How to do when the golden hair in the home is in heat

       Dogs and humans will have physiological needs, when your dog has physiological needs, “steal” pillow vent, how to deal with it?

       There is a meaning behind human language. The so-called “steal bite” pillow vent, at first, it is not a steal bite, but in the normal riding or hand sex when you found it, and also punish it, which makes it have to hide to do, this is your so-called “steal bite”. “Biting” reveals that you have punished your dog.

       Dai gengji, Taiwan’s first “cure” pet psychology expert, believes that “nibbling” the pillow is the dog’s physiological needs? Or is it because of your punishment? I’m afraid it’s difficult to distinguish most simple behavior problems because of human punishment. Later, they become complex behavior problems.

       Such a disordered mind will only make your dog with you often at a loss.

       Dai Genji explained the real reason for this phenomenon: it is because the dog’s life is too boring, the daily life is unchangeable, the dense space in the city is frustrated, and the owner does not use methods to create a happy life for the dog, which will lead to excessive “*”, coupled with the owner’s scolding, not only does not reduce the situation of * *, but also aggravates the dog’s Life frustration, so more frequent sex. But because he was punished at the time of the incident, he had to hide.

       Coping tips:

       Dai Genji gave two alternative measures: “modification” or “management”. To choose “management” is to take away all the pillows, and the problem will be solved. It is direct and simple.

       If you choose to do the correction, you need to press:


       First of all, it is about sterilization. If you have a male dog, please sterilize him first. After about 18 hours, the content of testosterone in blood will decrease. This is the first step. For a female dog with this problem, sterilization will not help, but you don’t need to hinder your idea of sterilizing her.


       In addition, to increase the dog’s aerobic exercise, increase the game between you and the dog, through toys to play. Those who can’t play with toys can be trained to play with toys, which can consume too much energy in their bodies, reduce “urban frustration” and “social frustration”, and reduce “hand sex” behavior caused by frustration or anxiety.


       If you catch it “stealing” every time, don’t stop it, scold it or have any social interaction with it. Just slam the door and leave the house. It’s better to get the camera ready, watch through the camera, make sure it’s not masturbation or masturbation, and be quiet for more than two minutes before you go home. When you go home, don’t be happy with your dog as if nothing happened. In this way, repeated operation can be improved quickly.


       Finally, if you still have these bad habits, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a veterinarian. It may have obsessive-compulsive disorder and need to be checked and treated with drugs.

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       More problems and knowledge of pet rearing

       ***Good veterinarian (PET version) app

       I haven’t reported the status of Wukong in our family for a long time, because it has made me angry recently. The reason is very strange: it’s almost one year old, that is to say, it’s the age of being in a state of emotional yearning

       Seeing this, you may want to say that it’s not normal for dogs to have oestrus?

       Keke, Chai dog launched love, can be compared to the entertainment industry male star derailment also can not stop ah

       Don’t you often call a teddy a day dog? I don’t know the ability of Chai dog to fly to the sky, shoulder to shoulder with teddy!

       Every time the dogs in our community encounter Wukong, they have to hide far away, or this is the end

       If they saw Wukong approaching it, they would like a Thomas whirling home. The scene was like a young girl meeting a pervert

       Left Wukong in the same place, a face muddled: eh? Does it dislike me? That’s not what I said in bed yesterday.

       Wukong is not only an expert in dog circles, but also a seeder of nature.

       By the way, my quilt has been put on it more than once

       I’m so lucky I’m not pregnant yet!

       But oestrus is not terrible. What is terrible is that it is oestrus all over the world, even human friends.

       He held everyone’s thigh in the company

       In the past, we saw that it was extremely spoiled, touching the dog’s head, pinching the dog’s face and so on

       Now attitude has changed a lot! As soon as they met, they yelled, “do you dare to go to me? Look, I won’t break your legs

       In such a severe reprimand, Wukong gradually convergence up, dare not “on” the company’s brothers and sisters’ thighs, but to shift the target to Express brother body!!!

