How to do with worm in cat’s stomach – Ascaris in kitten’s stomach

       There are worms in my stomach. I need to expel them

       It is very necessary to expel worms regularly. Before 6 months old, cats should drive worms once a month. Ascaris and tapeworms should be repelled. It is better to use broad-spectrum anthelmintic drugs because some drugs only repel one kind of insect. It is safer to ask the doctor before purchasing or go to the pet hospital. It is safe to expel worms once a quarter for cats over 6 months old

       I’ve tried to use “changchongqing” from American and American Shike, which is the “two pieces” in the advertisement. I have consulted the insiders. I have given half a pill to the kittens within six months, and one tablet for the adult cat at a time. It’s very safe not to overfeed it. It’s also very effective and economical to mix it into food

       You can buy an anthemizole deworming tablet made by Xi’an Janssen for cats to eat. A box of six tablets is only about two yuan and six pieces. The dosage is two times, half a piece each time, for three days. After a week, take one more piece to consolidate. The anthelmintic tablets are more targeted at insects, It can be used for the treatment of Enterobius vermicularis, Ascaris lumbricoides, Trichuris duodenalis, strongylodes faecalis and tapeworm infection alone or in combination. Basically, the worms will be discharged on the same day after eating, and the cat has no discomfort. This medicine is more effective than enterochongqing, which may cause discomfort to kittens. Remember to treat cats every three to four months

       You can use Bayer (broad spectrum can also be used) to kill more than 8 kinds of tapeworms, Ascaris lumbricoides and worms in any development stage. The elimination rate is more than 99%. Many cat owners use this medicine. The price is a little expensive, about 20 yuan for one;

       The broad-spectrum one is cheaper, about 3 yuan. If you have the conditions, you’d better use Bayer anthelmintic,

       The owner can buy according to his own economic situation, pet hospital has to sell, * online to sell

       In order to prevent parasites in cats, we must expel them regularly,

       General domestic cats, half a year is enough, stocking three months once

       It’s the reason why you don’t pay attention to living.

       When a cat is infected with parasites in the body, it will react as follows: eating normally but being very thin, having a big stomach but being very thin, and having live insects in the stool. In addition, usually cats infected with gastrointestinal parasites, usually there will be diarrhea.

       However, if there is no such performance, the judgment methods are as follows:

       The owner can go to the pet hospital to test the feces of the cat. If the test results show that there are parasites in the body, you only need to regularly and quantitatively feed the pet anthelmintic according to the weight.

       Precautions for feeding anthelmintic:

       Before feeding anthelmintic, you must pay attention to the cat’s constitution. If the cat is taking medicine or giving injections in the treatment of other diseases, or is having diarrhea, cold, or fever, it is necessary to take good care of the body before anthelmintic treatment. At ordinary times, we still need to pay attention to the health of cats, regular deworming, try to prevent cats infected with gastrointestinal parasites.

       When a large number of parasites are parasitic on cats, they can block the intestinal cavity, resulting in abdominal pain, intestinal volvulus and even intestinal rupture. The clinical manifestations included chronic enteritis, diarrhea, sometimes alternating diarrhea and constipation, vomiting and dyspepsia. Anemia or high weakness. Sometimes the progesterone is attached to the perianal region of the affected cat to stimulate pain and inflammation.

       When the cat ate the second intermediate host. Sparganum develops into adults in the small intestine of cats. Symptoms and pathogenicity: when there are tapeworm parasites in the cat, the small hook and sucker of tapeworm head segment are adsorbed on the small intestinal membrane, causing membrane puncture injury, causing intestinal inflammatory reaction, and even causing intestinal mucosal bleeding, resulting in hemorrhagic enteritis symptoms. Insect body stimulates intestines, makes intestinal function disorder, appear diarrhea, feces is thin and soft. In addition, in the process of growth and development, the insect continuously secretes toxins, which can cause poisoning and neurological symptoms. The insect body is very long, and can form a mass in the intestinal cavity, causing parasite obstruction, vomiting, abdominal pain, dehydration and systemic symptoms.

       When a cat is infected with parasites in the body, it will react as follows: it is very thin when eating normally, the body is very thin with a big stomach, and there are live insects in the stool. In addition, usually cats infected with gastrointestinal parasites, usually there will be diarrhea.

       However, if there is no such performance, the judgment methods are as follows:

       The owner can go to the pet hospital to test the feces of the cat. If the test results show that there are parasites in the body, you only need to regularly and quantitatively feed the pet anthelmintic according to the weight.

