How to do if the cat only has needle hair??

       Caused by fungi,

       Use 886 or 887 for pets, which are sold in pet shops.

       A cat’s skin can react to shock and malnutrition,

       Tell me about the recipe you gave the cat,

       Do you eat cat food or do you make your own food? Eating better cat food can prevent malnutrition.

       At this stage can be through nutrition cream to conditioning.

       (PS: fungi can infect people. Personal constitution is different. Please be careful. If you are infected, send it by Perry)

       It may be a long Trichophyton, is a skin disease. You can go to the pet store to buy some external water, such as iodophor, to wipe the affected area for the cat, and pay attention to the cat, do not let its claws scratch the affected area, and do not let it go out to contact other cats. Wipe a few times a day, see the affected area closed, gradually will grow some short hair.

       There are usually pay attention to the cleaning of cats and cats, pay attention to fleas and other parasites, cats and cats will be very itchy after being bitten, will use their claws to scratch, resulting in hair loss.

       In addition, excessive cleaning of the cat’s fur will also reduce the cat’s oil secretion, resulting in itching. The cat will scratch with its claws, causing some skin fur to fall off.

       Spring is the season of high incidence of cat skin diseases. Many cat skin diseases are zoonotic diseases, so we need to pay more attention to it. Your cat should be suffering from skin disease. It should be psoriasis.

       Tinea is a skin disease caused by fungal infection. The main pathogen is Microsporum canis. It grows in the dead keratinization of cats and stops when it spreads to living cells.

       Symptoms: the skin of the infected cat is infected with fungi, which often occurs in the head, ears, limbs, toes and feet, trunk and other parts. Depilation, dandruff and mild erythema can be seen in the affected part, and scab can be formed after exudation of * * fluid. The affected part is itchy. If a few cats scratch and have bacterial infection, the exudation is serious. It can be seen that the skin is inflamed, swollen and erosive. In severe cases, it can be purulent. The development of dermatomycosis generally spreads from the middle to the surrounding areas. If it is not treated in time, it will become chronic and the course of disease will be longer.

       Treatment: small pieces of tinea can be locally applied (the area is slightly larger than the affected area) anti tinea ointment, such as: clotrimazole ointment, dakenin ointment, xuanjing, 2% myconazole, etc. Serious infection can be oral griseofulvin, 60 mg / kg body weight, or nystatin, and trichostatin. Ketoconazole and Econazole had better effect on paronychia, and miconazole was mainly used for deep mycosis.

       This disease is zoonosis. Please go to the hospital immediately when the cat’s owner finds skin scurf, mild erythema and other symptoms. I’ve been infected a long time ago, and I’ve had a few one dollar feline ringworm on my face. But it’s getting better without treatment.

       You don’t have to worry about it. Now we use a lot of chemicals in our daily life, so it is no longer easy to be infected as before. A stray cat came to my family last year. She had money and ringworm. When she didn’t come over, she was almost fine. So we didn’t give her special treatment. Later, she did not cure herself. However, she infected another cat in our family, but only got a piece of ringworm. Later, she lost some hair and did not develop again. This is because we pay attention to environmental hygiene and the body of the infected cat is also It’s strong, so there’s a big problem.

       If your cat is too young and afraid of strangers when he comes home, he should pay attention to the development of his condition and be careful in treatment. It is easy to make a fool of himself. Not only is it not cured, it may aggravate the disease. Therefore, I suggest that you observe first, prepare clean food and water for him, and pay special attention to the cleanness of the cat’s nest, because your cat’s hair and skin shavings are infected with a large number of bacteria, which will be repeatedly infected. If you are willing to let him live in the cage temporarily, on the one hand, there will be no mattress easy to produce bacteria and lead to repeated infection, on the other hand, it will also let you and your family members Don’t worry about getting infected.

       If your cat is not too young (a month or two) it should not be in danger. During this period, try to touch and hug him as little as possible, so as not to let him get angry, calm down, and prevent his family from being infected.

       In short, be patient and pay attention to hygiene, and you will be safe and sound.

       On the formation of hairball

       Our cat’s tongue has some thread like hooks. It happens that our spine is very flexible, so the tongue can touch almost every part of the body. It is an important tool for us.