       Every time the express guy comes to the company and squats on the ground to put things, he goes over to people’s back and hits verbs A kind of

       Now there is no express to rush into the door of our company, are afraid of their virginity, after all, or virgin.

       Recently I came back from Dubai and took it back to my parents’ home for a few days You know, the elders of the family are so late because of the hormonal Wukong

       Even the cat at home is exhausted by torture A kind of

       I can’t help but feel sad when I write here. Why are other people’s cats and dogs so cute, but Wukong in our house is hard to say?

       I usually see them in the cute pet channel of the daily express. They are cute and coquettish. I wish they would be spoiled as girlfriends!!! All in all, I suspect I have a fake dog

       Not to mention that because I don’t give my thighs, he dislikes me in every way. He ignores me. Sometimes he opens the door and takes the elevator and goes downstairs to the square to look for the female dog. I’m not the master at all!! Because of this, I was blacklisted by the security guard of the community.

       This can help you to find the material to be a good master, to raise a good pet, or to learn a skill to find friends for your pet.

       If you like the girl next door, you can learn how to communicate with your pet first. After all, you will be favored by others first!

       I would say that the pants have given me gifts several times, but they are all for pets

       Today, I just sent a cat named “hot pot”. Seeing the cat, I don’t want to buy a bag


       It’s guaranteed that it will make people wander back and forth even more than cutting hands. I usually watch it for a whole day

       By the way, if you have a female Chai dog in your family, please show her Wukong in our house. Do you like it or not.

       After all, it’s a boy with such a good job. It’s a pity to waste it in vain

       What to do with dog in estrus? What about dog in estrus

       Elderly female dogs are prone to dystocia. If they want to use caesarean section, they have to face anesthesia problems, and the anesthesia risk of old dogs is much higher than that of young dogs.

       What to do with the dog in estrus? What about the dog entering the estrus

       Male dog’s x-behavior is generated by female dog’s estrus. Male dog’s riding action is the group consciousness body language which appears in puberty, and indicates the group status. (sterilization can’t stop the straddle) bitches do the same thing with straddling. The male’s x-behavior is triggered by the female’s oestrus.

       Performance of female dog in estrus

       After estrus, most of the behavior of female dogs will have some changes, such as irritability, barking, eyes shining; pudendal swelling, flushing, red mucus with blood flowing out (generally speaking, aunt LAI); loss of appetite, frequent urination, raising the tail and arched back, like to approach the male dog, climb over other dogs and other signs.

       The expression of estrus in male dogs

       Male dog estrus will become more savage and aggressive than usual, and will urinate everywhere to attract the opposite sex. Some of them like to lick and touch themselves. They will grab and hold different objects or the legs of their masters and ride back and forth to rub. Sometimes, they will find that the officials have outflow

       And many months of puppies will ride, this is only due to the nature of animals, not a representative of maturity.

       Male dogs do not have a fixed estrus time. Generally, male dogs will not be in estrus at any time after adulthood, but they may be affected by some foreign objects or smell the smell of female dogs at any time, and they will be sexually stimulated, which can cause high excitement!

       If you want a dog to have a baby successfully, mating time is absolutely the most important, no one!

       The best time for dog breeding?


       To see the situation of peaches and to the tail, when the female dog peaches gradually detumescence and begin to wilt, the best mating is when the tail has fallen.

       The second type:

       Some excrement removal officers did not pay attention to the beginning date of the blood retention of the female dog. For example, the dog may have been in estrus for several days at the time of discovery, or the best mating date can be determined according to the change of the color of the peach bleeding; or the second method above is used to measure progesterone to determine the egg laying time.

       At present, natural breeding and artificial breeding are the most popular. At the best mating time, you can lock two dogs together and let them have sex with each other. Of course, dogs are not bound to have sex with each other. Some of them are not allowed, or two dogs just don’t want to have sex.

       At this time, in order to avoid missing the best mating time, we can only choose artificial breeding, that is, take out the male dog and inject it into the female dog. What is it and how to get it? Do you want me to tell you more about the ash machine? The specific breeding thing here is not detailed, very yellow very violent thing, we chat in private!