       There may be Ascaris lumbricoides in people’s stomachs. Cats may also have worms in their stomachs. The reason why there are worms may be that fleas on their bodies carry worm eggs, and cats eat them carelessly when they are tidying their hair. If the cat’s stomach is found with worms, it should be taken to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible to avoid serious consequences.

       It may be that fleas carry the eggs of the trematode, and cats will be infected by eating fleas in their mouths while combing their hair. Be careful. You must eat it in your mouth before you get infected. The best choice is to use freon, which is a professional anti flea product. The effect of one use can last about 2 months, and the kittens over 6 weeks can use it, which is very safe. However, in the specific use, you still need to consult the veterinarian to ensure that there is no risk.

       There are tapeworms in your cat’s belly. The white worms that come out of the cat’s body are the segments of the tapeworm. Each segment contains about 5000 Taenia eggs. These white segments will crawl out of the cat’s belly and can stretch and wriggle. However, the tapeworm will not infect human beings without passing through the intermediate host. You can buy an anlex deworming tablet made by Xi’an YANGSEN for the cat to eat, A box of six tablets, about two yuan six, the dosage is twice a day, half a tablet each time, for three consecutive days, it will beat down the worms in the cat’s stomach. If the parasite is serious, take another tablet to consolidate it in a week. It is not recommended to take changchongqing, which has a big reaction and is mainly aimed at Ascaris lumbricoides. Taeniasis, Ascaris lumbricoides, Enterobius vermicularis and hookworm are common parasites in cats. Cats need to be cleared of parasites every three months or so. There are two reasons why cats are infected with tapeworms. One reason is that cats eat raw beef, fish, mice and birds. The other reason is that cats have fleas, 2. Another kind of tapeworm is infected by fleas. When the cat licks its fur, it licks the flea, while in the flea there is a cyst of tapeworm. This cyst develops into a worm in the cat, So every three to four months, not only the internal parasites but also the external parasites need to be removed

       It shows that there are insects in the body of cats and need to be deworming.

       There are two kinds of deworming for cats. One is to expel insects in vivo, but to expel insects in vitro.

       For cats in vivo deworming, you can use Bayer (broad spectrum can also), its effect is very good. There are other common anthelmintic can also be used, especially for a certain kind of parasite, you can choose professional anthelmintic. You can also listen to the veterinarian’s advice and choose the appropriate anthelmintic for your cat. (the market price of anthelmintic drugs is also changing at any time, so the purchase should be based on the actual situation.)

       Many parents choose to use flurane (or Miechongning) drops to treat their cats in vitro. The way to use it is also very simple, as long as the cat’s fur is removed and the drops are dropped on the skin near the cat’s spine, where the cat can’t be added. Of course, you can also put an Elizabethan circle on your cat after you finish flean to prevent it from licking.

       It is not only better to protect the cat’s health, but also to protect the health of the family. Cats should be treated with deworming from birth, but how long does it take for cats to repel insects once?

       Strictly speaking, pet cats should be treated at least once a year in vivo and in vitro. The way to expel insects in the body is mainly through taking anthelmintic drugs to prevent parasites in the digestive tract of cats. Of course, the insect repellent is available in professional pet shops and pet hospitals. In the way of external anthelmintic treatment, the insect repellent drugs can be properly dripped on the body to make the drugs penetrate into the cortex to achieve the purpose of deworming.

       The first time a cat is deworming should start from about two and a half months, which is usually after the cat is weaned successfully. Note that the scope and target of deworming are all kinds of parasites inside and outside the cat. For example, external lice, fleas, mites; Ascaris lumbricoides, hookworms and so on.

       In general, cats aged 2-6 months should be treated once a month. The cats after 6 months old were treated with insect repellent once a quarter. When the pet cat is adult, it can be extended to half a year or once a year. Of course, it is worth reminding that the specific time of expelling insects should be determined according to the actual situation of the cat’s body. When expelling insects, we should listen to the arrangement of the veterinarian, and the key is to expel the insects in time.

       Judging the presence of insects in the cat’s stomach, weakness is indeed a common manifestation. But if you judge which parasite, the score depends on Ascaris, tapeworm or hookworm, heartworm.

       Generally speaking, cats infected with parasites will have weak performance such as dull coat color, weight loss, diarrhea, vomiting and so on. At the same time, there may be parasites in the cat’s body. Deworming is a preventive measure, which belongs to the essential products for keeping cats. It is necessary to regularly use the anthelmintic drugs such as Braun to repel the internal and external parasites at the same time.

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