       You now know why we lick our hair all the time, and in the long process of combing our hair, our tongue will bring some loose hair to our stomachs.

       Most of these hairs will be excreted naturally, but some of them will remain in the stomach, accumulate slowly, and form balls in the stomach. Experts call them gastroliths, or hair balls.

       Symptoms of trichomes

       Common symptoms: bow waist, retching, vomiting;

       Severe symptoms: continuous “Ka Ka Ka” sound, vomiting, retching or bowing without hair ball, loss of appetite, lethargy, constipation and diarrhea;

       Prevention of hairball

       Artificial grooming: cats actually like shoveling officers to help comb their hair (especially in the season change, which can be said to be very necessary). In this way, when we lick our hair, we will eat less hair and prevent the accumulation of hair balls in the stomach. The owner should comb the long haired cat twice a day for 15 minutes. Don’t worry about short haired cats. Put away your flukes. Short haired cats also need to comb their hair regularly.

       Keep the house clean: clean up the hair we’ve fallen, so as to avoid the appearance of clumps of cat hair. Especially in spring and autumn, we are afraid of hair loss. (if you accidentally eat a lump, it may be a hairball directly. This period of the weather is also relatively dry, to maintain indoor hygiene, you can also prepare a humidifier or something, keep moderate oh~

       Feeding cat grass: human beings need to eat green vegetables, and our cats also need “green vegetables” – green plants, such as cat mint, wheat, etc. But we don’t eat green plants to supplement any vitamins, just because green plants can stimulate our stomach, help produce a nausea reaction, and spit out the hair in the stomach. This is the more common way to remove hair, although it has a little effect, but the cat’s body damage is greater, and if the vomiting is not clean, it is easy to cause intestinal obstruction. (don’t say it! It’s really hard when you throw up

       Mineral oil hair cream (mineral oil is a kind of harmful substances to the body): long term consumption of this hair removing cream will lead to malnutrition and even anal prolapse.

       Newbiejian depilatory ball cream: other hair removing cream has some functions, but other hair removing cream does not have it. The point is, of all its ingredients, there is nothing harmful to our bodies. Solve the problem of cat fur ball in an all-round way

       1. Add dietary fiber: absorb foreign body and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis;

       2. Nutrition supplement: enhance resistance;

       3. Add fructooligosaccharide: help to regulate the stomach and intestines;

       4. Add deep sea fish oil and natural vegetable oil : protect the skin barrier, reduce hair loss to reduce the amount of hair entering the gastrointestinal tract, but also moisten the intestinal tract;

       5. add natural herbal extract Raphanus (this is the secret recipe! Even Wang Junbao of Huamao’s word-of-mouth in the market did not consider this point: to increase gastrointestinal motility and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis (in the stage of hirsutoma, this problem should not be underestimated);

       To deal with less hair balls, the cat will eat some plant-based food (such as grass) to stimulate vomiting or excretion, which is a kind of cat self-treatment. However, when there are too many hair balls in the body, or the vomiting nerve center of the cat itself is not developed, it becomes a more painful thing to expel these obnoxious guys from the body.

       When the cat’s digestive tract is blocked by hair ball, it will appear anorexia, or gnaw plastic bags, wool products and other eating behavior. Master, you have to find a way to help them. So, in the end, what kind of method can let the cat easily remove the trouble brought by the fur ball?

       One of the ways to help cat vomit hair ball: Grass

       Subordination type: primitive ancient prescriptions

       Those cats living in the natural environment are troubled by the hair ball, and will find some grass to eat, so as to promote the discharge of hair ball. But cats who live in apartments are not so lucky. Cats transfer their desire for grass to the flowers and trees planted in their homes or vegetables in the kitchen. Many beautiful plants, such as lilies, contain toxic ingredients that can cause harm to cats. Therefore, planting cat grass at home is a better way. The method of planting cat grass is simple, quick and can meet the health needs of cats.

       Vegetable oil: the second way to help cat vomit hair ball

       Subordinate type: simple economy

       Some long haired cats will swallow a lot of their own body hair in the changing season, forming a large number of hair balls in the stomach. If your cat is suffering from anorexia and depression due to hair ball, you can solve the problem by feeding vegetable oil. The specific method is: the vegetable oil is extracted into the needle tube, according to the amount of 8 ml per 2.5 kg. After 16 hours, the hair ball in the cat’s stomach can be vomited or excreted by the cat. However, the taste of being oiled is not very comfortable. If you can, use other better ways!

