hair cat and Scottish cat.

       Extended data:

       The characteristics of Scotch fold eared cat are as follows

       The Scotch fold eared cat is very peaceful and friendly to other cats and dogs. Gentle, affectionate, loving, playful and cherish family life. The voice is soft. Tenacious vitality, this breed of cat is an excellent hunter. The wool is very simple. It can be combed once a week.

       Its Plush coat needs to be combed frequently during depilation. And he has to pay special attention to his ears. In order to prevent the ear bone from deforming, two cats with folded ears cannot reproduce. It can compete with the British and American Bobcats. The character of the cat with folded ears will not show until the third to the fourth week. And the degree of curling will not be determined until the fifth to sixth week.

       Reference source:

       Baidu Encyclopedia – Scotland fold ear cat

       First of all, there are no British and American short ears. There is only one cat, Scotch

       Secondly, because of the genetic defects of the cat with folded ears, in order to avoid some genetic diseases of the folded ears, it is not allowed to fold ears and fold ears in breeding. In order to obtain stable folded ears, some normal cat houses are breeding with folded ears and folded ears (of course, genetic testing is required). Then, because the gene pool of British and American short is large and stable So sometimes two varieties are used to perfect the gene for the broken ear

       However, many breeders (including many backyards) directly breed with folded ears, English and American (because it is allowed to use them) so that it is easier to breed and the kittens can also avoid genetic diseases to a large extent

       As long as one of the parents has a broken ear gene or a broken ear gene, the kittens born will also have the gene for broken ears, so it is obvious that both of your cats have the gene for broken ears, which is not allowed to mate. Otherwise, the kittens will have bone genetic disease and may be paralyzed for life. Do you have the heart to let them crawl and walk?

       Well, it depends on which side of the gene is better. In cats, generally, a litter will produce more cubs. If the female cat’s gene is dominant, it may be all ears broken, or some ears may be broken. If it is recessive, it will not be all ears broken. Similarly, male cats are the same = £þ ¦Ø £þ = I feel that if it is true, it will be very good It is possible to give birth to a litter of folded eared and erect eared cats = ~ ¦Ø ~=

       Su Zhe is actually a kind of English. After all, suriland is also a part of Britain!

       As for the blue color, both the vertical ear and the folded ear are of folded ear lineage, but some are dominant genes and some are invisible genes.

       The dominant gene can only be mated with recessive gene or British or American.

       Su Zhe gave birth to half of the kittens born either overt or invisible.

       But the Blue English short has no broken ear gene, if only the pure English short mutually, it is impossible to produce the broken ear cat.

       Simply put, Scotch fold ear is the English short with the gene for broken ear.

       The two kinds of cats are very cute, so I can only give you a general description of their differences. Finally, the landlord has to choose by himself

       1. The Scottish Fold ear is shorter and more round than the United States, that is, the head, face and eyes

       2. Su Zhe stresses short stature, such as short neck, short legs and so on

       3. Many short and beautiful bodies are bigger than Su Zhe

       4. Su Zhe is an inborn genetic disease gene carrier, prone to cardiac hypertrophy, respiratory diseases, bone diseases and so on

       Therefore, there is no good or bad, to see the owner’s own decision, ha ha.

       Hope everything goes well

       It is a new species produced by mutant gene, and then fixed by artificial directional breeding. If there is a problem with her gene mutation at the beginning, then it will be eliminated by nature. However, from the historical point of view, the original folding eared cat is healthy, and their unhealthy is due to human interference in their reproduction, too many folding ears and folding The way the ears reproduce and the excessive inbreeding give them the present situation. If the cat is bred with folded or vertical ears, the gene chain will gradually become more complete and healthy. Most of the unhealthy kittens are illegal traders. In order to ensure the rate of broken ears, two kittens born with broken ears are born.

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