How to do with the dog’s hair falling? How to do with the dog’s hair falling seriously?

       Most dogs shed their hair in spring and autumn. The amount of hair needed in summer doesn’t have to be so much, so when the weather warms up, part of the old hair is removed to regulate body temperature. And in winter, they will take off the coarse hair and change the fluff to spend the cold winter. These are normal phenomena. As long as you comb the dog more every day and clean up the hair, you can prevent the house from flying.

       If the skin is normal, don’t worry too much.

       Lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. In the natural environment such as sunlight and temperature, the growth of dog’s hair will also be affected. If the dog is not exposed to the sun for a long time, if it is reared indoors for a long time, it will also cause slight depilation throughout the year. There are also some breeds of dogs, such as spots, although they are short haired breeds, but whenever you touch them with your hands, as long as the tip is strong, you will get a hand of hair, which is unavoidable. You must be prepared mentally to raise such dogs!

       In addition, we should avoid the phenomenon of hair loss caused by human factors: many families use adult soap or shampoo, and even wash dogs and detergents to bathe dogs. Because the dog’s skin tends to be medium-sized, and the adult’s washing products are relatively high in alkaline relative to the dog’s skin, resulting in dry and itchy dog’s skin, allowing mites, bacteria, fungi to take advantage of the opportunity to form skin diseases, and eventually lead to hair loss. In addition, bathing too often damages the normal protective substances secreted by the skin. Therefore, it is suggested that dogs should use dog’s special washing products, bath times should not be too frequent, should be reasonably controlled.

       There is also too much salt intake, also can cause the dog hair to fall off seriously, usually comb more to clean up the dead hair first.

       In addition, you can buy that kind of miniature vacuum cleaner. You can laugh like a fan. You can suck dog hair and hair scattered in the house, sofa, etc


       It’s OK. Don’t worry,

       Can be more calcium and so on, can eat egg yolk, with dog food, half a day or one, and more dog hair is also very helpful, I give my dog this way.

       The effect is very obvious, the hair is also very bright now, you can also add some carrots to the dog’s eyes.

       Wish your dog healthy and smart!

       There are many reasons for dog hair loss. For example, frequent bathing can also cause a lot of hair loss. Therefore, the owner should take a bath once a week on a regular basis.

       What’s more, eating too salty can also cause a lot of hair loss. If you want to reduce the amount of hair loss, it’s better for the owner to feed some light and low salt dog food, just as this “greedy but not greasy natural dog food” can effectively reduce dog hair loss and tear marks.

       Estrus, dog just born, hair season will lead to dog hair loss!

       In fact, there are many reasons for dog hair loss, some are normal reasons, some need special attention. Now, let’s talk about the reasons why dogs lose their hair.

       1. Seasonal hair loss: usually before summer and near winter, because of the need to change hair;

       2. Vegetative hair loss: hair loss occurs all the year round, which is considered to be lack of nutrition; new fetal hair will be replaced in puppies, which is a normal phenomenon; some dogs have severe hair loss, such as Samoye;

       3. Cannibalism: dogs can’t eat any seasoning. Salty food can also cause hair loss, even local hair loss. Including sweet, spicy, irritant, flavoring food can cause dog hair loss.

       4. Skin disease: do not often bathe or bathe too often will lead to dog skin disease, especially the dog with high recurrence rate of fungal skin disease, every time hair loss is a piece of off, must pay close attention to treatment.

       Seaweed, egg yolk, soybean, flaxseed, salmon oil and so on all have the very good improvement function to the beautiful wool. Egg yolks thicken hair, seaweed darkens dog hair, salmon oil and flaxseed brighten hair.

       The top system fresh food specially adds these beautiful hair food materials, one eats the hair to be bright and smooth, reduces the dog to lose the hair question.

       For example, the customized standard food is added with seaweed, egg yolk and flaxseed, which can ensure that the dog does not lose hair; while the formula food and classic food are added with seaweed, egg yolk, soybean, flaxseed and salmon oil, which not only solves the nutritional hair loss problem, but also makes the dog’s hair denser, brighter and softer.

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       Spring is the season for hair changing. After a winter, the thick long hair begins to fall off. At this time, whether it’s human combing or dog scratching, there will be a lot of hair falling off. Especially after the Spring Festival, every day you can see a group of hair on the ground and in the kennel. This is a normal physiological change, take off the “winter clothes” to adapt to the hot summer. But if you drop too much, so that the skin exposure is a skin disease. For the shedding of hair to comb and clean every day, to avoid falling hair sticking to the body to form felt (that is to say, the hair knot).