       The third way to help cat vomit hair ball:

       Hairball free cat food

       Subordination type: imperceptible type

       Professional depilated cat food, containing plant and crude fiber ingredients, can effectively prevent the accumulation of hair ball in the digestive tract, and help the hair ball out of the body. During the hair changing season, the cat owners can feed the depilated cat food as the cat’s main food, which can help the cat solve the health problems imperceptibly.

       Four ways to help cats vomit hair balls:

       Special hair removing cream

       Subordinate type: professional scientific type

       Hair remover is a must for a cat family. The hair removing cream is delicious, contains nutrients and depilatory ingredients. If taken regularly, it can effectively prevent the formation of hair balls in cats. If taken in accordance with the prescribed dosage, it can promote the rapid excretion of hair balls in the body. When there are more hairballs in cats, they can be fed with 40mm daily for 3 consecutive days; to prevent the occurrence of hirsutism, they can be fed with depilatory cream once a week, about 20mm each time.

       Tips: advice for alternative experience

       Can the cat eat the food in the kitchen?

       Many cat owners also have experience with the problem of puffing balls. For example, sometimes cats rush into the kitchen to find some delicious vegetables to help them solve the problem. It turns out that coriander, bean sprouts and Chinese cabbage have all been favored by different cats. Some cats even bite shallots or sweet potatoes. It is safe for cats to eat vegetables, but pesticide residues on vegetables that have not been washed may cause great harm to the health of cats. It is better to be careful!

       On the emetic method of cod liver oil

       Some cat owners say that a small particle of cod liver oil can solve the problem of helping cats vomit hair balls. Cod liver oil contains a large number of vitamin AD ingredients, excessive intake of vitamins, will break the nutritional balance of cats, and eventually lead to serious problems. Cod liver oil depilation method is absolutely wrong experience.

       The local method ~ ~ is heard from the veterinarian who knows it. Take leek juice ~ ~ ~ and pour it into the cat with a syringe ~ ~ ~ it will spit out the hair ball, but the symptoms don’t look like hairball disease ~ ~ ~ it’s not so serious ~ ~ ~ if the cat is cured, we must feed it regularly ~ ~ ~ let it get rid of the hair ball~~

       The general cat will spit out the hair ball, and the long hair cat may have a larger volume of hair ball, but when the certain volume of the hair ball does not seriously threaten the health of the cat, the cat will obviously have the phenomenon of loss of appetite and body weight. If the hairball is so big that it can make a cat comatose, I will never believe it. Unless the owner doesn’t even care about it all year round, it has to block the whole stomach.

       I don’t believe it’s caused by hairball. I’ll send you the film and show it to you.


       The owner of a cat, the most depressing thing should be the “one floor cat fur” at home. Do all cats lose their hair? Why does your cat lose its hair?

       1¡¢ Hair loss is a common problem in long haired cats

       For long haired cats, the main reason for hair loss is the influence of season and weather. The change of weather will change the hormones of cats. There is no way to stop this kind of depilation. Only by strengthening carding can we alleviate it after the season of hair changing.

       2¡¢ Not all cats lose their hair

       If you want to have a cat and you hate cats that lose their hair all the time, the best way is to choose a suitable breed, such as Siamese cat (details), short hair cat and American Curly eared cat. The characteristics of these kinds of cats are relatively less hair loss, and there is no feeling of “endless wildfire and spring breeze rebirth”.

       3¡¢ Pay attention to the nutrition of cats

       A large part of the hair is composed of protein, in the usual nutrition, if the lack of protein, will cause a large number of cat hair, so in peacetime, for the cat to supplement protein is very necessary. And in the fur season for cats to supplement the necessary protein, not only can alleviate the cat’s hair, but also can make the cat’s new hair grow healthy and shiny.

