How to distinguish golden wool from Labrador

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       How to distinguish a golden retriever from a Labrador?

       Golden Retriever

       From the appearance, the Golden Retriever’s temperament is more like a noble Royal member or a rich family’s son, while Labrador’s personality is more casual, more like the country’s wild children, innocent, loose, simple and lovely.

       Golden Retriever is more mature and stable than Labrador. The Labrador dog is mischievous at first and matures later.

       How to distinguish a golden retriever from a Labrador?

       The Labrador Retriever

       The Golden Retriever is more natural and unrestrained. The male and female are more like Venus in the dog world, beautiful and noble. But the Labrador has a kind of feeling that people feel unrestrained and love freedom when they walk, especially when they look like each time. They feel very cute and cute.

       The Golden Retriever is full of personality and self comparison, while the Labrador is much more obedient.

       Golden Retriever’s mind is more delicate, and more glass heart. The Labrador is a big, nervous dog, which often makes others unaware.

       Golden retrievers are more sluggish than Labradors and have less energy than Labradors. Generally play half an hour, basically very tired, and then lie down in their own nest rest. But the Labrador, it feels like it’s never enough to play.

       Although both golden and Labrador dogs lose their hair, because the hair of the Golden Retriever is much longer than that of the Labrador, the hair it falls off is curly long hair, while the hair of the Labrador, because it is thick and hard, belongs to short hair, so it is directly scattered on the ground.

       For the golden retriever and Labrador dog, there are many friends are not clear, even have their own pet shop friends. In fact, the two of them are quite different.

       Golden Retriever and Labrador are medium-sized dogs with high IQ, easy training and similar appearance. Nowadays, these two kinds of dogs are becoming more and more popular in China, but many people will not distinguish them. In fact, there are rules to distinguish them.

       Golden hair

       First, the hair of golden hair is longer than that of Labrador. The Labrador coat is a smooth double coat, and the golden coat is straight or wavy. There is only one coat color, yellow, from deep to light, while Labrador has three coat colors, black and chocolate besides yellow. Second, the golden face is shorter than Labrador’s. Third, golden ears are shorter than Labrador’s and are higher than the eyes. Labrador’s Ears Hang close to the head and hang back. Fourth, Labrador’s tail base is very thick, without hair.

       It is difficult to distinguish the puppies with light golden fur and yellow lardo, but if you observe carefully, you can still find the difference between them. At this time, you can feel their fur. The hair in the Labrador is short and straight, very dense, and it can feel rough and hard on the top. Although the hair of golden haired puppies is not fully developed, it can be clearly seen that compared with Labrador, their hair is still longer and slightly curly, belonging to fluffy.

       The Labrador Retriever

       Labrador, short haired, colorful, strong, wild.

       Golden retriever: long haired dog, only cream yellow and golden, gentle, good.

       The golden coat is quiet, and the Labrador is lively. Both kinds of dogs shed a lot of hair. They both like to drool The Labrador is more like a naughty playful child, while the Golden Retriever is like a noble prince and princess. When you see a gold and a Labrador dog playing together, within a few minutes, Jinmao may not want to play, but the Labrador dog is still pestering behind the golden fur to play. The Labrador is always a kind of innocent, innocent and city free dog~~

       Here are some tips to help you understand the difference between a golden retriever and a Labrador

       The golden coat is feathery, and the Labrador is a beagle, so it has an otter like coat.

       The Labrador Retriever

       Labradors have short ears

       And look at the golden fleece. The picture below shows the golden hair of embarrassment period. How short the hair is on the body can also be distinguished. But some people just can’t see it, so look at their ears. The ear is very obvious, no matter how short the hair is, the ear hair is also long.

       Golden hair

       Golden retriever, look how long the ear hair is! No matter how short the hair is on the body, the hair on the ear is also long.

       Golden hair

       The Labrador Retriever

       Now, have you learned how to tell Labrador from golden? Isn’t it easy.

       At first, I thought I was a cat lover. Later, I found that I also like dogs. Since I released the second dimension, I found that I was a cute person. But sometimes it’s really hard to tell a certain breed of dog, “golden haired, Labrador, husky, oh, it’s Alaska.”. That’s what I learned about dogs at first.

       During the University, I began to understand dogs, after all, there are always some girls in the University who want to have dogs, so I can say I like them. I still remember the first time I saw the shock of golden hair – huge but docile. Dogs could be temperamental and docile. I also remember the embarrassment of seeing Labrador for the first time – it wasn’t golden.

       That’s why I suddenly carry dog knowledge – it’s embarrassing.

       Golden Retriever and Labrador are both large dogs and are known as retrievers. They are docile and intelligent. They like to please people. They are regarded as the best dogs for guide dogs, subway police dogs and other working dogs. Although it is not easy to distinguish between the two dogs, golden fur and Labrador are distinctive for other breeds. So how to tell?

       From my personal point of view, as well as from a layman’s point of view, it is easier to distinguish the length of hair. The golden fur is the only yellow color. The color is from light to deep. The hair is long and curly, and its texture is soft. Labrador has a lot of hair. Besides yellow, there are white and black. The hair is short and straight, and its texture is hard. Another easy distinguishing feature between a golden retriever and a Labrador is the face, which is shorter than the Labrador.

       Golden dog head

       Labrador dog head

       The hair is thick and long

       Short hair of Labrador


       We all know that dogs are screened by humans from wolves. As a part of human social work, dogs have been gradually cultivated into various kinds. The retriever is a kind of hound, which is trained to retrieve prey. Especially golden hair and Labrador, they have a soft mouth, which can save the most valuable prey. In modern society, there are more and more social work for dogs to participate in, especially the demand for docility and high intelligence. Because of the characteristics of retriever dogs, golden fur and Labrador have become more and more docile and intelligent in thousands of years of screening, so they are screened out. Today, golden retriever and Labrador are the best choice for pets, guide dogs and Metro police dogs.

       1¡¢ Differences between golden retriever and Labrador

       The Labrador has a longer face and longer ears, while the golden retriever has a shorter face and shorter ears, above the eyes.

       Golden Retriever is a long haired dog with golden color and flat or small wavy hair, while Labrador dog has short and straight hair, smooth handle and no edge hair at the tail.

       The color of a golden retriever is usually golden yellow, but the color ranges from milky white to light gold to deep gold, while the Labrador color is beige, chocolate and brown.

       Golden Retriever is gentle, relative and kind. The Labrador is more lively and cheerful.

       The golden retriever has a more heroic gait, while the Labrador is more swaggering and unrestrained.

       2¡¢ How many breeds are there?

       The British golden retriever looks more honest and honest. His eyes are full of helplessness and craving. He feels like a child. He can’t help but want to take care of him and hold him.

       The face of the American Golden Retriever is more like a big child. The adult American Golden Retriever looks majestic and majestic without losing style. But when feeling lonely, like a child, eager to get the attention of the host, only need a hug from the host, will show a very complacent feeling.

       3¡¢ How to choose a good golden retriever?

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