How to feed the blue cat with folded ears – how many times a day can the cat be fed

       The friendly cat with folded ears, wonderful ears folded downward, chubby round face and round eyes, just like the cute appearance from the cartoon. Their loyalty to their owners is comparable to that of dogs. When they decide that you are the master, they will often follow your steps.

       1¡¢ The correct rearing method of the cat with folded ears

       1. Because of inheriting the hardworking character of their distant ancestors, the folding eared cats have strong adaptability and can handle the unfamiliar environment calmly. However, keep a healthy folded ear cat, but also pay attention to the weather, humidity is best maintained at 50-60%, otherwise it will be easy to suffer from skin diseases.

       2. Like most cats, the intestines and stomachs of folding eared cats are relatively weak. It is best to give them fixed brand cat food when feeding. If you need to change other brands of cat food for them, you must take time. In the process of transferring food, you should pay special attention to their stool, because suddenly changing cat food will easily lead to cat diarrhea.

       3. Folding eared cats like to be close to their owners, so don’t let them stay at home alone for a long time. It’s better for the owners to spend more time playing with them when they go home. In the play, not only can enhance the emotion with it, but also can help it to maintain the body-building.

       4. The most likely cause of hair loss is malnutrition, and the most common lack of nutrients is protein deficiency, and vitamin intake is also one of the reasons. At this time for cats and cats to supplement vitamin A, eat and use such as animals, you can also use special cod liver oil capsules.

       5. A clean environment is very important for the cat with folded ears, so you should clean the cat’s nest and the items it uses regularly.

       6. Ear folding itself comes from the gene of disability. If two cats have sex with folded ears, it will increase the probability of disability gene and cause disability on the tail or limbs. Therefore, this method is strictly prohibited. For the sake of the health of the next generation, the owners should not let two jacketed cats.

       2¡¢ Tips for a cat with broken ears:

       1. Before the rainy season comes, take a bath for the cat with broken ears and dry them. This can prevent the skin disease of the cat. If your cat has skin disease, it is recommended to go to the hospital for diagnosis. Because there are many kinds of fungi, there are also different types of ointment. If you use it wrong, it will cause more skin diseases.

       2. All the folding eared cats live in rooms facing the south. They are allowed to exercise in the yard every day to bask in the sun. The ultraviolet rays in the sun sterilize them. And fold ear cat’s daily use of cat’s nest and litter basin have time to often put in the sun.

       3. If it’s cloudy and sunny in rainy days, you can buy a reptile pet lamp with UV light and light it in the folding ear cat room to find the lamp that has not hurt the eyes of animals.

       4. After birth, wash the mucus from the body with warm water, blow it into eight parts with a hair dryer, and put it back to the mother cat. This method can greatly reduce the probability of the cat getting milk moss.

       5. When choosing a cat with folded ears, be sure to confirm the elasticity of its tail and check its legs and feet. It should not be thick or inflexible due to short and thick legs or separated toes. To determine the elasticity of the tail, you can use your hand to “very gently” move it from the base of the tail to the tip of the tail. If the elasticity is normal, this arched stroke will not cause discomfort to the cat.

       3¡¢ Small files of folding ear cat

       1. Species: folding eared cat

       2. Personality: they are born with a sweet and sweet personality. They like to be involved in everything you do, but they are usually quiet and don’t make noises to disturb you. Although their sports talent is average, it doesn’t mean they don’t like playing, but they prefer to be accompanied by their owners.

       3. Appearance: the cat with folded ears is a medium-sized cat with round body and short, dense and elastic coat. Its sweet eyes are big and round, full of flesh, short nose and round face.

       4. Origin of folding eared cat: it is said that in 1961, a female cat in a shepherd’s house in Scotland gave birth to a litter of kittens. Among them, there was a strange kitten. It had white fur, tight ears and an owl like face. Since its origin is close to Cooper Angus in Scotland, it was named “Sue” according to the place of birth and the phenomenon of ear fold down Granger’s ear cat.

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