       In addition, pay attention to keep the skin clean and hygienic, otherwise, the dirty skin will itch, and the dog will scratch or rub the body to eliminate the itching feeling, which will easily hurt the skin and cause bacterial infection. The unclean skin also provides a place for the reproduction of parasites and fungi, causing skin diseases. It should be noted that Longchang bile acid can be properly added to dog food to improve the quality of hair changing, because a large part of the problem of dog and cat coat color is due to poor absorption of fat soluble vitamins. The lack of bile secretion affects the digestion and absorption of fat, thus affecting the digestion and absorption of fat soluble vitamins. Because fat soluble vitamins have the function of providing nutrition for hair follicles and promoting hair regeneration, it will directly affect the health of dog’s fur. Therefore, it is better to add bile acid during hair changing.

       Spring dog oestrus

       Spring is also the season of oestrus. In addition to breeding fine pure breed, we should pay attention to prevent unnecessary sexual intercourse. Take care of your dog and wait until you find a good breed. At this time, we should manage the female dogs in estrus. First, we should prevent the illegal mating, especially the purebred dogs, so as to avoid the degradation and cross breeding of puppies; second, we should grasp the breeding opportunity to prevent missing mating. In order to avoid adverse reactions before and after estrus, birth control surgery can be considered for the female dogs who are not ready to keep their seeds. In estrus period, male dogs fight with each other in order to fight for their spouses. Bite should be prevented and injuries should be dealt with in time. It is better to walk in the place where there are few dogs.

       1. Hair loss in spring and summer

       In fact, hair loss is part of a dog’s normal physiological cycle, ranging from Samoye and Alaska to the bear bomeidou. Generally speaking, the hair changing period is mainly concentrated in spring and autumn. At that time, even people have to prepare clothes for changing seasons. Dogs and dogs are no exception. In order to resist the cold of winter, dogs will take off their bodies in autumn and in summer In spring, the wool in winter will be replaced by coarse fur which is conducive to heat dissipation and ventilation. In this process, the specific performance of dog is hair loss. So in this case, the dog does not have to worry too much about hair loss, it is a normal phenomenon. In this process, as long as the pet owner combs the dog’s hair every day, and collects the loose hair in time through the comb, the house full of flying hair can be greatly reduced.

       2. Skin disease causes hair loss

       How to distinguish whether pathological depilation? Careful observation of hair off the place has red swelling or small red spots, which is likely to be infected with bacteria and the like. Mites are the common cause of dog hair loss, which is related to the dog’s living environment. Moreover, it is easy to infect the grass and green belt. If it is due to skin disease caused by hair loss, it is obvious that there is a large area of skin on the skin. It will also be accompanied by the scratch surface of the pet. In serious cases, there will be a red rash.

       If the dog due to skin disease caused by hair loss to shave off the sick part of the hair, in the use of some antiseptic daub, can be appropriate to expand the scope of application to prevent the spread of parasites, if necessary, to shave hair for bath.

       3. Change the baby dog’s fetal hair

       Dogs to 3 months old will change the fetal hair, this period of puppies, will also appear a lot of hair loss. Is a normal phenomenon, do not worry too much, but still pay attention to the dog’s diet health.

       4. Hair loss due to improper sun exposure

       The sun’s ultraviolet rays are also very good for dog hair. It can not only promote the healthy growth of new hair, but also play a role in sterilization, reducing the probability of dogs suffering from parasites.

       5. Eating too salty can cause hair loss

       The dog’s diet is also a key factor leading to dog hair loss. If you eat too salty oil will only aggravate the dog hair loss, the dog’s skin and hair will be dry, hair loss and hair will become dim, so in the daily care at the same time, we must pay attention to the light diet.

       Dog Diet precautions:

       Dogs’ salt requirement is different from that of humans. Dogs can’t eat foods with high salt content, which will lead to kidney gland problems and endocrine disorders. Eating too much salt can cause hair loss. In addition, eating too much salt can cause the dog’s visceral load to increase. For the dog’s diet, dog owners must pay attention to. Do not feed too much salt, oil, additives (ham, canned food, etc.), people eat food, eat too much meat, and so on. Try to feed some natural dog food with low salt and low oil composition on weekdays. It is recommended to choose some natural dog food with deep sea fish oil. It is good for hair. It is suggested to eat some lecithin seaweed granules to prevent hair loss, promote metabolism and prevent skin diseases!

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