       4¡¢ Special attention should be paid to local hair loss

       When a cat suddenly begins to have severe hair loss, it is necessary to draw the attention of the owner, because it is likely to be caused by fungal or parasitic infection. For example, when a cat suffers from tinea felis, it will cause a lot of hair loss, and there are dandruff at the root of the hair, and the hair will be fragile and will fall off once it is pulled out, and even the phenomenon of * skin will appear.

       My family is British with short hair and broken ears. A few days ago, a small piece of skin appeared red, swollen, flail and depilated. You should do what I said, because my skin is not as serious as what you said. First of all, I check the cat’s diet and find out the external reasons if there is no problem. Because my cat eats professional cat food and golden cat’s can, so I don’t pay much attention to diet, I don’t know how your cat eats it. Don’t give it sweet and salty food. It will add to the burden of the cat and cause complications. There are many reasons for depilation. One is that you didn’t wash it in time. The other is that after washing, he ran to the dark and licked it dry without sun. This is very wrong, Many domestic cats have many diseases because they are not exposed to the sun for a long time, which leads to many problems in vision, skin and bone. After bathing, the cat must be exposed to the sun. If it is to take a bath at night, it must be dried with an air bucket. Otherwise, it will be like a person who goes to bed without blowing after washing his head, After a long time, people’s hair will grow and their scalp will fall off. In addition, we should go to the veterinarian to take a special bath for pets and skin eczema. We should know that animals are different from us. Human lotion seems to be bathing them with gasoline, which is not the right way. Pay attention to a small detail. If you really love it, my cat is coated with ointment, and then more sun

       Combing frequently

       A more effective way to reduce hair loss is to comb frequently and choose the right comb. Generally speaking, some long haired cats need to comb once a day, while those with short hair can comb once a week. The carding times can be increased appropriately during the wool changing period. Comb and bathe the cat regularly, and choose the special comb for the cat! Take a bath with cat’s bath liquid. Don’t use human’s bath liquid or dog’s bath liquid. It will stimulate the cat’s skin, make the cat depilate more severely, and even cause skin diseases in serious cases!

       Reasonable diet

       Unqualified cat food and self-made cat rice have single nutritional components, and the nutrients in them can not maintain the growth needs of cats and cats. Therefore, after long-term accumulation, large-scale depilation and hair loss appear. Of course, some cat rice contains salt, cats can not secrete salt, will also depilate.

       When cats lose their hair badly, in addition to daily care, they should also pay special attention to diet. Rich in nutrients, such as vitamins and cat hair. The daily diet should be prepared with nutritious and balanced food, which is more conducive to the growth of cat’s new hair. During the hair changing period, you can eat some lecithin seaweed granules to beautify hair and prevent skin diseases.

       Hair remover

       1. Brush effect is good, but can not completely remove hair, can remove most of the cat hair on clothes, sheets, can be used repeatedly, but more troublesome.

       2. It can remove almost all cat hair, except for some hard cat fur, which needs to be removed manually, which is very fast and convenient.

       3. The third one is adhesive tape, which is the same principle as the tear off paper gluer, which can be used as an emergency. Of course, there are water washing roller gluers, vacuum cleaners, sweeping robots, etc.


       Tea can also effectively remove cat hair, usually drink the remaining tea after removing moisture, sprinkle in the room, and then slowly sweep the tea in a pile. When you sweep, you will find that cat hair will gather in the tea pile and blend with the tea. After cleaning, the room will become clean and tidy.

       It is important to increase the nutrition of the cat and reduce the hair loss fundamentally.

       1. Prepare a multi tooth comb. When you watch TV every night, comb the cat up and down. You can comb a lot of hair. Don’t use too much force. The cat will feel comfortable and even fall in love with this kind of enjoyment. In the future, whenever you take out the needle comb, he will take the initiative to run back to let you comb.

       2. Give the cat a bath. Do not more than once a month in winter and once a week or two in summer. Take a bath to remove some of the shed fluff. You can wash while combing. The cat must blow dry after bathing, otherwise it is easy to catch a cold.

       3. If the above methods still can’t remove most of the cat’s hair, the most effective way is to cut the cat’s hair. This is the most direct and labor-saving way. But this method should be used in summer, because cats are cold.

       4. The owner can also buy the mop and comb of electrostatic precipitator paper. The comb is specially used for clothes, bed sheets, sofa and carpet, which is also very effective.

