How to give Scotch fold ear cat hair care

       Many cats are sent by their owners to the pet shop for bathing and grooming. However, some cats are afraid of strangers and are not allowed to touch them in strange environments. Some owners are forced to carry out this great task at home. Now let’s talk about the tips for the Scottish Fold eared cat when it comes to hair care.

       By combing its hair, the cat can avoid bacteria and parasites. Folding eared cats usually have the habit of cleaning their hair, but they are limited in their ability to clean up the whole body hair. Therefore, the owner needs to comb the cat’s hair regularly. Grooming a cat with broken ears is a very simple thing. It takes 5-10 minutes a day to comb the whole hair.

       Before combing hair, you should have the necessary tools for combing hair. A pair of dense comb and sparse comb, and a pair of scissors. Then use the comb with dense teeth first, along the direction of hair growth, gently comb the hair. In the process of carding, do not randomly pull, so as to avoid pulling pain and breaking the ear cat. After carding, comb it against the direction of hair growth.

       In the use of sparse teeth comb, comb the cat’s body, comb the hair more smooth and fluffy. In the process of carding, if it is difficult to comb the ball hair, you can use scissors to trim it. Don’t pull hard. If it hurts, the cat won’t let you comb its hair next time. After combing the whole hair, the owner can spray some anti flea and lice medicine on the hair. Reduce the harm of parasites, can let the cat have a healthy body.

       The hair care for the Scottish facial fold ear cat must be gentle. If it hurts, the cat’s sharp claws are not vegetarian. It’s best to cut off the cat’s nails before nursing, so as to avoid the pain caused by accidentally grasping it.

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