       5. Get in the sun. Cats don’t produce vitamin D themselves, so they need to use light to produce vitamin D to replenish calcium and hair. Therefore, if you want your cat to lose less hair, you should not only have a healthy diet, but also have good living habits.

       After the weather gets hot, it’s normal for a cat to shed hair. If you call a cat, it’s only recently that the weather has turned warm that it starts to depilate seriously. Don’t worry about it. Cats are healthy.

       If the cat’s fur has no color and is not smooth, improve the diet for the cat. If the cat usually eats salt, you can try it. Change it to a little salt.

       You can buy a hair removal comb. There are many kinds of hair removal combs, rubber and metal. The effect is good (PS, I think the rubber is a little better, because it is soft and can comb the whole body. The metal one is not allowed to comb the belly, but the rubber one is a little bit serious when combing) Usually give meow a comb can reduce the cat walking, and holding it is hair loss.

       Clean up your hair: vacuum cleaner, electrostatic brush

       Pet cat

       First of all, parents should pay attention to science cat. Comb their hair once or twice a day, and let the naturally fallen hair concentrate on the brush. Pay attention to the cat’s diet. Don’t give them salty food. Too high salt is also one of the important factors for hair loss. Strengthen the nutrition supplement of protein and vitamin.

       Secondly, don’t let the cat often be in the mood of excitement, tension or fear. We need to communicate and interact with the cat more to relieve their lonely and tense mood. Parents can take the cat out to bask in the sun, guide the cat to do some sports, absorb the ultraviolet rays of the sun, strengthen the blood circulation of the body, and promote the health and luster of the new hair.

       Finally, parents should clean the room regularly. Kitten’s sleeping mat and clothes should be cleaned and disinfected in time. At the same time, the home bed, sofa, curtains, plush toys, etc. should also be timely vacuum. Protect the environment clean and healthy, avoid the breeding of parasites and bacteria, ensure the health of cats, and avoid the occurrence of skin diseases and hair loss of cats.

       External parasites and fungal dermatitis are possible ~ it’s best to go to the animal hospital for examination. You can scrape off some skin for a test. It’s easy to detect. The treatment of parasites and tinea felis is different~

       Do you have a look at the part of the hair red, there is liquid exudation or red pimple and so on, that is skin disease, scaly shape, dark color is tinea felis ~ should go to the animal hospital to prescribe medicine, my cat is treated with tinea Jing~

       If the above situation is not, it may be seasonal depilation, especially in spring and summer. It is normal to comb the cat’s fur with a small comb every day, so as to reduce the number of fur balls swallowed by cats~

       Besides, there may be problems with diet. Maybe it’s lack of vitamins. You can give your cat yeast slices. This vitamin supplement is the best. When you make a cat’s rice, such as cooking beef or fish, you can add some slices of green vegetables to cook together, or you can supplement the vitamins. Besides, the vegetables should not be cooked too long, otherwise the nutrition will be destroyed and the fruits can be fed, Once or twice a week

       Conditional, can change Royal cat food, there is a special series for fur health ~ the effect is not bad ~ there is a variety of pet nutrition tablets is a good choice~

       Finally, the cat’s diet must not be too salty. Hair loss may be the reason why cat food is too salty. You can change a brand of cat food and give it a try. Homemade cat rice can only put a small amount of salt, absolutely not more

       I think it’s cat ringworm. Do you see if there are scales, red skin, or sticky skin in the bald area. If it is, it’s fungal dermatitis. I need to go to the hospital to have a further test and make a diagnosis. Then the veterinarian will prescribe medicine for you and stick to spraying it. Tinea cleaning solution will be good~

       Skin disease and diet are generally related, unreasonable diet, or malnutrition and so on will induce the cat to get this disease, usually pay more attention to supplement nutrition to the cat, it is also very important to eat more protein containing food, fish, chicken, and fresh vegetables are necessary, nutrition balance disease will naturally get better soon~

       You think we can lose our hair, but animals can’t lose their hair. Of course, we have a disease, but it’s not serious. It’s just the skin or the hair. You say you can see the skin, but there’s nothing wrong with other places. I don’t think it’s wiping. Do you have a pet clinic there? I suggest you take it. Since you ask, you are a cat lover

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